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5 Baby Product Logo Designs for Adorable Inspiration

There is a problem when designers have to create a baby product logo. It shouldn’t be too babyish and it definitely shouldn’t be too adult-y. In fact, there are specific elements you want to include and paths you have to follow.

In this post, we will be taking a look at five tips to create a logo design to engage your customers. In fact, a recent study suggests that customers find brands with “good-looking” logos to be trustworthy, respectable and reliable.

Tip #1: Associate Your Brand With a Character

Children love characters. An elephant, a baby, a sticker, or even a fantastically designed object that looks like it just popped out of a fairy-tale book. The possibilities are literally endless.

Moreover, children love characters they can relate to. Create something that will make them fall in love with the brand you want to market and make sure your persona looks fun.

Tip #2: Children Are Not Your Only Concern

Although we are talking about products addressed to children, there is a huge catch we need to talk about: Parents. At the end of the day, they are your customers.

You would think that putting random colors using a fun font would be enough but winning the parents is far more challenging.

Make sure you design a logo that inspires children while, at the same time, offers parents a feeling of trust and professionalism. Just like Fisher Price has done.

Tip #3: Where Will Your Logo Go?

Before crafting a logo, you should think about where you are going to put it. It’s 2017 and a logo needs to be adaptable and work well in many different areas.

A business card, a letterhead, your website’s homepage, a product page… Just take this French website logo for example on a product page about beds for children –or lit pour enfant as it says in the magnificent French language.

It’s fun, minimal and lets the product shine.

Tip #4: Pastel for Babies, Shiny for Kids

There is this unwritten, basic rule when it comes to a baby product logo. When you design something for a baby (ages 0-3) brand, light, pastel colors are a must.

However, if your brand is mostly about kids over the age of 3, shiny, colorful logos are highly preferred. Pastel colors give a feeling of innocence and they are friendly to an adult’s eye.

And parents (or their friends) buy baby products the most.

However, when a kid grows up a little, they slowly start to form an opinion on their own and can affect an adult’s point of view. A bright, colorful color will definitely catch a toddler’s or a child’s attention.

See for yourself: Baby logo vs. Children logo

Tip #5: Avoid Wordplays

Playing with typography and mixing words together is a safe choice you don’t want to make when you design a baby product logo. You want to keep it simple so children will be able to remember it and maybe become iconic.

Have you ever seen an iconic logo being complex at the same time? The answer is no.

Bonus Baby Product Logo Tips:

  • Use playful fonts.
  • Use a lot of colors.
  • Avoid sharp edges. Go for rounded corners and fonts.
  • Be original. We know how easy it is to fall into the stereotypes trap.

And, of course, have fun! Think of it as a project to communicate with your inner child. Just let it guide you.

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