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T-Shirt Design Tips to Help Your Business Really Stand Out From the Crowd

So it’s almost time for your company picnic. All the offices in your region are getting together for a day full of activities like softball, volleyball, and soccer.

You know you want to make a really cool shirt for your team to stand out from the crowd, but you don’t have any idea where to start. For inspiration, check out these great t-shirt design tips today.

Consider Using Split Fountain Printing

Split fountain printing means using two colors side-by-side and blending the colors to create a gradient using a screen. It’s a great way to create extremely unique letter designs that will make other teams jealous.

Screen printing is an art that requires professional care. Consider instant shirt printing for your next t-shirt print job.

Print on Your Sleeves

If you really want your shirts to stand out, you’re going to need to go a step further than anyone else. Consider printing on the sleeves of your shirt.

One option is to print a team number on the sleeves like a jersey. But you could also just print a couple of rings around the sleeves. People will love that you went that extra mile.

To really jazz it up, consider distressing the ink to make the shirt look like it’s vintage. That way, you can make a throwback jersey for your team.

Find a Great Graphic

If you want your shirts to be unique, you have to come up with your own graphic from scratch.

Consider hosting a contest between your employees on who can design the best t-shirt. They’ll love having their own competition and being able to show off their skills, and you’ll know that you have a t-shirt design that everyone is happy with.

Choose an Interesting Color

Most people choose the color of their shirt based on the price. Solid simple colors are cheaper than the nicer more interesting dyes.

But if you really want to stand out, you should choose a unique color for your shirts, even if it costs a couple extra dollars. One option is to go neon, or you could find a really nice deep burgundy color that contrasts with your logo.

Resemble Something Famous

If you want your t-shirts to be memorable, you should consider doing a parody of a show. For example, if your employees really like the show The Office, you could give them t-shirts with the Dunder Mifflin logo on it and the character’s names on the back.

Another option would be to theme your t-shirts after Game of Thrones. You could come up with a show-inspired team logo and give everyone family names.

T-Shirt Design Tips and More

Now that you have read all of these t-shirt design tips, you know what it takes to stand out at your next company event.

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