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July 28, 2008

I’m now letting you submit your own links which will then be shown in the sidebar of PSDlearning. This is a great opportunity to share some of the sites you find useful, show of some cool artwork or even just promote your own site, just make sure its stuff that’s interesting or useful as well as design related. Feel free to go crazy and submit a whole load of links.

How does It work?

Easy, you find some cool stuff and submit it below, it will be posted here and the 6 newest links will appear in the sidebar.

We don’t want any junk, the kind of things we like are:

  • Links to other really good tutorials
  • Links to really good artwork, the kind of stuff that inspires us
  • Links to resources and downloads that are useful
  • Links to design related articles.

Submit your links using the form below.

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  • Best jQuery Plugins of the Week

    Javascript frameworks that go by the name jQuery plugins, are developed with the aim to help all the designers and developers undertake various time consuming and daunting tasks with ease without having to invest much of time and effort.

  • Fresh WordPress Security Updates

    WordPress has faced a lot security issues in past few years, the reason for that can be its large community, with over a million users accessing the WordPress platform, a lot of vulnerabilities has come up with some potential security threatst that is why new security updates are released regularly .

  • Will Netflix Succeed in India?

    Netflix, a US based MNC, established in the year 1997 is a leading service provider of online video-streaming. It has presence in 190 countries with over 70 million users. It started its operation in India in January 6 with three types of subscription packages.

  • 5 Tips For Protecting Your Computer

    Nowadays, computers have become an essential part for everyone. Thus, it is important to learn for every user, comprising how to keep PC in a protected way and updated time to time in order to carry out their necessary tasks in an uninterrupted manner.

  • 15 Best Free Valentine’s Day Flyer Templates

    Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I am sure you all are quite excited for the special day, planning for the party, buying gifts and much more to make your loved one feel special. Isn’t it? If you are yet to start with it, don’t wait or else you will not be able to do all the preparation for the special day.

  • Paykasa Kart Al

    Paykasa kart sat?? sitesi mükemmel olmakla birlikte Türkiye’de ki tek ve gerçek resmi paykasa sat?? sitesidir. Siteden fiyat almadan ba?ka yerden paykasa sat?n al yapmay?n. Muhte?em bir sitedir.

  • 25+ Best Web Designs of January 2016

    Web designing is one creative field that makes people drool over for the fact that it allows users to let their creative juices flow in whichever direction possible which leads to unique results. No matter how professionally able one is in the field of designing, there should be a catalyst that promises to keep them motivated and inspired for coming up with superb designs.

  • 10+ Tips to Keep Your Wordpess Website Secure

    WordPress websites are the most popular blogging and content management system. Therefore, it has always been more appealing to intruders. In this post, i am going to tell you few amazing tips to keep your wordpress website secure from bugs and threats.

  • Best jQuery Plugins of the Week

    Plugins that have since long been serving as the helping tool are being introduced on day to day basis to ensure, developers and designers don’t find it hard to get one(s) to be used in their different projects. However, finding the right kind of jQuery plugin to be used currently can be one daunting task. Here, we make efforts for you all thereby helping you with the filtered data all at one place.

  • Fresh Tools for Designers and Developers

    So, its Friday again and I am sure you all are here with the expectation to see what all kinds of useful resources we have in store for you all for this week. Excited to check them out? We won’t leave you all disappointed as we have some really cool functionally smart tools, apps and websites that claim to be of great use for you all in your various kinds of projects.

  • taksimresimkursu

    Temelimizi Görsel aç?dan önemli eserler yaratmay? amaçlayan ö?renciler yeti?tirmek ve sanatsal aç?dan bir çok kolayl??? ke?fetmek bireyleri yeti?tirmek arkhe sanat atölyesinin temel prensiplerindendir. Resim kursu olarak istanbulun en ideal e?itimini ?stanbul geneline yayd???m?z? dü?ünüyoruz. 3 ?ubemiz ile haftan?n 6 günü e?itimlerimizi güzel sanatlara haz?rl?k ve ki?isel geli?im amac?yla sürdürmekteyiz.

  • taksimresimkursu

    Türkiyede nadir bulunan bir e?itim modelimiz var. Hobi resim kursu de?iliz amac?m?z kesinlikle e?itim ve sizlerin gelece?i. Sektörün fark yaratan hocalar? e?li?inde kursumuzdan faydalanmaya ne dersiniz. Bak?rköy resim kursu ile ?stanbulun dört bir yan?ndan gelen ö?rencilerimiz ile 2 ?ubemiz ile e?itim vermekteyiz.

  • Crucial Web Development Trends in 2016

    A new trend arrives from time to time. These trends include the utilization of numerous web design trends, SEO techniques, and development items. We have seen lots of new trends that provided few users the hourglass ailment in today’s market world.

  • The First Google Project Tango Phone by Lenovo

    The beginning of a new year of 2016, Lenovo announced their development of the Project Tango and will be released by the summer of the same year. Project Tango is an important work which is an ongoing process using the Google technology.

  • Inspiration: 25+ Digital Art by Alexander Borodin – 10th one is unbelievable

    When real skill with perfect measure of tools and hardware meet amazing explosion of digital art occurs. Here in today’s post we have lined up 25+ mind boggling digital art by Ukraine based digital artist Alexander Borodin.

  • taksimresimkursu

    Resim kursu olarak sadece ?stanbul’un de?il Türkiyenin en ba?ar?l? güzel sanatlara haz?rl?k kursu olarak ö?rencilerimizin %100 unu fakültelere haz?rlayarak sizleri e?itim almak istedi?iniz bölümlere yerle?tirdik. Sizlerde amaç e?itim ise ve en ideal adresi ar?yorsan?z sizlere tavsiyemiz atölyemizi görmeniz rica olunur.

  • taksimresimkursu

    Türkiyenin en kaliteli resim kursu olan ruyaavc?s? ile ki?isel geli?iminizi yan?m?zda tamamlayarak hayal etmi? oldu?unuz sanat eserlerini üretebilirsiniz. Bak?rköy resim kursu olarak sizlerin deste?i ile sektörün fark yaratan kurumu olduk . Atölyemizi ve çal??ma ortam?m?z? görmeniz ad?na sizleri çay a bekliyoruz. E?itime vermi? oldu?umuz destek ile güzel sanatlara fakültelerine yerle?en ö?rencilerimiz en büyük destekçilerimizdir.

  • Paykasa Kart Al

    Paykasa kart sat?? sitesi olmakla birlikte Türkiye’de ki tek ve gerçek resmi paykasa sat?? sitesidir. Siteden fiyat almadan ba?ka yerden paykasa sat?n al yapmay?n. Muhte?em bir sitedir.

  • 10 Fresh Tools for Designers and Developers

    Tools, apps and websites that can well be categorized as the useful resources are helping designers and developers a great deal in handling various kind of jobs. These resources are no less in number and each one claims to provide best help ensuring to ease the task thereby asking designers and developers to put in less efforts and utilize the time in other productive task.

  • What’s new in Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 interface

    In today’s post we are going to see about the interface of the Photoshop.

  • Big Data analytics – Definition, Concept and Tools

    Big Data is nothing but an information resource that demands information processing that is not only innovative but also cost-effective and thus provides an enhanced insight for decision-making.

  • Importance of POS for Small and Medium Scale Businesses

    Business marketing has reach online in this era. If you have your own business, you know how difficult to manage different things. But there is a solution for all of your problems, POS systems. Point of Sale systems endows you a lot of features, which will make your work easy and very effective.

  • Collection OfAmazing Websites With 3D Effects

    Check out the Collection Of Amazing Websites With 3D Effects

  • How Your Small Business Will Benefit from a Professional Website

    A professional website is beneficial especially to small businesses and startups in order to have maximum visibility among your present and future customers. While designing a website, it doesn’t have to be complicated or cluttered with loads of information.

  • 5 Web Design Trends that Will Rule in 2016

    There are several kinds of web designs- Designing the web graphics, designing the interface, authoring the content, including standard codes and authorized software, designing the user interface and optimizing search engines.

  • 10 Web Design Mistakes you Should Avoid

    Web designing is a one creative venture that asks designers to keep in mind not just the creativeness and visual appeal in mind but then functionality and user-friendliness should also be taken care of.

  • 38 Best Free Photoshop Plugins to Use in 2016

    Photoshop, designers’ most loved tool to test their creativity and give shape to the creative ideas comes endowed with not one or two cool features. Infact, there is so much in store for us all that if we start exploring, we will be amazed as to how something that as a layman would appear tricky to design, would become an easy task if we have a good hold on it. As in beginners might get baffled in the initial stage, but exploring more and more of it, makes one drool over. The only matter of fact is that one should have a keen interest in designing along with the creative bent of mind.

  • Tutorial: Get more out of the all new CorelDraw X7 Welcome Screen

    A few days ago i had posted a tutorial which revealed the interface of illustrator to every last millimeter. Now this is one more post introducing all new features of CorelDraw X7 interface.

  • paykasa

    Pay Kasa Sat?n Al? Güvenli Kart Al ile Pay Kasa kart almay? dert etmeyiniz. Pay Kassa sizlere güvenli ve h?zl? ?ekilde Pay Kasa satmay? kesintisiz olarak sizler.

  • Best jQuery Plugins of the Week

    Development and designing is the field that asks for immense hard work and time investment to get the outcome. At one point or the other people handling designing and development projects seek help in one form or the other. It is where the resourceful data like jQuery plugins come into play.

  • WordPress New Security Updates

    WordPress has faced a lot security issues in past few years, the reason for that can be its large community, with over a million users accessing the WordPress platform, a lot of vulnerabilities has come up with some potential security threats. That is why new security updates are released regularly. You should update your WordPress Account on the regular bases. In the last few months WordPress has released three new Security and Maintenance Updates.

  • 10 Fresh Tools for Designers

    Whether designers and developers are working on projects for their clients or for themselves to add to their portfolio, there are times when they look around for someone to help. The help that can be provided in any form of resources. Tools, apps, websites, plugins, software, PSD templates, wire-frames and other such resources serve a great deal in helping designers and developers in handling various projects.

  • bahis siteleri

    We bring to your feet the most comprehensive package . Sites on the Cal??ma in each category is done . Our goal and our goal .. Such a comprehensive package Full Site Owners Benefit And we want to do we deal Benefit .. We stand behind all things , and acknowledge reality but studying for follow-up .

  • Exclusive Freebie – Social Media Line Icon Set from Vector4Free.com

    Be it any field one is working in, the fact remains that the word freebies is truly pleasing to the ears. Anything helpful and useful if made available for free use is given much appreciated for the fact that they can ease the task one is handling that too without picking the pockets.

  • 6 Best WordPress Design Trends of Year 2016

    WordPress is one of the most popular and used CMS (Content Management System) that has won the hearts of millions of website owners for the ease it provides and the oodles of features it comes loaded with. We have once come up with the article on Best Free E-commerce WordPress Themes if you all remember.

  • 10 Awesome Podcasts to Help you Learn UX

    Podcasts are the great source of enhancing the knowledge as these provide oodles of information in quite an interactive manner. Now a days more and more number of websites are being introduced with the aim to help people the best way through informative podcasts.

  • 5 Web Design Trends that Will Rule in 2016

    The online platform has been exhibiting changes at a breakneck speed since the last few years. And with that different web design technologies have been developed to compete with each other in order to survive in this space of cut throat competition. Several web design trends have emerged and we shall be listing five major ones that are expected to rule cyberspace in 2016.

  • Best jQuery Plugins of the Week

    So, we have already bid farewell to the year 2015 and entered into the new year 2016. Firstly let me wish all our readers a very Happy New Year! As promised we are continuing with our efforts to help you all with the best useful stuff which you can use for free to ease your workflow.

  • 10 Fresh Tools for Designers and Developers

    Designing and development are the fields that are co-related and ask the people in this field to put in their best efforts to come up with stuff that the target audience gets pleased with both in terms of functionality and ergonomics.

  • Best Free WordPress Theme for a Portfolio Site

    We have collected best premium WordPress portfolio themes for Artists, Designers or Photographers. It included image and video sliders, responsiveness, galleries, e-Commerce plugins and many more.

  • Top 10 Free WordPress Portfolio Themes for Art and Design

    WordPress has been traditionally considered as an open-source content management system for blogging. WordPress is capable of managing any kind of website, including membership sites, online stores, portfolio sites and business websites.

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    Doyumsuz bir internet ziyafeti için vodafone net ayr?cal?klar?ndan yaralanabilirsiniz. Sevdikleriniz ile an? ya?ayabilir evinizi sinamaya çevirebilirsiniz. Dünyan?n tan?m?? bilmi? oldu?u bir markay? Türkiyede gururla ta??yoruz. Sizde interneti verimli ve h?zl? kullanmak için bizi seçiniz. http://vodafonadsl.com/

  • taksimresimkursu

    Taksim Resim Kursu ile ki?isel geli?iminizi sanat a???? e?itmenlerimizce alarak geli?iminizi tamamlayabilirsiniz.

  • taksimresimkursu

    Bak?rköy resim kursu ile resim kursu ihtiyac?n?z? profesyonel ekibimiz e?li?inde gidererek ki?isel geli?iminizi tamamlayabilirsiniz. Sizde e?itimin kaliteli olmas?n? istiyorsan?z bizi tercih ediniz.

  • Unsurpassed 5 Media Players for Android and iOS

    In order to focus on the genuine interface, I have come across with the top most apps for photos, music, and videos, instead of simply those features which will be anyway scheduled in the apps portrayal. The reason being interface, determines the easy handling and usefulness of the app.

  • Best 10 Online Billing and Invoicing Softwares

    With the use of an invoicing application, you can create and send invoices quickly to your clients and customers with ease. In fact, you can easily maintain the invoices records of your clients. So, all-in-one invoicing application or software is an excellent tool for your online store or business website.

  • 50+ Best Photoshop Tutorials of Year 2015

    Photoshop that is the world wide accepted designing tool that designers from across the globe are using to get the best designs. The web designs, user interface all is the result of hard work and creativity put in by the designers. Adobe Photoshop comes endowed with amazing features, making optimum use of which can prove to be fruitful and worth it.

  • 80 Best Free Fonts of Year 2015

    Typography plays a vital role in designing; be it logo designing, infographic or web designing. Whatever the project may be, on which the designer is working, one has to make sure to pick the right kind of font to be used. Obviously, it is not mandatory to use a particular type of font in the designing project.

  • 10 Handy Tips For Choosing The Best CRM Software

    CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management that refers to strategies, practices, and technologies most of the business organizations use to manage, monitor and analyze interaction with the customer with the objective to improve the relationship with the customers and increase sales growth.

  • 12 Must Follow New Year Resolutions for Designers and Developers

    The new year is just upon us and we all are set to bid farewell to the year 2015 and welcome the year 2016. I am sure you all are thinking and writing your new year resolutions. I have already begun with it. The list is increasing and I believe I would be following those and will achieve what I aim for.

  • paykasa

    aykasa sat?n almak için yapman?z gereken sitemizin sa? alt kö?esindeki canl? yard?m butonunu t?klayarak , mü?teri temsilcilerimizin yard?m? ile maximum 1 ile 2 dakika içinde al??veri?inizi gerçekle?tirebilirsiniz..

  • Best jQuery Plugins of the Week

    JavaScript frameworks have always proved to be of great help to designers and developers while handling various kinds of projects as these offer the ease thereby ensuring ease of workflow. The pace at which their number and popularity is increasing, plugins are being created on day to day basis.

  • Diyet

    Zay?flama Diyeti

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  • 20 Awesome Christmas Gift Ideas for Designers and Developers

    With Christmas and New Year just upon us, there is a lot of excitement and festivity fervor in the air. Aren’t you all excited for the fun-filled parties? I am sure you all are and you are surely have started with the preparations to celebrate the special day. From dresses to home decoration to buying gifts and what not. It’s all so exciting!

  • 26 Best Free Christmas Flyer Templates

    Winter season has already knocked our doors and with it the excitement of the festivities has come. It is the holiday season, I am sure all of you have started with the preparations for the Christmas and to welcome the New Year. If not all of it, you surely have started with the ideas as to how you are going to celebrate the holiday season.

  • Best jQuery Plugins of the Week

    JavaScript frameworks popularly known as jQuery plugins have fast taken an important place in the professional world of designing and development. Each plugin developed with the utilitarian aim to help users with various tasks is indeed doing its job quite efficiently.

  • Fresh Tools for Designers and Developers

    Hard work is the key to success, but then there is nothing wrong in working smart. As in if you have the ability to put in your best efforts into something, work the smart way by making optimum use of the help that is being made available. No one in this world is one man army, neither should one try to. The fact remains that at one point or the other we all need a helping hand.

  • Fresh Tools for Designers and Developers

    Tools, apps, software, and websites that are proving to be helpful for designers and developers are fast becoming the choice of lot many of them as these are doing what they are claiming. We listed down some of the amazing tools and similar useful stuff in our previous articles (the links of which are given below).

  • 25 Best Web Designs of November 2015

    Designing now a days is not limited to a particular genre or style infact lots an lots are being added on everyday basis in the quest to stand out and make the user get the best experience. From apps to websites, designing has come a long way and is witnessing great changes.

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  • Best Illustrator Tutorials of Year 2015

    Adobe Illustrator needs no introduction as it has already made a mark in the field of designing. It is one of the finest tool that graphic designers use to enhance their creativity. The useful features that it comes endowed with to handle various kinds of jobs altogether make it the coolest tool that graphic designers have been using to come up with superb designs.

  • Best Photoshop Tutorials of November 2015

    Photoshop being one of the widely used tools for various kinds of designing projects is making users feel glad about having the opportunity to make optimum use of it. Designers are making continuous efforts to learn more and more about Photoshop and understand what all are the best tools and how they can use the same to get the desired results.

  • Best jQuery Plugins of the Week

    List of best jQuery plugins of the week was the idea that struck our mind when we were thing of different ways we can implement to help our designer and developer friends. Last week we came up with the first such kind of compilation that we hope was useful for all those of you looking for the right kind of jQuery plugins.

  • Fresh Tools for Designers and Developers

    From superb money saving deals that lighten the unnecessary weight on your pockets to the useful tools, applications and various kinds of software, our list of fresh tools of the week has it all.

  • 11 Excellent Tips to Become UX Leader

    So, you are a team leader or I must say newly appointed or promoted team leader and wondering where to start from and how to handle the team. Working on your own and getting the work done by the people are two different things. You can do any kind of work the best way you can and as efficiently as possible, but then getting the same amount of work within the scheduled time and in the correct way can actually be a fussy thing to do. I am sure all you team leaders out there would agree with me on this.

  • 4 Awesome Features Coming Up in WordPress 4.4

    For all those of you who keep a close watch on the latest development taking place in the world of WordPress. I am sure you all know that release of WordPress 4.3. It was introduced in August this year and soon we are expecting to see another updated version that is 4.4.

  • 30 Attractive and Versatile Free Vintage Fonts 2015

    Our today’s compilation is inspired by the extremely beautiful vintage fonts. Old styles used in rough textures, grunge patterns, and brushes incorporate uniqueness, aged appearance. Designers can give a very unique look to any picture or design by these vintage fonts giving a creative effect.

  • Best jQuery Plugins of the Week

    jQuery plugins that have in the recent past have swept in and have made a valuable space for themselves promising to be useful and helpful to designers and developers. Plugins if chosen with extra care, keeping the purpose in mind promise to do their job efficiently.

  • Fresh Tools for Designers and Developers

    Tools, apps, software that all together fall in the category of useful resources have become the important part of designers’ and developers’ life. AT one point or the other when they get stuck in between handling various kind of projects, they start their search of apt tool that will help them solve the purpose. At times their search ends soon, while at other times it might continue for long which is definitely a bugging thing to do.

  • 8 Best Web Design Trends you should Follow in Year 2016

    Here at ThePixelBeard we lay our focus on the designing and development part but then that doesn’t mean our discussion have to be specific. At times, if you have noticed, the topic goes around from specific to general or vice-versa. Trends be it in the clothing, or whatever product/service you talk about keep changing. the best Imagine if somebody hadn’t thought of changing. Similar is the case with web designing.

  • Top 10 Cloud Storage Services of 2015

    Cloud storage services are here to take that data burden off your (device’s) shoulders. We all know the benefits: easy uploads, extendible storage, instant sharing. It’s to list the 10 best cloud storage services that can keep up with a user-base that is fast-paced and increasingly -demanding in 2015-16.

  • 20+ Best PSD to HTML/XHTML Service Providers

    A PSD file is a simple file that is coded in a mark-up language with an objective to make the design cross-browser compatible and scalable. Converting the PSD files into HTML is not an easy job as it requires a lot of dedication and time to build high quality and W3C validated design.

  • 8 Useful Resources to Learn JavaFX

    JavaFX is something that developers are well introduced to. It is a software platform for creating and delivering desktop applications along with rich internet applications to run across various devices. While some designers find it interesting to learn JavaFX there might be few who would be struggling hard to understand how to go about handling various projects based on it.

  • Mobile Messaging as a Marketing Tools

    Today all consumer-brand marketers are using mobile messaging app as their portal to mobile. All are thinking to run a marketing campaign through these available apps. So, the brand marketers are focusing on the messaging game and there are mainly two ways in which the messaging app can be used as a marketing tool.

  • 3 Incredible Ways to Make your Website Green

    According to a survey, the IT Industry generates around 2-3 percent of the world’s carbon that is huge percentage to make the environment polluted. So, it is necessary to reduce the carbon footprint not only because it clean up the entire environment.

  • 10+ Online Time Tracking Software

    With the help of this tool, you can analyze or measure the accurate hours of work done on a particular project by an employee and also calculate the productive hours of yours employees, maximize your productivity, and generate revenues. We will share online time tracking software that will help you set up your business goals with ease.

  • 25+ Best Web Designs of October 2015

    Internet today is ruling the world. From banking to news services, shops, businesses; almost everything has gone online and there seems to be no end as undoubtedly Internet have made our lives easier. Switch one your television, open up the newspaper, radio and likewise and you get to see so many advertisements promising to deliver services and products at your doorsteps without you having to move out of your home. All you need is the internet connection, any gadget and awareness as to where you will get the needed product/service.

  • Best Illustrator Tutorials of October 2015

    Adobe Illustrator is one tool that is used mostly by the designers to come up with different kind of Illustrators, graphic designs and much more. However, no matter how well versed one is, the fact remains at one time or the other one gets stuck and seeks help. Talk about newbies, not everyone has time and money to invest in going for some designing course or something like that. It is about helping people learn about the particular tool, its features and following which steps will help them get the desired results that tutorials are prepared.

  • 20 Best Photoshop Tutorials of October 2015

    Photoshop is one tool that can be best called designer’s best friend for the fact that it helps them give exposure to their creative skills and create designs that are simply magnetizing. Designers around the globe are making optimum use of this well known tool and its amazing features to come up with superb designs. However, it is not as easy as it sounds to be to use this tool the right way to get the desired results. One needs to be well versed with its cool features, tips and tricks knowing which steps to be followed to get the results one in focusing on.

  • Exclusive Freebie : Mobile UI PSD Pack from Vandelay Design

    In today’s world where there is cut throat competition in every field one is always looking for help in one or the other form. Whatever ways one comes across or looks for prove helpful in handling various jobs. For designers and developers such help come in the form of inspirational stuff, tips, ideas, resources and likewise.

  • 18 Best Free E-commerce WordPress Themes

    Talk about e-commerce websites, these have become quite an interesting niche in the recent past. Even, we came up with an article discussing about the tips to design awesome checkout page. Every now and then, new e-commerce websites are being introduced for the fact that these give plenty of options other than generating content. This has opened up the options of trying the hands on e-commerce WordPress themes and now a days, there is no dearth of the options available. That’s the reason, in this article, we are coming up with some of the best e-commerce WordPress themes that you can use to build your online store.

  • 4 ways to Accelerate the Cloud-Hosted WordPress Site

    Several advantages of Cloud-hosted WordPress websites encompass scalability, security, maintenance, backup and great up-time. The development of Cloud hosting just assists the proper delivery of website to the users, does not resolve the online publishing woes. WordPress releases various regular updates and plugins, which can enormously accelerate your website if used prudently. The popularity and success of a website are determined by the speed. The research says that mobile users discard those websites taking load time of more than two seconds.

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