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How to Create a Strong Food Marketing Design

Does your food packaging pop, or is your marketing design ruining your customer’s appetite?

A good recipe alone is not enough to make your food or beverage item stand out.

Long before it gets to their taste buds, consumers make a determination about what they’ll eat based largely on its packaging.

That process takes less than 7 seconds for the average consumer. The effectiveness of your packaging can make or break your business.

Keep reading to learn valuable tips to strengthen your marketing design. They’ll bring in new customers and help your item stand out on the shelf.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Your product cannot blend into the background if you want it to be successful.

Have a bold vision for your design strategy. If you play it safe with your packaging, you will hurt your bottom line.

Remember, when a new customer picks up your product, they are experiencing your brand for the first time.

You must win their attention from all the other similar items on the shelf. You will never do this with a boring design.

Be Colorful

The way to win your customer’s attention is to win his or her eyes.

Every industry — from gourmet food to car insurance — must be aware of the psychological effect of the colors they choose to represent them.

Do you want to convey naturalness and healthiness? Consider greens and earth tones.

Trying to create a savory, rich feeling? Muted colors or subdued tones will work better.

Choose your product color palette wisely and it will set your brand apart.

Know Your Brand

Your design is a reflection of your brand. It either builds or erodes trust.

Customers get a sense of your values every time they interact with your product.

Make sure that you are clear on what your company’s values are. Then you can find ways to reflect it in your marketing design.

Do you stress organic, locally sourced ingredients, for example? Your packaging should make this clear with images and colors that evoke this.

Know Your Competition

Before you can truly set your brand apart, you have to understand your competitive advantages and disadvantages.

This requires you to investigate what other brands are doing as well as measuring how successful their efforts are.

Perhaps your brand is newer than your competitor. Your design strategy can help turn this potential negative into a positive for your business if you’re able to convey a sense of freshness and excitement to your customers.

Know Your Audience

You want your customers to have a clear idea about your brand when they pick up your package.

So you must have a clear sense of who they are before you design it.

Take a deeper dive into how consumers think and it will help focus your marketing strategy.

What shopping and lifestyle habits does your target customer maintain? Are you marketing to moms looking for great taste on a budget or foodies searching for a unique tropical beverage?

Your packaging must convey all the information your audience needs to make their decision and appeal to their visual senses.

Recognize that you cannot appeal to everyone and focus on the consumer profile of your desired audience.

Consult a Marketing Design Expert

You don’t have to know how to do all of this by yourself.

But you do owe it to your business to find ways to increase your expertise and to have a marketing strategy that considers all the points above.

Hiring a marketing design firm like Graphic Evidence can help your brand pop and engage your customers.

Taking this approach will allow you to focus on what you do best with the confidence that the packaging for your product will match (or even exceed) the quality of what’s inside.

You’re Not Alone

Even if you can’t afford to hire a firm to help you, we’re here for you!

Check out the resources available on our website to teach you all the tips and tricks of successful design and marketing.

Doing this will give your brand a leg up on all your competition who is leaving their design to chance.