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How to Make a Professional Medical Logo Design

Logos are the face of your company.

They’re a representation of what you do, who you serve, and what your values are.

Customers and clients will make snap decisions about your company when they see your logo. In fact, the sight of a logo can trigger an emotional response in 400 milliseconds.

Your medical logo design should trigger positive feelings in your patients. It should make them feel like they’re in secure, professional hands.

A sleek logo that’s designed well and stands out is just what the doctor ordered. Here’s a short guide to medical logo design to get you started.

Think About Your Clients

This is the first step in the brainstorming process. Who is this logo for and what will speak positively to them?

A logo for an OB/GYN will probably look different from a medical equipment dealer like Electromeds.

An OB/GYN serves mothers and families. That logo should subtly convey that the practice is full of nurturing and caring professionals. An equipment dealer’s logo should represent quality and reliable products.

Either way, you want your logo to help establish credibility.

This will inform what colors, typography, and shapes you choose. In your efforts to design something that appeals to your clients, remember to keep it simple.

Less is More in Medical Logo Design

It’s important that your medical logo design looks professional. A simple, sleek logo will achieve that.

When you add too much, it begins to look amateur. Think of some of the most recognizable brand logos: Apple, Nike, Home Depot. They’re all simple.

They use one or two colors. The font is simple, yet easy to read. It looks good blown up on a billboard or shrunk down to letterhead.

If you’re wondering if you’ve done too much, you probably have. Try taking away one design element, and see how it looks.

Remember, just because it’s simple, doesn’t mean it can’t stand out.

Stand Out by Being Unique

In the beginning stages of design, it’s a great idea to look at lots of logos. Get inspiration from logos you like. Learn from the logos you hate.

But be careful, that your logo doesn’t look too similar.

Having a logo is all about creating brand recognition. Your logo can’t remind people of other brands. Even if the other brand isn’t related to medicine.

If your logo reminds people of any other brand, they’ll be asking themselves where they’ve seen this logo before. They won’t be creating new associations between the logo and your business.

This is Just the Beginning of Logo Design

You’ve sketched out the perfect design. You have a good idea of which unique colors and typography to choose. Now, you have to sit down at the computer and put it all down!

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