/7 Fishing Apps Every Fisherman Needs on Their Phone
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7 Fishing Apps Every Fisherman Needs on Their Phone

7 Fishing Apps Every Fisherman Needs on Their Phone

More than 45.7 million Americans took at least one fishing trip last year. Using a fishing app on your next fishing trip will give you the edge to catch bigger, better fish.

Even if you aren’t competitive and just looking for a relaxing day on the water. You need the below apps let you track weather, fish patterns, record catches, and share your catch with your friends.

Whatever your goal, here are the top seven fishing apps to give you the boost you need to catch the most fish.

Orvis Fly Fishing – The Ultimate Fly Fishing Guide

What it Does

Orvis is the leader in fly fishing. The app is not another map and fishing location service. Orvis aimed to have the most comprehensive resource for fly fisherman.

This app provides you with casting instructions, step by step guide to knot tying, and quick links to obtaining fishing licenses in all states.

The knot guide offers a step by step animated video narrated by Orvis tackle guru Steve Hemkens.

A guide to the top trout and saltwater flies is also included.

The can also provide real-time fishing updates, river flows, tide charts, hatches, and water temperatures.

The app can be a resource for the beginner fly fisherman or the most experienced.

The app also offers a podcast with over 100 episodes all about fly fishing.


It’s free!


What it Does

The app works in conjunction with the Fishidy website providing users with a map of over 17,000 waterways. Users can store their favorite fishing sites and catches.

Because the app works with a website, you have the added ability to use the same databases on their website.

A unique offering is a find a business feature. Look for bait shops, marinas, and general stores.


It’s Free!

There is a premium version that will offer more detailed maps, fishing hotspots, and underwater structures.

IGFA Mobile

The International Game and Fish Association is the world’s authority on record-breaking fishing. Now you can access world records, plan trips, and identify your catch from your phone.

You can log your catches and track your slam club’s progress. Your quest list will be tracked through the app for bass, snook, or bonefish.

Identifying your catch is super easy with species ID section. Marine artists Diane Rome Peebles and Duane Ravers have provided full-color renderings of each species.

Most importantly the app helps you locate the nearest IGFA Official Weight Station and caption.


It’s Free!

FirstMate- Intensity Offshore Outfitters Top Pick

We had the team at Intensity Offshore Outfitters find the best fishing apps to help you catch fish.

What it Does

Careful searching for this one in the App store, you want a fishing app, not a dating app.

This app is created by the former touring pro angler and radio show host Sammy Lee. Sammy has over thirty years of fishing experience and has put his knowledge to work building the ultimate fisherman’s app.

A feature often not included in fishing apps, the weather. FirstMate offers real-time updates of the current weather conditions for your area, forecasts for the day, and into the next week.

A color radar image will show you approaching weather systems from up to 100 miles away.

Tide charts will show you the current and future tides for your area.

Trip planning features include moonrise and moonset, sunrise and sunset, major and minor feeding times, and the current moon phase.

You can set your location and time to easily plan a fishing trip a week out.

Log your successful catches with all the relevant information such as what lure you used, where you were, the size of your catch, weather conditions, and moon phase.

When you log your catches the app will let you mark that location so you have a personalized map of all your “secret spots”. Want to share that spot with a friend? No problem, the app offers that ability too.

IGFA news is included in the news so you can keep up to date on the latest world record-breaking catches.

Stay in touch with the news and tips section. The latest fishing industry news is gathered in one place. Tips are posted every few days to help you improve your fishing strategy.


The app is $4.99.

Boating US & Canada

What it Does

Navionics has long been established as the most comprehensive marine chart provider. Their family of apps puts their extensive library at your fingertips.

They offer different options such as a subscription service for the Sonar chart.

The charts provided through this app are the same quality as those you would find in most high-end GPS units.

Anglers can upload their own sonar logs and create custom charts.


Boating USA- $9.99

Boating US & Canada $14.99

Fishing Calendar

What it Does

This app leaves no mystery to what it does in the name. the app uses an advanced Solunar prediction calendar to show you when the best fishing times are for any location.

What makes this app unique is the lunar activity factor. Movements of the moon play a huge role in the fish activity. By taking that into consideration a more accurate prediction can be made.

You can take photos of your catch, a description, size, weight, weather, and bait. The more information you add, the more accurate the calendar will become.

Other features include the moon phase calendar, sunrise and sunset times, minor and major periods, and a worldwide calendar for any location.


There are two versions of the app. The full version is $5.99 while the LT or light version is free.


What it Does

Looking for the social media king of fishing? You’ve found it. Fishbrain boasts the largest community base. The database claims more than 1.7 million fishing locations.

Fisherman can upload status updates such as latest catches or fishing reports. Privacy settings allow you to control who sees your uploads. Choose just you, your friends, or the whole community.

This is a great app for clubs or groups of friends looking to share information quickly and easily. New fisherman will also benefit from the wealth of knowledge available to them.


It’s free!

Download Some Fishing Apps

With these great fishing apps, you’ll be out there fishing in no time. Download a combination of them and you’ll be unbeatable with the best spots recorded, records of past catches, and up to date information.

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