/25 Brilliant Glow Effects

25 Brilliant Glow Effects

Glowing effects are getting used more and more now and they look awesome when done well, so I’ve compiled a list of the best tutorials showing you how to achieve these effects. All these Photoshop glow effect tutorials give you great results and a good explanation of how to get there. I’ve included 25 so it should keep you busy for a while anyway!

Glowing light trails

Create this awesome effect and learn a thing or two about the pen tool.

Sparkling girl

Learn how to mix people with glowing effects in this great tutorial

Electrifying energy beams

Use Photoshop to create these energy beams that glow and sparkle.

Electrifying energy beams

Learn a quick and useful technique to make stuff glow

Advanced glow effect

Use a combination of layer styles and blending to give the glowing effect.

Luminescent lines

One of mine focusing on achieving the popular glowing lines effect.

Simple glowing beams

A simple yet effective light effect in Photoshop.

Green glowing portfolio

Use the glowing effects in web design.

Glowing light painting

Mimic the effect of a long exposure light painting in this tutorial.

Glowing rings

Create tutorial on creating this amazing effect.

Colorful glowing text

Learn how to achieve this stylish glowing text effect

Neon text

A simple technique that will allow you to create glowing neon text.

Layered glowing text

Use multiple layers to get this lighting effect in Photoshop.

Glowing sparks

Another simple yet useful technique to create glowing sparks.

Blue glowing layout

This tutorial shows how to make a blue glowing web layout with a brilliant result.

Fantasy light effects

Learn some light effects that give the fantasy feel to an image.

Glowing flower

Learn how to make this image from scratch using transparency effectively.

Glowing forest

This tutorial shows how to add some fantasy lighting effects to your photography.

Magic glow effect

Create some really nice lighting effects by using text.

Glowing website header

Learn how to create and use this glowing effect in a website.

Viva la Vida

Learn how to create the effect from the Apple ad which featuring Coldplay.

Scanline text

Create this glowing scanline text effect in Photoshop.

Surreal glowing planet

This one shows how to make a slightly less realistic planet that also glows.

Vista effect

Learn how to create the Windows Vista style background in Photoshop