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How to Make Postcards

Postcards are a form of communication that was first issued by the Austrian government in 1869. Over 150 years later, we now prefer to communicate digitally.

However, postcards still have their place in the modern world; people like having something tangible. Getting a personalized postcard to stick to the fridge is much better than receiving a digital print, after all.

It can be a fun thing to make postcards and gift them to your loved ones, as they’ll have something you created. So keep reading to see how to make postcards you can send your friends and family!

Use the Right Program

If you’ve got some graphic design experience, then using a program like Photoshop can be ideal. That way, you can finetune the details and create something extraordinary.

But otherwise, using Google Docs or Word can work as well.

Create Your Postcard

Word actually has postcard templates, so you just need to select one you like, change the text, and upload the images you want to use.

Otherwise, in Google Docs, you should create a 1 x 2 table; these panels will be the front and back of your postcard. Find a stamp template on the internet and paste it into the top right of 1 panel. You can then upload your image onto the other panel.

Do note that whatever program you use, you need to follow the right parameters. The USPS states that they’ll only send postcards that are rectangular, so a good size is 3.5 to 4 inches high and 5 to 6 inches long.

Have Your Postcards Printed

Once you’re satisfied with the graphics for your postcards, it’s time to have them printed. It’s not ideal to print them at home since you need smaller sturdy card stock instead of bigger flimsy standard printing paper.

Thankfully, there are still many brick-and-mortar print shops around. Just find your local one, fill in their order form, and you’ll get a quote. It shouldn’t cost more than 3 digits to print 50 postcards, so it won’t break the bank!

Hand-Drawing a Postcard

If you’d like to avoid using digital methods, then you can always hand-draw your postcard. You can buy card stock or use blank notecards. for making postcards.

Carefully measure and cut out your postcards so they’re the right size. You can then decorate one side however you want, using things like markers, pencils, paint, glitter, newspaper/magazine clippings, etc.

It can be helpful to seal the card with mod podge after you’re done. That way, everything will stay put during transit! Just make sure you leave the other side unsealed; that way, you can write on it.

Know How to Make Postcards That’ll Wow Everyone

Knowing how to make postcards will be a useful skill. These can be wonderful gifts that are cheap to make, and your recipients will treasure them forever.

So put this new knowledge to good use and get started on crafting works of art your loved ones will enjoy. And if you get good enough at it, it can even be a side hustle!

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