/Fast Brand Exposure: 5 Clever Ways to Build Brand Awareness
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Fast Brand Exposure: 5 Clever Ways to Build Brand Awareness

You’ve got the best service, the best products, and the best prices in town. Now, if only you had any customers…

Do you suffer from “invisible brand syndrome?” Well, all that’s about to change.

We’re here to help you get the brand exposure you need. Read this list to learn the best and most clever ways to promote your brand.

1. Free T-Shirts

An oldie but a goodie, handing out free, branded promotional products is still one of the best ways to get your name out there. Do it right and it will keep your name out there, too.

Though promo product trends change often, there are several promo items that always have tried and true success. The best are things like clothing (especially t-shirts) and drinkware (mugs, reusable water bottles).

These items are useful for a long time and won’t be turned down. They can even be regifted or donated by the owners and continue to spread brand awareness.

Other than those, aim to give out items so useful no one would turn them down. Backpacks/tote bags are great for this.

If you’re giving these at a trade show, use these same items but be a little more competitive. Do anything you can to make your useful items quirky and unique. Think weird shapes, rainbow lights, and color-changing effects.

2. BOGO Products

Here’s another way giving out free stuff can help you. Sampling out your brand of goods or services lets customers see what makes you better. But single-serving-sized free samples don’t allow for much testing.

That’s why buy-one-get-one sales are better. The customer ends up with enough product to try it out for a while. They get used to it, then they get hooked, and then they come back for more at full price.

3. Get Serious About Your Social Media Campaign

Ok, first of all, you MUST have a social media campaign. If you don’t already, start one. It’s free, easy, and so effective.

Spend at least 6 hours a week posting valuable content and engaging with your public on social media. Can you think of a better way for your audience to get to know you than the world’s most popular and convenient socialization tool?

Remember, though, you aren’t there to sell things. Your social media account should be used solely to facilitate socialization with your public.

Next, take it up a level. If you can’t make the time commitment to run your social media campaign, hire someone else to do it. Either have an employee do it or, if you can afford it, hire a professional social media manager.

If you’re a local business, your social media account should be highly localized. Post locally-relevant content with hyperlocal language, keywords, and hashtags. This helps you relate to your target audience and ranks your social media page higher in local search results.

4. Get Involved in the Community

This goes hand-in-hand with localizing your social media campaign. Getting involved in the community gives you plenty of local content to post about on social media.

The easiest way is by hosting or attending community events. Invite your social media followers to meet you there, share pics, and tag you. Then, post reviews about the experience.

The other way is to give back to your community. Start a charity or recycling program. Your community involvement could even get you publicity via the local news.

5. Blogging

Blogging is an essential search engine optimization (SEO) technique. Blogging about popular topics related to your business ranks you higher on search engine results pages (SERP). Interested web-surfers end up on your website, increasing brand awareness and, possibly, sales.

Guest posting does something to the same effect. Guest posting means writing an article for someone else’s blog using your website as a source link. As long as the link appears natural and relevant, you’ll get referral traffic from that blog post and raise your website’s search ranking.

Even better, many blogs will pay you to guest post. Here’s a link to several blog sites that pay for guest posts.

Brand Exposure Tips

As the good book says, you don’t put your lamp under a bowl. You put it on its stand for all to see.

So, then, let’s get your hidden brand out of the shadows! Use these brand exposure tips to shine your light where the eyeballs are looking.

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