/7 Tips For Designing Your Own Personalized Phone Case
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7 Tips For Designing Your Own Personalized Phone Case

Have you ever been out somewhere with friends, reached for your phone, and realized you grabbed the wrong one? This can happen all the time if you have the same or similar model as someone else.

In fact, the likelihood of mistaking phones is higher than you might think. It’s simple to realize you picked up the wrong one, but when you do this often, such a mistake can get really frustrating.

Thankfully, there’s a simple solution – create a personalized phone case.

This ensures you know which phone is yours every time you put it down and go to pick it back up. Recognizing your unique case becomes almost instinctual, you’ll never have to worry about grabbing the wrong one again.

Plus, making a one of a kind case is easier than you might think!

To get the best design, just follow these simple tips.

1. Find Your Preferred System

There are many ways to manipulate phone cases and turn them into the ultimate personalized phone case. Since we live in a digital world, most of them are tech programs in which you can design something and print it right onto a standard, blank case.

Most of the tips below will be in regards to such a customization process.

Before you get to work, though, you have to find the right system for you!

Do a quick online search for design programs that are meant to be printed onto 3D shapes. See if you can find a printing shop – like for clothes and stickers – that is willing to take your design and a blank case and do the final steps of the customization for you.

This may be a bit more work than you’d prefer, though.

The easiest way to make your phone case design ideas a reality is to find a place where you can both design and order your print. There are many online vendors who specialize in this exact service.

Don’t believe us? Check it out here.

That is just one option of the various sites you can choose from!

2. Choose an Image

Once you’ve found your design system of choice, it’s time to get to work.

Go through your personal pictures and see which one you’d like as the background of your personalized phone case. If nothing catches your eye, go online.

You can do a standard search engine inquiry for images, or go to a photo stock website for more professional images that come in higher qualities. You may have to pay a small fee in order to download such visuals, but there are places to find free stock photos, too.

3. Add Graphics or Shapes to Your Personalized Phone Case

If you aren’t sure what image to use, spend some time drawing inspiration from existing phone case designs. Also, consider the fact that your favorite images might simply be missing a final touch.

Download a handful of options and start playing with them.

Create patterns out of a photo’s elements or add something entirely new to the image. You can edit in custom graphics or find vectors that are ready to go on the internet.

Don’t be afraid to try different ideas until your creative juices produce the one that you’ll be proud to sport as your personalized phone case. It may take some more trial and error than you initially assume, but it will totally be worth it.

4. Play with Fonts and Sayings

Speaking of trial and error and different designs, what you might need is a quote or a saying to wrap up your phone case. Think of quotes you love or phrases that describe you well.

Then, see how they fit into the personalized phone case design you already have going. Consider how big the text is and how it fits the shape of the case.

More so, edit the text with different fonts and colors. These offer a wide range of design ideas. Go through a few options until you find one that is the right fit.

You may change your mind about using text entirely, which is perfectly fine.

5. Create a Collage

Instead of adding text to your phone case design, maybe you manipulate your image a step further. Turn the design you have into a pattern of itself!

You can do this by making the image smaller and repeating it over and over on the surface of the phone case. Or, make the image smaller and add other visuals to create a fun collage.

This gives you much more room for expression. A collage is your chance to put different passions, interests, and even photos of various people together. It is sure to result in a design no one else will have.

6. Simple vs. Standout

As beautiful as a collage for a personalized phone case can be, be wary of creating something that is too busy. As much as you want it to stand out, you still want your phone case to be something worth looking at and showing off.

Sometimes, that means a design that is simple and timeless.

If you find yourself too deep into the design process, take a step back. Look at how all the layers of your design are coming together, and if there are some things you can remove.

On the other hand, if you like a bold design with many elements, go for it. After all, the case is about expressing who you are and what kind of style you like.

7. Discover How to Swap Designs with Ease

Having trouble figuring out which personalized phone case design to commit to?

Good news – you don’t necessarily have to pick just one! There is a little trick that allows you to change phone case designs almost as easily as you change your clothes.

Instead of paying for a custom print that goes on the outside of a standard case, buy a clear phone case. Then, slide the design you want for your phone case in between the back of your phone and the clear case.

This protects the image and displays it for all to see. Not to mention, you can easily slip a different print in and out. This trick expands your design possibilities much further than you might have thought.

But, try to keep one design for a while instead of changing what your case looks like all the time. This way, you will better recognize your phone.

Design Tips and Tricks

What if you’ve never designed anything digitally a day in your life?

No worries, you’ve come to the right place. Learning how to use Photoshop and different photo effects is actually quite simple once you get the basics down.

For an understanding of the fundamentals or ways to deepen your digital design knowledge, click here.