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5 Reasons to Focus on Great Design for Dental Brochures

Did you know that expertly-designed dental brochures lend credibility to your business? If not, then consider this.

Brochures are an integral part of the dental industry, and incorporating the right design strategy will increase your chances of success.

Why spend money on poorly designed brochures that do little to attract potential clients. In fact, a poorly designed brochure will only serve to push your customers into the arms of your competitor.

If your brochures aren’t focused on your target market or persuading them to take action, then it’s likely that they’re poorly designed.

Here’s why focusing on great design for your dental brochures will help your business succeed.

Why Design Matters for Your Dental Brochures

Lends Credibility to Your Business

Your brochures must convey trust and authority. But how do you design credibility?

First, a brochure isn’t a book or a resume. So, don’t list all of your achievements and successes of your company.

Avoid overloading your client with too much jargon about a product or service. Too much information will only confuse the reader.

And, steer clear of big words. The more complex the words you use, the less credible you’ll appear.

Well Designed Dental Brochures Set You Apart from the Competition

More than likely your business has signature colors. Use them to set you apart from your competition. And then go further, by using different shades and tones from your trademark colors.

But what about the stock? Great, you found an old box of paper in a storage closet. Not so fast! Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

Stay away from cheap and flimsy brochure paper. Using a high-quality stock makes a great first impression and conveys confidence.

Sure, it’s a little pricier but it shows you care about your brand.

Great Design Draws Potential Customers

A well-designed brochure is often the first point of contact for a prospective client. It introduces them to your business.

For this reason, you’ll need to have a range of marketing brochures to target various niche areas that you service.

Use your dental brochures as a direct mail piece. Educate your customers and prospective customers while keeping your brand upfront and trendy. But don’t follow trends too closely. It will only make your design look dated faster.

Great Design Engages and Pushes Customers to Act

Research suggests that most visitors only look at a design for about five seconds. So, how do you engage them quickly? And for that matter push them to act?

Have a look at this Beverly Hills dentist. Notice how the webpage lights up with beautiful smiles? It’s not hard to feel instantly welcomed and engaged.

Now take your customer to the next step. Tell them what they need to do. Don’t assume they’ll look you up or visit your website. If you don’t push your customers to act, they may go to your competitor.

Helps Reinforces Your Recommendations

The bottom line: amateur designs damage your client’s confidence in you.

If your dental brochures are designed right they’ll reinforce your professional recommendations. And really, isn’t that what it’s all about?

Here’s How We Can Help

Sometimes businesses start out by trying to design their own brochures. But truthfully, poorly designed brochures will cost you more in the end.

Check out our blog for some handy tips on how you can create brochures that not only stand apart from your competitors but also help you succeed.