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July 28, 2008

I’m now letting you submit your own links which will then be shown in the sidebar of PSDlearning. This is a great opportunity to share some of the sites you find useful, show of some cool artwork or even just promote your own site, just make sure its stuff that’s interesting or useful as well as design related. Feel free to go crazy and submit a whole load of links.

How does It work?

Easy, you find some cool stuff and submit it below, it will be posted here and the 6 newest links will appear in the sidebar.

We don’t want any junk, the kind of things we like are:

  • Links to other really good tutorials
  • Links to really good artwork, the kind of stuff that inspires us
  • Links to resources and downloads that are useful
  • Links to design related articles.

Submit your links using the form below.

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  • Best jQuery Plugins of the Week

    List of best jQuery plugins of the week was the idea that struck our mind when we were thing of different ways we can implement to help our designer and developer friends. Last week we came up with the first such kind of compilation that we hope was useful for all those of you looking for the right kind of jQuery plugins.

  • Fresh Tools for Designers and Developers

    From superb money saving deals that lighten the unnecessary weight on your pockets to the useful tools, applications and various kinds of software, our list of fresh tools of the week has it all.

  • 11 Excellent Tips to Become UX Leader

    So, you are a team leader or I must say newly appointed or promoted team leader and wondering where to start from and how to handle the team. Working on your own and getting the work done by the people are two different things. You can do any kind of work the best way you can and as efficiently as possible, but then getting the same amount of work within the scheduled time and in the correct way can actually be a fussy thing to do. I am sure all you team leaders out there would agree with me on this.

  • 4 Awesome Features Coming Up in WordPress 4.4

    For all those of you who keep a close watch on the latest development taking place in the world of WordPress. I am sure you all know that release of WordPress 4.3. It was introduced in August this year and soon we are expecting to see another updated version that is 4.4.

  • 30 Attractive and Versatile Free Vintage Fonts 2015

    Our today’s compilation is inspired by the extremely beautiful vintage fonts. Old styles used in rough textures, grunge patterns, and brushes incorporate uniqueness, aged appearance. Designers can give a very unique look to any picture or design by these vintage fonts giving a creative effect.

  • Best jQuery Plugins of the Week

    jQuery plugins that have in the recent past have swept in and have made a valuable space for themselves promising to be useful and helpful to designers and developers. Plugins if chosen with extra care, keeping the purpose in mind promise to do their job efficiently.

  • Fresh Tools for Designers and Developers

    Tools, apps, software that all together fall in the category of useful resources have become the important part of designers’ and developers’ life. AT one point or the other when they get stuck in between handling various kind of projects, they start their search of apt tool that will help them solve the purpose. At times their search ends soon, while at other times it might continue for long which is definitely a bugging thing to do.

  • 8 Best Web Design Trends you should Follow in Year 2016

    Here at ThePixelBeard we lay our focus on the designing and development part but then that doesn’t mean our discussion have to be specific. At times, if you have noticed, the topic goes around from specific to general or vice-versa. Trends be it in the clothing, or whatever product/service you talk about keep changing. the best Imagine if somebody hadn’t thought of changing. Similar is the case with web designing.

  • Top 10 Cloud Storage Services of 2015

    Cloud storage services are here to take that data burden off your (device’s) shoulders. We all know the benefits: easy uploads, extendible storage, instant sharing. It’s to list the 10 best cloud storage services that can keep up with a user-base that is fast-paced and increasingly -demanding in 2015-16.

  • 20+ Best PSD to HTML/XHTML Service Providers

    A PSD file is a simple file that is coded in a mark-up language with an objective to make the design cross-browser compatible and scalable. Converting the PSD files into HTML is not an easy job as it requires a lot of dedication and time to build high quality and W3C validated design.

  • 8 Useful Resources to Learn JavaFX

    JavaFX is something that developers are well introduced to. It is a software platform for creating and delivering desktop applications along with rich internet applications to run across various devices. While some designers find it interesting to learn JavaFX there might be few who would be struggling hard to understand how to go about handling various projects based on it.

  • Mobile Messaging as a Marketing Tools

    Today all consumer-brand marketers are using mobile messaging app as their portal to mobile. All are thinking to run a marketing campaign through these available apps. So, the brand marketers are focusing on the messaging game and there are mainly two ways in which the messaging app can be used as a marketing tool.

  • 3 Incredible Ways to Make your Website Green

    According to a survey, the IT Industry generates around 2-3 percent of the world’s carbon that is huge percentage to make the environment polluted. So, it is necessary to reduce the carbon footprint not only because it clean up the entire environment.

  • 10+ Online Time Tracking Software

    With the help of this tool, you can analyze or measure the accurate hours of work done on a particular project by an employee and also calculate the productive hours of yours employees, maximize your productivity, and generate revenues. We will share online time tracking software that will help you set up your business goals with ease.

  • 25+ Best Web Designs of October 2015

    Internet today is ruling the world. From banking to news services, shops, businesses; almost everything has gone online and there seems to be no end as undoubtedly Internet have made our lives easier. Switch one your television, open up the newspaper, radio and likewise and you get to see so many advertisements promising to deliver services and products at your doorsteps without you having to move out of your home. All you need is the internet connection, any gadget and awareness as to where you will get the needed product/service.

  • Best Illustrator Tutorials of October 2015

    Adobe Illustrator is one tool that is used mostly by the designers to come up with different kind of Illustrators, graphic designs and much more. However, no matter how well versed one is, the fact remains at one time or the other one gets stuck and seeks help. Talk about newbies, not everyone has time and money to invest in going for some designing course or something like that. It is about helping people learn about the particular tool, its features and following which steps will help them get the desired results that tutorials are prepared.

  • 20 Best Photoshop Tutorials of October 2015

    Photoshop is one tool that can be best called designer’s best friend for the fact that it helps them give exposure to their creative skills and create designs that are simply magnetizing. Designers around the globe are making optimum use of this well known tool and its amazing features to come up with superb designs. However, it is not as easy as it sounds to be to use this tool the right way to get the desired results. One needs to be well versed with its cool features, tips and tricks knowing which steps to be followed to get the results one in focusing on.

  • Exclusive Freebie : Mobile UI PSD Pack from Vandelay Design

    In today’s world where there is cut throat competition in every field one is always looking for help in one or the other form. Whatever ways one comes across or looks for prove helpful in handling various jobs. For designers and developers such help come in the form of inspirational stuff, tips, ideas, resources and likewise.

  • 18 Best Free E-commerce WordPress Themes

    Talk about e-commerce websites, these have become quite an interesting niche in the recent past. Even, we came up with an article discussing about the tips to design awesome checkout page. Every now and then, new e-commerce websites are being introduced for the fact that these give plenty of options other than generating content. This has opened up the options of trying the hands on e-commerce WordPress themes and now a days, there is no dearth of the options available. That’s the reason, in this article, we are coming up with some of the best e-commerce WordPress themes that you can use to build your online store.

  • 4 ways to Accelerate the Cloud-Hosted WordPress Site

    Several advantages of Cloud-hosted WordPress websites encompass scalability, security, maintenance, backup and great up-time. The development of Cloud hosting just assists the proper delivery of website to the users, does not resolve the online publishing woes. WordPress releases various regular updates and plugins, which can enormously accelerate your website if used prudently. The popularity and success of a website are determined by the speed. The research says that mobile users discard those websites taking load time of more than two seconds.

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  • Top Offline Browsers for Windows

    Offline browsers allow you to download web pages, e-mail and other content to users’ local machines for viewing when users are not connected to the net. In simple words, with offline browsers, you can download the content and their resources cached so that you can easily browse the site and its web pages later when you are not connected to the Internet.

  • 75+ Best Free Sketch App Plugins

    From letting users manage their other plugins effectively to enhancing the productivity of the user, providing help to design Sketch for various screen sizes, generate Android assets in the app, give shadows to your artwork, the Sketch plugins listed below claim to help users the best way possible. The smart functionality and ease-of workflow that these free Sketch Plugins come endowed with is simply superb.

  • 20+ Best PSD to WordPress Service Providers

    Today, WordPress has gained an enormous popularity as one of the finest Content Management Systems across the online market. Most of the web users are using this CMS platform because it is packed with advanced features and functionalities that can help you create and manage any type of a website with ease. It comes with hundreds and thousands of themes and plugins that can make your site look unique and visually appealing.

  • 13 Best Ruby on Rails Tutorials for Beginners

    In this article, we are with the topic that revolves around Ruby on Rails that is a web application framework written in Ruby. Ruby as you all know, is an open-source web framework that’s optimized and lets you write beautiful code by favoring convention over configuration.

  • HTML5 & CSS3 Tutorials for Website Design

    It is essential for each and every web designer to get themselves up-to-date with the advanced web standards, new libraries and cutting-edge web design tools. Fortunately, there are tons of useful resources that can help web designers to learn more about the new and advanced techniques and other web designing tools.

  • Google’s Meter Live Wallpaper for Android

    Now switch your simple wallpaper into a live dashboard that will show stats and other information with ease. At the time of writer, only a few people had downloaded the 1.0 version of the Meter app. The new Meter app will display three amazing visualizations that will automatically change with device unlock, and the wallpapers can be changed by moving the device.

  • 13 Best Free Game Programming eBooks

    Today, we have come up with the list of the best free ebooks that promise to help you all with the game programming. If you want to learn how to create games, this best free game programming ebooks will help you do so. So, without wasting too much time, check out all the best ebooks to learn game programming.

  • 10 Coolest and Powerful WordPress Plugins

    In the web world, websites are designed to engage more and more visitors, promote online businesses and to enhance the reputation across the web market. In order to accomplish this objective, you need to use high-quality content on your website. In fact, it becomes necessary for the website users to opt for the tools and advanced techniques that can display the site content in the most engaging manner.

  • 6 Superb Responsive Front-end Frameworks

    Web is going responsive all over the world. So pull up your socks and jog along, and begin your own ‘mobile-first’ mania with these choicest frameworks that are loved by millions. This lightweight boilerplate is straightforward. There’s nothing in there but cold, clean lines of code and a responsive grid for you to play with.

  • Document Cloud is Integrated with Dropbox

    In contrast to its Creative and Marketing Cloud solutions, Adobe has come up with Document Cloud and eSign services (previously called Echosign), relatively unable to gain the similar amount of attention, although they have gradually become an imperative part of the company’s business. Dropbox Integration brings light to this update.

  • Best online Invoicing software

    We have collected a list of best and cheaper alternatives to Freshbooks for invoicing.Thay are Invoice Machine, NutCache, Smart Invoice, Simply Invoices, Invoice Studio, Harvest Invoice, Invoicera, Xero, BallPark, RONIN.Many of the small businesses find Freshbooks difficult to afford such an expensive invoice tool. So these are the best alternatives to freshbooks.

  • Terminology and Concepts of Magento Design

    Magento is a strong eCommerce platform if you desire to deploy a custom-built design or to work with an existing one. If you want to enjoy influential customized features, the e-commerce open-source software is there to form a vigorous online store and its extensions. When working with Magento, it is really important to have a deep knowledge of the structure and design terms for every learner.

  • Match Web Design and Typography in a Website’s Theme

    One significant thing you should consider while creating a new website is that the typography must fit with your overall vision. The way you use the fonts and color matters a lot to attract the people to eagerly see your brand. Your innovative and fascinating techniques can make a deep impact on the mind of the potential customers.

  • 10 Best Free Responsive Joomla Templates 2015

    The color, design and look are the most significant elements of any website that grabs the viewer’s attention. A beautiful design of a website not only invites the web users but also encourages them to stay on your site longer.

  • Top 5 Skype Alternatives and Similar Softwares

    Here are alternative to Skype for instant texting, messaging, call forwarding and video conferencing. These are the most appropriate alternatives to Skype.Google Talk/Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger,Viber, Wechat.These are most compelling and useful applications that are similar to Skype app.

  • HP Renews the Hybridized Future of Cloud and Software Sales

    HP will develop cloud storage features along with a hardware platform in order to increase the sales rate. HP is planning to divide into two entities, HP Enterprise and HP Inc. This will help in managing thousands of applications across different IT, Public and Private Companies. Whitman also said to organize the HP Enterprises in order to bring together all the pieces to the cloud so that there should be a holistic view from the data center.

  • Google Maps-Now supports on Apple Watch

    Google updated its most popular Google Maps so that it can work on Apple watch. It is designed to work on smartphones, but has a simpler version as compared to other apps available on the same. It provides features to tap buttons so that we can quickly get the desired saved locations like “office” or “market”. It also helps in other modes of travelling like walking, biking, driving, etc.

  • Welcome Google’s Nexus 5X at just $379

    Google recently launched a new LG-made Nexus 5X Android phone which is the newest version of one of the most popular phones “Nexus’’. This new phone has a 5.2 inch display which supports 1080p resolution with 2GB RAM and Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor. It has same screen resolution as the previous version, but with a larger screen. It comes with a powerful battery with 2,700 mAh to support longer use of the device.

  • A Glimpse on the Terminology and Concepts of Magento Design

    Magento acts as a strong eCommerce platform whether you wish to deploy a custom built design or to work with an existing Magento theme. If you are looking forward to have influential customized features, the e-commerce open-source software is there to form a vigorous online store and its extensions. When working with Magento, it is extremely significant to have a deep knowledge of the structure and design terms for every novice.

  • Review of OS X El Capitan- A Welcome Snow to Apple Yosemite

    Apple has launched the El Capitan on its Mac App Store and is available to use. This new version comes with improved performance and bug fixes. It’s good in terms of features as compared to Yosemite. Another feature added is security of system files. Other apps cannot alter the system files with the availability. Some power user apps ask to turn off this feature to work.

  • PSD-to-Joomla Conversion Service

    Joomla is an open source content management system which is quite popular for some of its strong features such as user management, media management, language management, banner ad management, news feed management etc. It is being used by all sorts of businesses be it a small business or a large corporate. We offer best services at the best price to convert your PSD file into a Joomla Website.

  • PSD-to-Email Conversion Service

    Design2Themes offers PSD to Email template conversion service with quickest turnaround possible. We can deliver 1 email template in less than 24 hrs. All modern age businesses acknowledge the need of customer engagement and email newsletter plays an important role. Use of email newletters varies for each business. B2B businesses may share periodic updates with their clients whereas a B2C business may share a product launch or a discount offer.

  • 8 Best Email Testing Tools of Year 2015

    In today’s web world where everyone is trying to work hard on creating the product/services/content to help users with the best results possible it is important to be known amongst the target audience. Now, you have some product or service for the users, but then you are not well renowned, how then do you think you would reach the audience? Marketing it is!

  • PSD to HTML Conversion Service

    HTML 5 is known for its revolutionary version of HTML. The main features are offline data storage, embedded video capabilities, drag and drop capabilities which make HTML 5 the most powerful markup language. At Design2Themes all our developers are trained to ensure that all the HTML conversions are hand coded, W3C compliant and cross browser compatible.

  • PSD to Magento conversion service

    Magento is the most successful eCommerce platform based on open source technology through which list of items is added for sale online as an online shopping portal and also must possess the information and shopping details for each customer. Magento provides flexible and many different payment methods on it and are the fastest growing solution for starting and medium sized businesses.

  • 20+ Best jQuery Plugins of August 2015

    JavaScript frameworks widely known as jQuery need no long introduction in the current time when each one who is into the field of designing and development. The reason for this is that over the course of last few years, the jQuery plugins have become popular for the fact that these promise to help users heave a sigh of relief as half the work is done by making optimum use of the same.

  • Best Photoshop Tutorials of August 2015

    Photoshop tutorials have fast become an interesting source of learning various tips and tricks that one needs to follow to get the best desired results. Professional designers around the world take sometime out of their busy schedule to come up with useful Photoshop tutorials in which they put various steps to be followed in simple and easy to understand manner.

  • Best jQuery Plugins of the Week

    jQuery plugins that have become the important part of the world of designing and development seem to play the same role here at DesigniMag. We don’t forget to check out all the lately developed jQuery plugins to prepare our weekly and monthly compilations.

  • 11 Fresh Tools for Designers and Developers

    Tools, websites, applications, softwares all fall in one broad category named resources. Talk about them and you will find an immense range, old and the new ones, but then deciding on which one to select and use is one hard thing to do so. For all the designers and developers out there, we prepare the list of fresh resources that have been lately introduced to help you all in different tasks.

  • 30+ Best Web Designs of August 2015

    Professionally or personally, while at times we feel highly motivated, inspired and so much enthusiastic that we wish to accomplish our goals. Not just that we do make efforts too. However, this is not the case with everybody every time. What I mean to say here is that no matter how motivated one is at one time, there are times when things don’t work in favor, one feels lost, not at all motivated or inspired, finds the work boring and monotonous. Those are the low times when one needs someone to help them come out of that phase or face the situation properly to come back to the form and get ignition.

  • 30 Useful Tools for Designers and Developers – August 2015

    In today’s cut throat competition, one sees the good side and the bad side of the technological advancements. Designers and developers to talk about are making keen efforts to ensure that users get to enjoy the unique cool features and get the best user-experience. Useful tools, applications, websites are such resources are helping designers and developers a great deal to help them come up with the superb results thereby providing consumers the best user-experience.

  • Best jQuery Plugins of the Week

    Javascript frameworks popularly known as jQuery plugins have been helping designers and developers in various projects for quite some time now. Everyday huge number of best jQuery plugins are being introduced to provide the ease of workflow in different tasks.

  • Defence Academies in India - HPADS

    Defence Academies in India – HPADS

  • PCD Pharma Comapnies In Chandigarh - India - Biocordis Pharma

    Pharma Companies in Chandigarh – Biocordis Pharma

  • PCD Pharma Comapnies In Chandigarh - India - Sitnez Biocare Pvt. Ltd

    Pharmaceutical Companies in Chandigarh

  • 25+ Best Free Product Packaging Mockup PSD Templates

    PSD mockups that are proving to be quite helpful for designers in handling various designing projects. With the mockups readily made available for designers, they don’t have to the work from the scratch instead they need to select the right kind of PSD mockup depending upon the need of the project and customize the same mixing it with their creative ideas.

  • 10 Latest Tools for Designers and Developers

    In today’s cut-throat competition, it is not easy to earn your bread; one needs to be really good and quick at what s(he) does. Handling different type of projects, attaining more and more experience, getting more work and making sure to deliver them on time are few things that help one not just survive but become professionally strong.

  • 20 Best Free Handwritten Fonts for Designers

    When a designers gather together, besides greeting each other asking about life what do you think they talk about? Well some of them get straight to the projects other is working on, some may got to extreme discussion about the fonts colors, software, app and other things. Its all like what designers always have in mind is design. They keep reading, talking, asking stuff related to design.

  • 25+ Creative Black and White Logo Designs for Inspiration

    In today’s world where there is cut-throat competition, it has become important to stand out of the crowd and appeal to the consumer. Your work, the presentation, marketing infact everything needs to be quite different. Anything similar, common, that makes consumer same as the other brand might leave a bad impression on the customer.

  • 12 Best Machine Learning Tools

    Machine learning is a subfield of computer science evolved from the study of pattern recognition and computational learning theory in artificial intelligence. With it, users can explore the construction and study of algorithms.

  • Best jQuery Plugins of the Week

    jQuery plugins have now become the important part of the world of designing and development. There is an investment of quality time and efforts after which we get the jQuery plugins. Plugins have been serving a great deal in handling different projects thereby ensuring the increase in productivity of the user.

  • 9 Latest Tools for Designers and Developers

    Tools, apps, websites that promise to provide best help thereby letting you heave a sigh of relief are more than welcome no matter whichever designing or developing project one is working on. Such resources help solve the purpose, and provide users the desired results in comparatively lesser period of time and without much fuss on the users part.

  • Best jQuery Plugins of the Week

    PeekABar, Cover 3D, Bootstrap Treefy, jPicture are some of the really helpful jQuery plugins that we have listed down for you all to take a look and use if the need arises. Not just that if you know any of our designer or developer friend who is handling a particular project and you believe these plugins will be of the use, why not share the compilations of best jQuery plugins you see here are DesigniMag?

  • Latest Tools for Designers and Developers

    New month, new beginnings! We have entered into the month of August and one thing that remains same while dates, months keep changing is the homework we here are DesigniMag do to help you all the best way possible. Without breaking the chain of making continuous efforts to ensure that we make to present before you all we are here with our first week’s compilation of August 2015.

  • 25 Best Web Designs of July 2015

    When designers seek inspiration every now and then, we just can’t prepare one compilation and stop, so we also keep doing our homework on day to day basis and come up with such compilations on a monthly basis. 30 Best Web Designs of June 2015 was our previous month’s compilation of the same and here we are today with 25 best web designs of July 2015 for you all to check.

  • 30+ Best jQuery Plugins of July 2015

    jQuery plugin that have become the important part of development and designing to provide the users with smart functionality and best user-experience are by far have increased a great deal in number and popularity. Users are becoming addicted to cool plugins that promise to help them get the desired results without any hassle and much time investment.

  • 40 Useful Tools for Designers and Developers – July 2015

    Tools, apps, websites that can be categorized as useful resources for our designers and developers are genuinely doing their job pretty well to help the ones checking them out and making their optimum use. It is always a wise idea to seek help if you are able to work smart and invest your time on the job that need to be done by yourself.

  • Best jQuery Plugins of the Week

    jQuery plugins have got the deserving place in the filed of designing and development for the ease of use, the end result, the freedom from all the hassle and much more. Each week we list down some of the really amazing, functionally smart jQuery plugins for you all the check out and today we are here with yet another compilation.

  • Latest Tools for Designers and Developers

    From best selling fonts deal to a website that promises to ease the understanding of machine learning with visuals, annotator that’s a popover to highlight, share, add notes, Unsplash, Styleguide for creating and maintaining styleguides, there are some of the best of the rest tools, apps, websites that we have hand-picked for you all to enjoy the ease of workflow.

  • Best Photoshop Tutorials of July 2015

    Photoshop, the well known tool is playing a vital role in making creative artists make optimum use of it to make their creative juices flow and the ideas that popup are given shape to come up with amazing designs. The web designs, mobile app designs and everything you see on the internet and the ease with which users are able to access the websites, mobile apps and other things are result of hard work done by designers and developers.

  • Best Illustrator Tutorials of July 2015

    Be it a web designer, graphic designer or anyone working in the creative field, they need apt tools that let them expand the horizon and enhance their designing skills. Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator are the tools that enable designers to give shape to their creative ideas.

  • Best jQuery Plugins of the Week

    jQuery plugins that play vital role in designing and development of websites, applications and likewise are being added on everyday basis to the queue of the ones that have already been solving the purpose. Working hard is key to success, but making optimum use of resources that promise to ease your work, thereby, leaving time for other productive works and enhancing your productivity is definitely a wise idea.

  • 30 Hilarious Pick-Up Lines and Dirty Talk Examples by Designers

    few weeks ago, we published a collection of CSS puns as a joke but you guys liked it a lot. So today, I thought why not try it again. This is a collection designer puns.

  • 14 Latest Tools for Designers and Developers

    Are you the one who waits for Friday to check out what DesigniMag team has in store for you all? With the hope that we are able to solve the purpose for which we have taken this initiative of coming up with a weekly compilation of useful resources, we are here once again. Besides the list of fresh tools, apps, websites, this time we have listed down something which you all would love.

  • 15+ Best Podcasts for Web Developers

    This one got to be entirely dedicated to our developer friends. Web development is one field amongst many others that is seeing a boom in terms of advancements, and number of people becoming the part of the industry. To not only stay instead make a mark in the field of development one needs to ensure to stay in loop to stay informed about the latest developments, trends and other things.

  • 20+ Useful Free Preloaders and Animated Spinners

    While working on any design project, one needs to focus even on the minutest detail to grab the attention of the viewers and keep them engaged. Elements like icons, widgets, colors and likewise should be chosen with extra care to gel well/correspond with the overall design.

  • Latest Sketch App Tutorials of Year 2015

    If you all are acquainted with the Sketch App, it is an application that designers make optimum use of in designing application of various kinds. The only limitation it comes with is that it is for the Mac users alone. Sketch is one innovative vector drawing application for the Mac. It is a simple app that comes with oodles of powerful vector drawing and text tools viz. Perfect boolean operations, symbols, and powerful rulers, guides, and grids.

  • Best jQuery Plugins of the Week

    In today’s technologically advanced era, one can’t stick to just one project you are working on, instead continuous pressure of meeting deadlines and submitting projects asks one to work the smart way. Javascript frameworks that popularly go by the name jQuery plugins are proving to be quite useful in various designing and developing projects.

  • Latest Tools for Designers and Developers

    With the ease, various kinds of tools, apps, websites have been providing to the designers and developers have become the important part of their everyday world. No matter which ever project one is handling, the smartest way to work is to look for the tools, or applications that ensure to get the work done speedily and without any fuss.

  • 50+ Fresh Minimal Wallpapers

    Minimal is the design trend that is being followed for quite some time and is anticipated to have long journey. The name itself says it all! Minimal designs are the ones that are visually appealing, with minimum designing and certainly no distractions.

  • The ARIA Roles Model Part 1

    What can you do when the native semantics of your HTML don’t communicate the appropriate information to assistive devices? You use ARIA roles, states, and properties to communicate the semantics instead.

  • 20 Best Free Photography WordPress Themes

    WordPress as you all know is one of the most popular CMS that everyone is well acquainted with. The ease of workflow that WordPress provides is what makes it the most loved CMS the best pick. With the technological advancements where everything seems to be going online, more and more number of people are joining the queue of WordPress users as it is not difficult to get acquainted with the same.

  • Real Estate Saint Petersburg

    1. Minimum java-scripts. 2. Maximum css and responsive design. 3. Minimum page’s weight. 4. Maximum usability. 5. My site’s in Russian.

  • Game of Change

    Do you know Facebook recently changed its logo? What? What did they do with it? Well they have made some subtle but quite distinct changes to its logo. In the new logo…

  • Best jQuery Plugins of the Week

    jQuery plugins by far have been proven to be of immense help for designers and developers who seek help to complete a particular task in lesser time and without putting in extra efforts which can be put in doing miscellaneous designing and development tasks. Its not only when one gets stuck, should seek help but for smarter work.

  • Font: Beautiful Script Fonts From Fenotype Typefaces

    The elegant script fonts of Fenotype Typefaces have vintage/ retro hand-drawn lettering style. This sytle is completed with beautiful swashes and swirls. Even with the 1950s vintage or retro feeling the fonts have a modern and smooth look. They have ornament sets and many other features. You can customize the fonts in practically innumerable ways with these extra features.

  • Latest Tools for Designers and Developers

    In today’s technologically advanced era where nothing seems to be impossible, every now and then a benchmark is set by genius minds and the other one comes with something more appealing and inventive. Talk about designing websites, apps, and development, there is no dearth of ideas to make customers drool over. But then, while working hard on the quest to get the desired results, even the geniuses at time seek help in the form of various kinds of resources.

  • Best Illustrator Tutorials of June 2015

    Adobe Illustrator is one important and most effective tools that designers are making optimum use of. There is no dearth of the creative options Adobe Illustrator provides users. There are more and more chances of enhancing the creative skills with the Adobe Illustrator.

  • Best Photoshop Tutorials of June 2015

    Photoshop is a tool well made use of by the designers to give shape to their creative ideas. It is not something that any designer out there is unaware of. Everyone who enters the field of designing first makes him/herself well acquainted with this most popular tool namely Photoshop.

  • 30 Best Web Designs of June 2015

    In today’s technologically advanced era where everything seems to be going online, we have become so addicted to the web world, geeky gadgets and likewise. If you want to reach the masses, go online! Its the mantra of success which everyone believes to be true which is right to the great extent.

  • An Introduction To WAI-ARIA’s Roles, States, And Properties

    Native HTML can provide most of the semantics for assistive devices. When they don’t or can’t, you can use WAI-ARIA to communicate the necessary information.

  • Best jQuery Plugins of the Week

    It’s Saturday and you all know what we have in store for you. Yes, a compilation of best jQuery plugins that you all are sure to love for the fact that each one of these is going to prove useful in your miscellaneous designing and development projects.

  • Latest Tools for Designers and Developers

    Time for the weekly dose of fresh tools that will help you enhance your skills, increase your productivity and efficiency. The fact remains that each one of us is seeking help in different forms. Designers and developers have so many projects in hand that they keep looking for the smart options to work in favor and get the assigned task completed well in time without any compromise with the quality results.

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