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The 5 Best Hip Hop Logos of the 90’s

We all know how certain logos can come to mean more than the brand they represent. Think of Coca-cola, Apple, and Nike. These iconic logos mean more than just soda, computers, and shoes.

The same is true for music logos.

Some of the best hip hop logos mean more than just a representation of that group. They come to represent certain cultures, time periods, and trends.

Some of these logos have proved to be some of the most iconic and recognizable symbols to date, even as we are approaching 2018. Let’s take a look back at some of the best hip hop logos of the 1990s.

1. Wu-Tang Clan

With its bold black and yellow design, the Wu-Tang “W” is one of the most iconic and recognizable hip hop symbols of the 90s.

Starting in Staten Island with their debut album released in 1993, this hip hop group’s logo has stood the test of time. Their clothing line Wu-Wear displays the logo on everything from shirts and shoes to hats and phone cases.

The Wu-Tang “W” is now bigger than just this group. It is a symbol of the 90s hip hop culture.

2. N.W.A

If you’ve been aware of pop culture at all, then you’ve probably heard of N.W.A. With the recent film Straight Outta Compton detailing the group’s formation and success, N.W.A is as popular and important now as they were during the late 80s to mid-90s.

While the group and its logo officially formed in the late 80s, this gangsta rap group’s influential music and attitude became a symbol of hip hop and 90s culture.

Their logo, while simple, is instantly recognizable. Looking at the text in that font will immediately trigger your thoughts of one of the greatest and most influential rap groups of all time.

3. Public Enemy

Like the other two hip hop legends with great logos listed here, Public Enemy is also a rap group. Like N.W.A, this group was formed in the 80s, but continued its work into the 2000s.

This logo is as much about the representing the group as it is about a political statement. The logo depicts a boy in the middle of crosshairs, ready to be shot. This logo, along with the name of the group, makes a huge statement about violence against black people, specifically black youth, in America.

4. Rawkus Records

Hip hop artists and rap groups aren’t the only ones to have amazing logo representations of the 90s hip hop culture. Record labels also had logos that are worth mentioning on this list of the best.

Rawkus Records, formed in 1995, was and still is a huge part of the hip hop industry with a logo that shines as one of the best. The logo displays a black and white design of a razor, indicating its literal edginess, and has become an easily recognizable symbol in the hip hop world.

5. Death Row Records

Last on our list of the best hip hop logos of the 90s is the infamous Death Row Records. It’s not hard to guess exactly what the logo depicts when you look at the label name. It shows an execution scene with a man in an electric chair with a red and black color scheme.

What else could this logo represent besides an intense, dangerous, passionate attitude?

That is exactly the vibe that Death Row Records was known for in the 90s with its star-studded artist list including Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre, who did a collaboration that TellingBeatzz named one of the best hip hop beats of all time.

That being said, Death Row Records and its logo are both solidified in hip hop history.

Best Hip Hop Logos: Bottom Line

The impact that these groups and labels have made on history, not just on hip hop, is enormous. From important political statements to shaping 90s pop culture, these groups and their logos have become cultural icons.

The logo for each of them has come to represent the group and the culture of hip hop that we know and love. Remembering these iconic logos is a great way to respect some of the best music of the 90s.

Do you have a favorite 90s hip hop logo that didn’t make the list? Share it with us in the comments below!