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How Much Solar Energy Is Used in the US?

The solar energy industry is booming in the United States and globally right now. This is in part thanks to the potential cost-saving benefits of solar as well as the environmental advantages of this clean and renewable energy source. Nationally, there is an average of 205 sunny days per year in the US, making it an ideal place to reap the benefits of solar energy.

If you are wondering how much solar energy is used in the US, then this blog post is for you. Here, we will look at solar energy usage as a whole in the US as well as in individual states. We will also compare solar energy usage in the US to other major countries around the world.

How Much Solar Energy Is Used in the US?

In the US today, close to 4% of electricity generated comes from solar energy. While this number may sound small, it is a whopping 80 times higher than its share just a decade ago. In order to address climate change, the solar industry in the US has a goal of reaching 30% electricity generation by the end of the decade.

To date, more than 121 gigawatts of solar capacity have been installed in the US, with a goal to install a further 300 gigawatts over the coming 10 years. Last year, solar energy accounted for close to half (46%) of all new electricity generating capacity and there is enough solar energy installed to power more than 23 million households.

How Does This Compare to Other Countries?

The US is in second place globally with regard to solar capacity. China is leading the way, with Japan in third place. The top 10 of solar countries also include Germany, India, Italy, Spain, Australia, the Republic of Korea, and the United Kingdom.

China is estimated to have installed 370 gigawatts by 2024, which is more than double what the US is anticipated to have by then. For China to truly become a leader in solar energy, it will be necessary to reduce its dependence on coal power.

What US States Are Leading the Way?

Going back to the US, California is leading the way when it comes to cumulative solar capacity. It is followed by Texas and Florida to round out the top 3. Other states in the top 10 include North Carolina, Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, New Jersey, Virginia, and Massachusetts.

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Solar Energy Guide for the US

As this article highlights, solar energy is highly popular in the US and continued growth is expected in the coming years. Speak to a local solar installation company if you are interested in making the switch to solar today.

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