/5 Dental Practice Marketing Tips To Start 2018 Off With A Bang
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5 Dental Practice Marketing Tips To Start 2018 Off With A Bang

Are you trying to find new patients for your dental practice? You’re finding you simply have the staff to focus your attention on these efforts.

Marketing doesn’t have to take all your time and resources. There are strategies you can use to help you grow your business while nurturing your respected clientele.

Continue reading to discover useful tips for perfecting your dental practice marketing.

Community Involvement

Raising awareness for your practice in your community will help bring in new patients. Suppose there are families who are new to the area and don’t know where to begin looking for a dentist. Using dental practice marketing, you can let them know you are the right choice.

Sending out flyers or direct mail pieces to new homeowners can also help raise your business awareness. You can often get these lists online for free.

Be involved in your community in other ways such as hosting charity events or sponsoring your local talent show. This allows people to see that you care about your community and helps to build great rapport.

Blogging and SEO

Dental practice marketing could include starting a blog if you don’t have one or increasing the amount you currently post. Blogging helps you connect with people by providing them valuable information.

They may be searching for a dentist because they have a chipped tooth. Writing an article about the different procedures for repairing teeth may draw their interest. They will likely continue to read other articles wanting to learn more.

Not only does it help provide value to your website, it also helps to boost your search engine optimization (SEO). Ranking high in SEO will put you on the first page of a search engine when people go to search for your business. If your website is visible, they are more likely to visit it.

Coupons and Referrals

Give your potential patients and current clientele ways to get money back! They will thank you and be more likely to refer you to others.

Offering a discount on booking your next appointment before leaving the office is a great way to keep clients. Allowing them to pre-pay on their next appointment and giving them a discount will decrease appointment cancellations.

Offer coupons for exams or cleanings or have a referral incentive. Giving patients a way to get discounts by referring friends or family will help spread the word about your business.

Social Networking

Social media for dental practice marketing is a great way to get your community engaged. Social networking allows your business to develop a brand voice and get a little more creative.

Posting funny pictures, quotes or tips on dental trends will provide relevant content for your clients. It doesn’t have to be long or intricate. Make it short, sweet, and sharable.

Keep Users Engaged

Patient Testimonials

Providing patient testimonials and reviews on your website can help potential patients decide if you’ll be a good fit. Having a good review is one of the best things you can do to drive traffic to your business.

Ask patients on their way out if they would leave you a review. Offer an incentive for their next visit if they leave one. Even if the review is bad, it provides honest feedback so you know what processes you need to change.

Dental Practice Marketing Success

Having a successful marketing strategy is easier than you think. Once implemented, it will start bringing you new patients and provide a good experience for existing clientele.

If you’re interested in other ways you can take your marketing efforts to the next level without spending a lot of time and money, contact us today.