/3 Affordable Web Design Tips for Marketing Businesses
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3 Affordable Web Design Tips for Marketing Businesses

Do you have a website that is difficult to navigate through? Do you have people asking you questions that you thought the answers were well laid out?

It may not be a content issue at all. If your design is not laid out clear and concise, the information you have does not get conveyed well.

While all websites are unique and different, there are standard design guidelines each website should follow. If you don’t yet have a website or need yours revised, take a look at a few tips for affordable web design and guidelines for your marketing business.

Simple and Clean Web Design

If someone opens your website and sees tons of different colors, fonts, and pages, they can get overwhelmed. Most people will navigate away from a confusing website as fast as they can.

The more minimalistic and simple your web design is, the better. You want people coming to your website to be able to find the information they are looking for. If you have a clear menu, body text, and layout of your pages, it will help you succeed.

If you’re using remarketing as a marketing tactic, having your website laid out with a clear hierarchy and call to action is crucial. Visuals and icons help engage users and direct them where they need to go.

Affordable Web Design Content

Creating content for your web page is as important as the design. If users come to your page looking for specific information about your product and service, and cannot find it, you miss out on an opportunity.

Put together a plan that lays out all the questions you think your target market is going to ask. Make sure you have information about your products and services, prices, testimonials or FAQs.

Give your business contact information so people can reach out if they want to talk to you further.

Website Text Readability

Once you have the appropriate content, it’s key to ensure people can read it. Using simpler words and phrases, mixed with images will keep the readability of your site high.

If you can’t see something, you can’t read it. Fonts that are too small, bold or italicized are going to be difficult to read. If you use an over the top ornamental font, it’s likely it will be hard to know what it says.

Putting white text on a neon background, or similar colors on top of each other, make it difficult for the user to see your text. The colors you use on your website should make your company branding colors.

Don’t use contrasting colors and make sure there is a contrast between the background of your webpage and your text. The easier it is to read your text, the better experience your user is going to have.

Easy Site Navigation

Another thing that you should consider in the simplicity of your affordable web design is ease of use in your menus. Your website navigation should be straightforward.

Your menu needs to exist at the top of your web pages, which is a website standard, so the users can find it. The position of the pages should be in the order of importance or priority of what you want the user to see.

All websites should also have a footer that should include appropriate links. This could be your privacy policy, contact information, terms, and conditions or FAQs. You want it to have valuable information. Then, users don’t have to scroll to the top of the page to navigate to other pages.

Having an affordable web design is not a complicated task if you follow the standard guidelines provided above. Designing it with your users in mind will encourage them to keep coming back. If you want to learn more about how to be user-centered in your designs, read this blog now!