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7 Web Design Tips to Help You Sell More Healthy Baby Products

11.4 billion US dollars. That’s the estimated global revenue of the baby care products markets for this year.

If you’re hoping to get a share in that revenue, you have to make sure your marketing strategy is on point. And a huge part of that is your website – how well-designed and optimized it is to generate leads, sales, and revenue.

Lucky for you, there are tried and tested web design tips you can implement on your site to help you sell more healthy baby products. Here are 7 of them.

1. Use Color Psychology

Do you know how the Australian government managed to reduce the sales of cigarettes, at least in their country? They surveyed people over three months to find out the most unappealing color.

Pantone 448-C or Opaque Couch? was the “winner.” So in 2012, it became the standard color for all cigarette packs in Australia. Other countries such as the UK have followed suit, hoping to deter people from buying cigarettes.

Now, if there’s one thing we can take from this, it’s that colors can make or break a sale. According to one study, about 62 to 90% of people base their purchasing decision on colors alone. This means if your goal is to sell more healthy baby products, you probably shouldn’t use a black website.

Your best options then are bright and vibrant colors. Adding splashes of yellow and hints of reds and greens is also a good idea.

2. Build Customer Confidence

In a previous post, we talked about interactive web design for e-commerce sites and how it will continue to gain popularity in the coming years. Here, we touched a bit on navigation buttons, clickable elements, layout, and so on.

Once you master those tips, your next priority should be your site’s security. After all, who would want to buy from a non-secure site? Unfortunately, even the smallest thing can put off a potential customer. If your Contact Us page is missing important info, for example, visitors are going to feel that you’re not serious about addressing their questions or concerns.

This is why you need to make sure your healthy baby products store isn’t missing trust signals. These include security seals (Norton, McAfee, BBB, etc.), using the SSL security protocol, as well as different means of communication such as live chat, actual phone number, and address.

3. Optimize for Mobile

Can your online store survive if it’s not mobile-friendly?

Probably not. Remember, a lot of people nowadays prefer to search on their mobile devices rather than their laptops/desktops. If your site isn’t optimized for mobile, you’re not getting a share of that baby care products market revenue.

In terms of design, there are certain things you can do to make sure your site renders properly on mobile devices. Don’t use flash or pop-ups. And of course, make sure your buttons aren’t too big or small.

You don’t want accidental clicks or get in the way of a potential customer who’s still busy browsing your selection of healthy baby products.

4. Don’t Forget Social Proof

If you can get endorsements from celebrities, great. But don’t discount other ways to get social proof such as using case studies or testimonials from real customers.

This goes back to what we said earlier about building customer confidence. But social proof does more than that. It actually eases the minds of web-savvy customers who check product reviews and ratings before making any purchase.

Other social proof strategies you can incorporate into your website are subscriber counts, social shares, and social network connections. You just have to be willing to experiment with the type of social proof you should use, as well as its content and placement so that it’s optimized for conversions.

5. Blog

Advertising has its benefits but if you want to capture the attention of moms and dads everywhere looking for the best healthy baby products, you have to blog.

Of course, that also means investing in other forms of content marketing. The basic idea here is to showcase your personality as a brand and establish yourself as an authority in the industry.

Keep in mind that potential visitors may not land on any of your product pages. But they might end up checking your store out because you, for instance, wrote a blog post on “help for knowing whether you need a humidifier vs air purifier for your baby.”

Blogging is also a great way to feature new products, some of which you can give away as freebies. Both are effective means of drawing more customers to your store, customers whom you can continue to engage with effective content.

6. Tweak Your Product Pages

Aside from making sure each product in your store has a detailed description, you also have to think about product shots. You want to showcase your healthy baby products in the best possible light. If you’re not working with a graphic designer, that means you’ll need to know some Photoshop How To’s and photo effects.

Other things you can do to optimize your product pages are social sharing and including informative shipping details. You can also add product stock information. Some buyers (due to fear of missing out) choose to purchase a product when they see that stocks are running out.

You can also modify your product pages depending on the season. Some holiday embellishments can put customers in a festive mood to buy for themselves and for their friends.

7. Guide Your Customers

You know all about calls to action or CTAs. But some online stores don’t know how to do it right. They clutter their product pages with too many CTAs, confusing customers as to what they should really do next.

If you want to see more conversions, try to be clearer with your CTAs. Use high-contrast buttons and don’t put them in places where customers have to dig around for them.

When it comes to copy, don’t beat around the bush. Make sure visitors to your site know exactly what they’ll get if they click on a CTA button. Also, be brief.

Don’t cram an entire paragraph into your CTA button. A good rule of thumb to follow is to use a couple of words, with couple meaning no more than five.

Ready to Redesign Your Healthy Baby Products Site?

Great! If you need more web design tips, feel free to browse our blog. We also have marketing articles that can help you promote your healthy baby products better.