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July 28, 2008

I’m now letting you submit your own links which will then be shown in the sidebar of PSDlearning. This is a great opportunity to share some of the sites you find useful, show of some cool artwork or even just promote your own site, just make sure its stuff that’s interesting or useful as well as design related. Feel free to go crazy and submit a whole load of links.

How does It work?

Easy, you find some cool stuff and submit it below, it will be posted here and the 6 newest links will appear in the sidebar.

We don’t want any junk, the kind of things we like are:

  • Links to other really good tutorials
  • Links to really good artwork, the kind of stuff that inspires us
  • Links to resources and downloads that are useful
  • Links to design related articles.

Submit your links using the form below.

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  • 10 Latest Tools for Designers and Developers

    In today’s cut-throat competition, it is not easy to earn your bread; one needs to be really good and quick at what s(he) does. Handling different type of projects, attaining more and more experience, getting more work and making sure to deliver them on time are few things that help one not just survive but become professionally strong.

  • 20 Best Free Handwritten Fonts for Designers

    When a designers gather together, besides greeting each other asking about life what do you think they talk about? Well some of them get straight to the projects other is working on, some may got to extreme discussion about the fonts colors, software, app and other things. Its all like what designers always have in mind is design. They keep reading, talking, asking stuff related to design.

  • 25+ Creative Black and White Logo Designs for Inspiration

    In today’s world where there is cut-throat competition, it has become important to stand out of the crowd and appeal to the consumer. Your work, the presentation, marketing infact everything needs to be quite different. Anything similar, common, that makes consumer same as the other brand might leave a bad impression on the customer.

  • 12 Best Machine Learning Tools

    Machine learning is a subfield of computer science evolved from the study of pattern recognition and computational learning theory in artificial intelligence. With it, users can explore the construction and study of algorithms.

  • Best jQuery Plugins of the Week

    jQuery plugins have now become the important part of the world of designing and development. There is an investment of quality time and efforts after which we get the jQuery plugins. Plugins have been serving a great deal in handling different projects thereby ensuring the increase in productivity of the user.

  • 9 Latest Tools for Designers and Developers

    Tools, apps, websites that promise to provide best help thereby letting you heave a sigh of relief are more than welcome no matter whichever designing or developing project one is working on. Such resources help solve the purpose, and provide users the desired results in comparatively lesser period of time and without much fuss on the users part.

  • Best jQuery Plugins of the Week

    PeekABar, Cover 3D, Bootstrap Treefy, jPicture are some of the really helpful jQuery plugins that we have listed down for you all to take a look and use if the need arises. Not just that if you know any of our designer or developer friend who is handling a particular project and you believe these plugins will be of the use, why not share the compilations of best jQuery plugins you see here are DesigniMag?

  • Latest Tools for Designers and Developers

    New month, new beginnings! We have entered into the month of August and one thing that remains same while dates, months keep changing is the homework we here are DesigniMag do to help you all the best way possible. Without breaking the chain of making continuous efforts to ensure that we make to present before you all we are here with our first week’s compilation of August 2015.

  • 25 Best Web Designs of July 2015

    When designers seek inspiration every now and then, we just can’t prepare one compilation and stop, so we also keep doing our homework on day to day basis and come up with such compilations on a monthly basis. 30 Best Web Designs of June 2015 was our previous month’s compilation of the same and here we are today with 25 best web designs of July 2015 for you all to check.

  • 30+ Best jQuery Plugins of July 2015

    jQuery plugin that have become the important part of development and designing to provide the users with smart functionality and best user-experience are by far have increased a great deal in number and popularity. Users are becoming addicted to cool plugins that promise to help them get the desired results without any hassle and much time investment.

  • 40 Useful Tools for Designers and Developers – July 2015

    Tools, apps, websites that can be categorized as useful resources for our designers and developers are genuinely doing their job pretty well to help the ones checking them out and making their optimum use. It is always a wise idea to seek help if you are able to work smart and invest your time on the job that need to be done by yourself.

  • Best jQuery Plugins of the Week

    jQuery plugins have got the deserving place in the filed of designing and development for the ease of use, the end result, the freedom from all the hassle and much more. Each week we list down some of the really amazing, functionally smart jQuery plugins for you all the check out and today we are here with yet another compilation.

  • Latest Tools for Designers and Developers

    From best selling fonts deal to a website that promises to ease the understanding of machine learning with visuals, annotator that’s a popover to highlight, share, add notes, Unsplash, Styleguide for creating and maintaining styleguides, there are some of the best of the rest tools, apps, websites that we have hand-picked for you all to enjoy the ease of workflow.

  • Best Photoshop Tutorials of July 2015

    Photoshop, the well known tool is playing a vital role in making creative artists make optimum use of it to make their creative juices flow and the ideas that popup are given shape to come up with amazing designs. The web designs, mobile app designs and everything you see on the internet and the ease with which users are able to access the websites, mobile apps and other things are result of hard work done by designers and developers.

  • Best Illustrator Tutorials of July 2015

    Be it a web designer, graphic designer or anyone working in the creative field, they need apt tools that let them expand the horizon and enhance their designing skills. Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator are the tools that enable designers to give shape to their creative ideas.

  • Best jQuery Plugins of the Week

    jQuery plugins that play vital role in designing and development of websites, applications and likewise are being added on everyday basis to the queue of the ones that have already been solving the purpose. Working hard is key to success, but making optimum use of resources that promise to ease your work, thereby, leaving time for other productive works and enhancing your productivity is definitely a wise idea.

  • 30 Hilarious Pick-Up Lines and Dirty Talk Examples by Designers

    few weeks ago, we published a collection of CSS puns as a joke but you guys liked it a lot. So today, I thought why not try it again. This is a collection designer puns.

  • 14 Latest Tools for Designers and Developers

    Are you the one who waits for Friday to check out what DesigniMag team has in store for you all? With the hope that we are able to solve the purpose for which we have taken this initiative of coming up with a weekly compilation of useful resources, we are here once again. Besides the list of fresh tools, apps, websites, this time we have listed down something which you all would love.

  • 15+ Best Podcasts for Web Developers

    This one got to be entirely dedicated to our developer friends. Web development is one field amongst many others that is seeing a boom in terms of advancements, and number of people becoming the part of the industry. To not only stay instead make a mark in the field of development one needs to ensure to stay in loop to stay informed about the latest developments, trends and other things.

  • 20+ Useful Free Preloaders and Animated Spinners

    While working on any design project, one needs to focus even on the minutest detail to grab the attention of the viewers and keep them engaged. Elements like icons, widgets, colors and likewise should be chosen with extra care to gel well/correspond with the overall design.

  • Latest Sketch App Tutorials of Year 2015

    If you all are acquainted with the Sketch App, it is an application that designers make optimum use of in designing application of various kinds. The only limitation it comes with is that it is for the Mac users alone. Sketch is one innovative vector drawing application for the Mac. It is a simple app that comes with oodles of powerful vector drawing and text tools viz. Perfect boolean operations, symbols, and powerful rulers, guides, and grids.

  • Best jQuery Plugins of the Week

    In today’s technologically advanced era, one can’t stick to just one project you are working on, instead continuous pressure of meeting deadlines and submitting projects asks one to work the smart way. Javascript frameworks that popularly go by the name jQuery plugins are proving to be quite useful in various designing and developing projects.

  • Latest Tools for Designers and Developers

    With the ease, various kinds of tools, apps, websites have been providing to the designers and developers have become the important part of their everyday world. No matter which ever project one is handling, the smartest way to work is to look for the tools, or applications that ensure to get the work done speedily and without any fuss.

  • 50+ Fresh Minimal Wallpapers

    Minimal is the design trend that is being followed for quite some time and is anticipated to have long journey. The name itself says it all! Minimal designs are the ones that are visually appealing, with minimum designing and certainly no distractions.

  • The ARIA Roles Model Part 1

    What can you do when the native semantics of your HTML don’t communicate the appropriate information to assistive devices? You use ARIA roles, states, and properties to communicate the semantics instead.

  • 20 Best Free Photography WordPress Themes

    WordPress as you all know is one of the most popular CMS that everyone is well acquainted with. The ease of workflow that WordPress provides is what makes it the most loved CMS the best pick. With the technological advancements where everything seems to be going online, more and more number of people are joining the queue of WordPress users as it is not difficult to get acquainted with the same.

  • Real Estate Saint Petersburg

    1. Minimum java-scripts. 2. Maximum css and responsive design. 3. Minimum page’s weight. 4. Maximum usability. 5. My site’s in Russian.

  • Game of Change

    Do you know Facebook recently changed its logo? What? What did they do with it? Well they have made some subtle but quite distinct changes to its logo. In the new logo…

  • Best jQuery Plugins of the Week

    jQuery plugins by far have been proven to be of immense help for designers and developers who seek help to complete a particular task in lesser time and without putting in extra efforts which can be put in doing miscellaneous designing and development tasks. Its not only when one gets stuck, should seek help but for smarter work.

  • Font: Beautiful Script Fonts From Fenotype Typefaces

    The elegant script fonts of Fenotype Typefaces have vintage/ retro hand-drawn lettering style. This sytle is completed with beautiful swashes and swirls. Even with the 1950s vintage or retro feeling the fonts have a modern and smooth look. They have ornament sets and many other features. You can customize the fonts in practically innumerable ways with these extra features.

  • Latest Tools for Designers and Developers

    In today’s technologically advanced era where nothing seems to be impossible, every now and then a benchmark is set by genius minds and the other one comes with something more appealing and inventive. Talk about designing websites, apps, and development, there is no dearth of ideas to make customers drool over. But then, while working hard on the quest to get the desired results, even the geniuses at time seek help in the form of various kinds of resources.

  • Best Illustrator Tutorials of June 2015

    Adobe Illustrator is one important and most effective tools that designers are making optimum use of. There is no dearth of the creative options Adobe Illustrator provides users. There are more and more chances of enhancing the creative skills with the Adobe Illustrator.

  • Best Photoshop Tutorials of June 2015

    Photoshop is a tool well made use of by the designers to give shape to their creative ideas. It is not something that any designer out there is unaware of. Everyone who enters the field of designing first makes him/herself well acquainted with this most popular tool namely Photoshop.

  • 30 Best Web Designs of June 2015

    In today’s technologically advanced era where everything seems to be going online, we have become so addicted to the web world, geeky gadgets and likewise. If you want to reach the masses, go online! Its the mantra of success which everyone believes to be true which is right to the great extent.

  • An Introduction To WAI-ARIA’s Roles, States, And Properties

    Native HTML can provide most of the semantics for assistive devices. When they don’t or can’t, you can use WAI-ARIA to communicate the necessary information.

  • Best jQuery Plugins of the Week

    It’s Saturday and you all know what we have in store for you. Yes, a compilation of best jQuery plugins that you all are sure to love for the fact that each one of these is going to prove useful in your miscellaneous designing and development projects.

  • Latest Tools for Designers and Developers

    Time for the weekly dose of fresh tools that will help you enhance your skills, increase your productivity and efficiency. The fact remains that each one of us is seeking help in different forms. Designers and developers have so many projects in hand that they keep looking for the smart options to work in favor and get the assigned task completed well in time without any compromise with the quality results.

  • 20+ Best jQuery Plugins of June 2015

    Javascript Frameworks that have been serving a great deal in making different design and development projects have got great importance over the course of years. Developers have been much appreciated the availability of these free to download and useful jQuery plugins that have been the part and parcel programming.

  • 30 Useful Tools for Designers and Developers – June 2015

    Tools, apps and websites have long been the part and parcel of the world of designing and development. Having introduced to such resourceful data is one beneficial thing incase one gets stuck in between various projects handling, one knows there is something that can help deal with the issue. Its not only when a designer or developer get stuck that one uses the tools, apps, websites and other resources instead, seeing the ease that these provide one makes optimum use of these to enhance the productivity and efficiency.

  • Web Design Jaipur | Web Development Jaipur | iGlobe Solutions

    iGlobe Solution is the toppest web designing company in Jaipur offering professional web services, development and online marketing services. How can we help you? Contact us 0141-6999903

  • Spruce up Your Web Form with 6 jQuery Form Plugins

    Don’t make web form boring. No, no you would not have to code to change its look and feel. Try these 6 cool jQuery Form Plugins to beautify your existing web form.

  • Coreenergyfitness

    The Hammer Head Anchor Gym is the most versatile exercise platform on the market. It is a wall mounted anchoring system for resistance bands, large loop bands, suspension (body weight) straps and stretch straps. It delivers hundreds of exercises.

  • japrint

    Tryckeri Storprint är ett väl fungerande tryckeri med stort utbud av tjänster och produkter. Storprint ligger i Löddeköpinge mellan Malmö och Helsingborg med närhet till resten av Sverige via vår hemsida, telefon och e-post.

  • Couponicode

    Tryckeri Storprint Grafiska AB eller Storprint som vi själva kallar oss trycker förstklassiga trycksaker som t.ex. flyers, foldrar, affsicher och visitkort i olika upplagor till riktigt bra pris! Behöver du ha hjälp med att göra design eller layout på ditt nya trycksaker eller om du redan har en tryckfärdig pdf spelar ingen roll

  • Couponicode

    Get into iHerb coupon JDN587 inside shopping cart application a great instantaneous $10 off of the first obtain of $40 or even more, or maybe $5 off of smaller sized order placed

  • How Important Is To Have Always Visible Navigation?

    We assume navigation on a website needs to always be visible. Is that really the case? Many responsive navigation patterns hide navigation by default and reveal it on a button click. Could we do the same thing when the site loads in a widescreen browser?

  • Creating an eCommerce Website

    Every few years, a company comes along and re-invents an industry. Even less frequently, a person comes along with a vision that changes our lives. Steve Jobs changed the lives of everyone in the world with his company’s Apple Macintosh computers, iPhones, iPods, and iPads, among other items.

  • How to Decide on a Color Scheme for Your Website

    Your website’s color scheme says a lot about you and/or your company. Color goes beyond aesthetics and has possible effects on the behaviors of your website’s viewers.

  • Beautiful Examples of Login Forms for Websites and Apps

    I have here for you a collection of 20 awesome and great looking log in forms shots from Dribbble. I do hope you check them out and learn from them for your next log in design execution.

  • 30 Superb WordPress Gaming Themes for Game Freaks

    When we are children we play all sorts of games and do all sorts of things but when we grow up we usually let go of such things. Reading comics and playing hide and seek are good examples of such things.

  • 10 Best Free Christmas Flyer Templates

    Christmas is around the corner and I am sure you all might be looking for cool stuff to come up with this festive season. Correct me if I am wrong! Here is one article that is entirely dedicated to the designers who are taking up the projects of preparing the invitation cards for Christmas and New Year parties being the source of inspiration.

  • Can we kill off lorem ipsum?

    Once upon a time, in decades and centuries past, Lorem Ipsum served typesetters and printers well.Today’s communication landscape is vastly different. The Web allows us to create rich, multi-dimensional, interactive experiences.With this in mind, using Lorem Ipsum no longer makes sense. It breeds dummy designs and short sells everyone.So the time has come to have a good, hard look at ditching the dummy text from the design process wherever possible, and placing real content in the forefront, where it belongs.

  • Cytelics – Information Security Services

    Information systems security is very crucial for the organizations and businesses. The main objective of an information systems security program is to protect an organization’s information by reducing the risk of loss of confidentiality, integrity and availability of that information to an acceptable level.

  • Best jQuery Plugins of the Week

    Here, we are once again with the jQuery plugins that we have selected carefully for all you designers to help you get the desired results. Developers out there are always making keen efforts to help you in various endeavours and we at TheDesignBlitz make sure to keep you all updated with such helpful, handy cool plugins that we think are worth checking out.

  • 40+ free UI kits

    UI kits are a fantastic starting point for many projects. You can quickly mockup a professional solution and then customize the files into a bespoke solution in no time at all.n this round-up, we’ve gathered together a collection of fresh user interface kits and Photoshop files; ideal for rapid development.These files will come in handy when you are hard at work and have little time. They’ll help you create your next mockup quickly and efficiently.

  • How to use Foundation’s advanced features

    Last time we covered our bicycle enthusiast’s page, we built an entire basic page in less than twenty minutes flat using the magic of Foundation. Today, we’re going to take that magic even further, and without touching a single line of jQuery or CSS, you’ll learn how to upgrade your site’s functionality with the following techniques

  • Fifa World Cup Logos History

    Football (or soccer for North Americans and Australians) holds a World Cup every four years. Following are their logos from 1950 to 2014.

  • Latest Apps and Tools of the Week

    With the list comprising of Web Tracing Framework, Haiku Deck, qSnap, Uploadcare and similar ones hand-picked specifically for designers and developers, we are here once again with our weekly compilation of cool tools, apps and websites.

  • Infographic: Responsive Web Design

    Thematic collections of infographic are always interesting for our readers. Especially if it is something what is related to our field of activity. Today, I prepared new collection which is devoted to the Responsive Web Design.

  • 20 Handpicked Christmas Fonts and Typography Examples

    Christmas Fonts play a critical role when it comes to designing Christmas related graphics. So today, keeping the upcoming holiday season in mind, we are sharing twenty of our favorite Christmas fonts. As usual, we are attaching an all-in-one download file.

  • Podcasting Without A Net

    Sometimes you have to step outside your comfort zone, trust yourself, and try something new. Instead of perfecting in advance, be brave and release to the public. Then iterate to improve.

  • Best Adobe Illustrator Tutorials of November 2013

    With the ever increasing craze of joining the creative professionals, lot many people putting in their efforts and leaving no stone unturned to be the part of this field of designing. Adobe Illustrators being the topic of the day, would be the focus. Letting the creative juices flow and giving shape to the ideas to get the desired results is a different thing.

  • 20 Free And Useful Web Buttons In PSD Format

    Web buttons are vital in web developing field. Here in this post we are going to present a good number of web buttons in PSD Format. This nice collection will help you to make your work stylish and elegant.

  • Must Have Free jQuery Image and Content Sliders

    Visitors tend not to scroll down a lot on a web page. This is the reason why many designers tend to include the most important of the contents above the fold. This is where jQuery Image and Content Sliders come in real handy. Sliders mostly cover the top half of any web page. Designers could use these sliders in a variety of fashion. Either display the latest offers or show off some great design or product in an image or allow for subscription!

  • coldplay lyrics

    Alphabet lyrics has the largest collection of coldplay lyrics on the web!

  • Google

    Search Engine

  • 15 Best Free Online Photo Editors

    Adobe Photoshop is probably the most advanced and widely used photo editing tool but it may be complicated for someone who isn’t much familiar with it. For that reason, we’re going to take a look at a few online photo editors to take advantage of them.

  • Incredible and Exciting Artwork from Creative Mints (+ Process Shots)

    Here we have the work of a one man design studio called Creative Mints. The work that this guy churns out is good enough to force you into another career, but! all is not lost as Mike (the guy behind creative mints) is kind enough to run through his processes with shots of his sketches and various concepts, which you will find below.

  • Free PSD Perspective App Mockups

    The feel you get by looking at such a showcase is amazing, because it makes the designs feel real, and this is also the reason why we decided to take a look at several perspective designs which come in PSD for free, so you can download them and play with them however you like.

  • Best Photoshop Tutorials of November 2013

    The previous month’s compilation of Best Photoshop Tutorials of October 2013 was huge and we feel glad when the list of such visually appealing, inspirational and motivational. We are here once again with the list of fresh Adobe Photoshop tutorials that promise to enlighten you and make you learn the art of Photoshop in simple steps.

  • Roundup of Useful Bootstrap Tools and Generators

    As we have mentioned previously, Twitter Bootstrap, being a complex yet quite intuitive framework for building websites, has numerous ready-to-use themes and templates that are made for those who want to quickly prototype its project.

  • 50 Coolest Literary Tattoos in Pictures

    Literary tattoos consist of literary text as tattoos. This can be a famous dialog from a film, a quotation from a book or a famous saying or proverb. There can be many other dimensions as well.

  • Coffee Cups PSD

    Friends, today’s design resource is a set of 2 coffee cups and a saucer created in shape layers in Photoshop. One cup and saucer graphic is porcelain and other one is paper cup. These graphics can be easily edited and resized.

  • 40 Best jQuery Plugins of November 2013

    The list of best jQuery plugins which we came up with in the preceding months – 30+ Best jQuery Plugins of October 2013, 70 Best jQuery Plugins of September 2013, and 50+ Best jQuery Plugins of August 2013 were much appreciated. Here, we are once again with another month’s list of new jQuery plugins for all you designers and developers out there.

  • Useful Resources : Responsive Menu Tutorials And Downloads

    Website is absolutely of no use if there is no navigation or menu in it. No one is going to scroll down one whole page without knowing which information is where. When designing a layout of the website ample time and space is given to the Menu and a lot of thought is put into how the menu bar would look like and what content is to be put in it.

  • AIDS 2014 Logo Design Competition

    Here are the AIDS 2014 Conference Logo Design Competition Participant.

  • 25 free, scrolling plugins for awesome experiences

    The art of creating a website these days is learning how to create an online experience. One of the trendiest techniques to have fun with is scrolling. Many of these techniques are what is affectionately called parallax scrolling. Today, we’ve put together a bunch of our favorite plugins to get even the least code-savvy started making some great scrolling sites…

  • 21 All-Round CSS Editing Tools

    f you are a web designer, you have must be doing lots of CSS editing everyday. And for that, you must be using one or more CSS editing tools.Even though, there are hundreds of CSS editing tools available on internet right now, only a handful of them are actually good.

  • 45 Best Useful Free Flat Icon Sets

    When designing a website, some of the things you can do to improve the clarity of your website is to use flat icons. This list contains 45 high-quality flat Icon sets from different categories to help you create more compelling websites.

  • Iconic album covers recreated with Lego blocks

    These adorable album covers are the miniature lego masterpieces of British graphic designer Aaron Savage. Each cover composition is meticulously reproduced using the tiny colored blocks then photographed as a lego parody. All the iconic classics are here – Blondie, Madonna, Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen, Grace Jones, Nirvana, along with more contemporary artists like Lily Allen and Coldplay. My favorite has to be the David Bowie cover. Check out some of them below and test your own pop trivia knowledge. How many albums can you recognize?

  • 64 Free Paper Textures for Photoshop & Illustrator

    Download this pack of free, high resolution card stock paper textures to add depth and realism to your designs in Photoshop, Illustrator, and other graphics software!

  • Useful Tools and Websites for Designers and Developers – November 2013

    Yet another month is here and we are here once again with the list of cool tools, apps and websites that provide a helping hand to you all making your task easier and less time consuming. Ingenious minds out there keep working hard to make sure you all get your issues resolved as easily as possible.

  • Kwikode – the new freelance marketplace is having an Android tablet giveaway!

    Welcome to Kwikode! Currently in prelaunch, Kwikode is a new and exciting freelance marketplace that is built with its users in mind. What this means for YOU is that Kwikode is dedicated to giving Buyers the peace of mind that they will receive high quality work every time and make sure that developers and designers like you do not have to compete with incompetent and underbidding members.

  • How To Choose The Best Responsive Table Solution

    Most tables don’t have a nice and easy responsive solution. Flexibility alone won’t save the day and rearranging tables at breakpoints can lead to miscommunication if you don’t consider the meaning the tables are trying to convey. Solutions do exist though, and here’s how to choose one.

  • Spine is a fun social app for telling five-sentence stories

    Spine is an App for writing and sharing stories in just five sentences. You can publish and categorize your short tale or search for your favorite genre such as comedy, horror, drama, or romance for some light reading. Will this be the next Twitter? Probably not, but Spine is a fun App that gets you thinking about the modernization of the written word.

  • 70 Professional Mockups That Every Designer Should Have

    Mockups have become so popular these days and are such an invaluable resource for graphic designers who wants a better way to showcase their projects.

  • 18 Wall Calendars Design Ideas For 2014

    2014 wall calendars design ideas for personalized promotional Calendar for Christmas,

  • Free HTML Web UI Kits for Websites and Apps

    Still looking for a way to make your development process more productive, qualitative, and of course, time-saving? Frantically trying to avoid monotonous routine of converting psd into html/css? Then our list of free HTML web UI kits for websites and apps will definitely awaken your interest.

  • An Air of Sophistication and Mystery Gorgeous Dark Mobile App Interfaces

    The dark interfaces that always differ from others by its mysterious and sometimes a slight brutal appearance always invite designers’ attention. As color theory implies, such UIs convey their own compelling and mighty spectrum of feelings that are really hard not to notice.

  • 20 Most Stylish Thin Fonts

    Time for some free fonts on Designzzz again. Today we are sharing a collection of slim and thin fonts.You have probably heard this saying from the fashion world that “the slimmer a model is, the higher she is paid”.

  • Useful PHP Snippets

    PHP is the most widely used language when it comes to server-side programming. If you are a beginner or an advanced programmer and you use it in your work – our article will be very useful for you. Because today I want to bring to your attention a small collection of quite interesting and useful php snippets. They are designed as finished functions, and you can easily transfer them in a class or a library file for later use in your projects.

  • Convert PSD To HTML With PSD Center


  • Innovative Logo Designs Ideas For 2014 Part 3

    Today we’ve gathered 10 creative logo ideas (Patr 3), hope you find them useful.

  • 10 Dynamic One-page WordPress Parallax Themes

    Chances are that you have already seen at least some of the dynamic one-page WordPress parallax themes as it‘s becoming mainstream. The key feature, which makes them interesting and alive is vertical parallax scrolling effect.

  • 15 Fresh Social Media Icons (PSD & PNG)

    Social media is becoming more than a craze. A great number of social media users are getting worldly information just on one click. If you have attractive social media icons on your website it will pull visitors towards your website and the number of visitors will be on increasing point for you.

  • 7 Black Friday rules for maximizing your site’s conversions

    The simple rule for improving the profitability of a site is to find a way of converting casual browsers into actual paying customers. When you start to offer your site visitors a very comfortable, enjoyable and efficient shopping process, then you can count on improved conversions. After all, your customers will reward you for what it feels like from their perspective to peruse the goods and services on your ecommerce site. To make the best ecommerce site around, it must be designed from the point of view of your target shopper.

  • 50 Best HTML Email Newsletter Templates

    These are email newsletter templates designed using HTML. Almost all of these are responsive templates so they are displayed properly on all resolutions and all devices.

  • Which WordPress Theme Is the Best for Your Personal Blog, Business Website or Portfolio? The One that Represents You

    Learn more about WordPress theme personality types before choosing the right theme for your personanl blog, business website or portfolio. Choose a theme that fully captures your personality.

  • Giveaway: Win 1 of 20 Premium WordPress Themes from MyThemeShop

    we’re delighted to be hosting this giveaway from MyThemWe’ll be randomly selecting 20 winners who will each receive the premium theme of their choice from MyThemeShop’s range of over 60 premium themes.All of MyThemeShop’s themes are responsive, so you’ll be good to go whatever the viewing platform; they’re all built with HTML5 and CSS3, so you can be sure that your chosen theme will be standards-compliant; they’re even regularly updated to keep them optimized for the evolving web.MyThemeShop’s premium themes all come with full support, and there’s an active community on their forums.

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