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How to Make a Strong Marketing Design for a Spa Business

Marketing Design is one of the essential elements in any small business, especially in the wellness industry.

The United States Spa industry has grown steadily over recent years, with reported revenues reaching $16.8 billion in 2016. They employ almost 360,000 people in the country, and many new spa businesses are popping up, trying to get their slice of the wellness pie.

If you want to engage new customers, your strongest asset is an engaging design. Ahead, we’ll discuss some tips for marketing design in relation to the spa industry.

Stand Out From Your Competition

When it comes to spa businesses, the customers are already there. 184 million people visited a spa in the US last year. All you need to do is convince your local market that your spa is the right choice.

You’re selling comfort and leisure, and your design should reflect this. Stay away from colors that traditionally evoke tense emotions like red. Instead, go for blue, yellow, or green in your design.

Take a look at other spa designs and see what you can do differently. Make your design catch the eye of a potential client instead of fading into the background.

Focus on Your Website

Many small businesses make the mistake of disregarding online engagement. Sure, all spa customers will need to come to your physical location to receive your services. That doesn’t mean they won’t check out your website beforehand.

If your website is bland and unappealing, chances are clients will look elsewhere for their wellness needs. If your website puts out a relaxed message, clients are more likely to turn to you when it comes time for a spa visit.

The Serenity Spa massage company uses their website to attract customers by creating a beautiful layout. They list all of their prices, so customers know what to expect when they come in.

Marketing to Your Demographic

Take a look at your local clientele, and decide who is most likely to visit your spa. In your marketing design, use models that look like your target customer.

If someone sees a relatable face on their TV or social media page, they’re far more likely to visit your business. Use subtle strategies like this one to get the most out of your advertising dollar.

Design for Social Media

Word-of-mouth referrals are one of the most effective ways to get business in the wellness industry. People who enjoy your services need a place to voice their approval, which is why social media is so crucial.

Create a design that is easy to share with friends, and develop a social media page around it. Use photos from your spa to illustrate the experience, including happy, relaxed customers.

Marketing Design for Spa Businesses

The wellness industry benefits from proper marketing design techniques as much as any line of business. Follow these tips, and you’ll be well on your way to gaining new customers and support.

For more design techniques and tips, or questions on other business ventures, take a look at our blog!