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5 Must-Have Web Design Elements for Freight Shipping Companies

The global logistics industry is reported to reach $15.5 trillion USD by 2023.

Competition can be overwhelming for freight companies. While trying to work on a marketing plan, consider the web design on the company’s website.

Web design can have a large effect on choices the consumer makes when viewing it.

To help avoid losing business and staying relevant, here are the 5 must-have web design elements for a freight company.

1. Definition of Freight Shipping Services

It is possible for websites to become cluttered and ugly. Since there are so many freight shipping companies, it is important to clearly define the services provided by the company.

You may be a company that delivers raw materials to factories. Or, you may even ship goods on vessels overseas.

If you’re looking to hire on your website should provide them with areas like a Comfreight load board to find work. The main point is allowing consumers to know exactly what it is the company does.

2. Color Scheme

Color scheme is an integral part of web design. To welcome in new clients, a website needs to offer a design that is not hard to look at. There are plenty of websites that offer palates or schemes to choose from.

Culture also can dictate how your website should be designed. Color can mean different things depending on the country and culture within that country.

Before designing a website for a shipping company, consider all the areas that the company may be seen from.

3. Internal Links

Providing internal links is a must for any freight shipping company website. The key to a successful website is accessibility. Users should be able to navigate through the website with ease. Providing internal links can help with that.

Links that should be accessible from any page on the website include:

  • A “Contact Us” email or social media shortcut to get more information
  • An “About Us” page that provides the company’s longevity and members
  • A “Products” or “Services” page that outlines the company’s duties

Being able to access these areas is important because it allows the user to browse at will. It also provides them with an up-front showcase of your company.

4. Layout

Everyone has seen a poorly laid out website before. They are often messy and cluttered with useless information. Websites such as these are often opened and immediately closed.

To avoid that, your freight shipping company’s web design layout should be simplistic. Do not try and force odd fonts into the text layout even if it seems fun. Your business should be professional, and your website should look professional.

5. Graphics and Images

Consider adding graphics and images to your shipping website.

Images can help to break up the monotony of web design. The images should be relevant to the industry and to your consumers.

Also, be sure to check if they are appropriate to avoid problems. Cultural differences may deem certain images offensive to some.

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