Dance Photo Manipulation Part 2

May 3, 2009

This is part two of the Dance Photo Manipulation tutorial, this part follows on from part 1 but shows some more advanced techniques and makes use of some of the skills you learned in the first part. This time we’ll be making use of the liquify tool, some brushes and some vector shapes to finish of the image and give an awesome result.
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Dance Photo Manipulation Part 1

April 30, 2009

I wanted to write a tutorial showing how to reproduce some of the really common elements, regularly found in graphic design these days, almost cliche elements. In doing so you’ll produce a stunning piece of art. This will be a two part tutorial and part two will be up within the next few weeks. This is a useful tutorial for users of all levels.
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Dramatic Movie Poster

November 14, 2008

In this tutorial we will be learning how to take a few different stock images and put them together with some text to make a professional looking movie poster/DVD cover design. This tutorials includes some great photo compiling techniques and some ways of making your typography better with character editing and layer styles.
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Setting a Plane on Fire

November 14, 2008

In this tutorial we will be learning some indispensable techniques to use for any type of photo-manipulation. We will be doing this by taking a photograph of a model plane and editing it to to look like a photograph of a WW2 spitfire which has just been shot down and is on fire. The techniques used here are the same for any type of ‘destruction’ photo-manipulation.
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Painted Photo Manipulation

September 11, 2008

Here we’ll learn how to create an abstract photo manipulation that looks like you’ve just painted the subject. I’ve included lots of useful techniques for creating impressive abstract pieces, like using brushes, patterns and textures. I’ve tried to keep this simple but if you don’t understand any steps then just skip it as not all of them are compulsory.
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Photoshop Scripting

July 26, 2008

Scripting in Photoshop is something rarely touched upon in regular Photoshop tutorials, but is something definitely worth learning. Scripts are a much more powerful way to automate tasks than actions and can be used to do things which normally aren’t possible in Photoshop. Here we create a script which will edit any image, giving a stylish way to show your photographs.
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Fashion Shot

June 30, 2008

Here I’ll show you some photo manipulation techniques that should get it ready for some real editing. Next I’ll show some abstract touches you can add to your photo to make it look really good. We’ll be using a mix of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to create this one. Read on with this tutorial to learn how to create an image like this which was inspired by Nik Ainley.
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The Garden: part 1

June 23, 2008

This is part 1 of a set of tutorials here on PSD learning which will take you through the process of changing a head into a garden. This part will show you some great photo manipulation techniques which will create a waterfall coming out of the mans head. This will explore important manipulation techniques like masking, composition and color adjustments.
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