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Custom Gun Rack Designs for the Perfect Display

Are your firearms piled in a corner collecting dust? If so, you need a gun display.

Several options exist for displaying firearms, so it may be hard to choose. Eliminate the hassle and create your perfect gun display by going with a custom design!

Whether you’re looking to simply get your guns out of the way, or make them visually appealing so you can post about it on your hunting website, there’s a gun display out there for you.

Your gun display is completely up to you, though you should always keep safety in mind.

Read on to learn what you should consider while designing that perfect gun rack.

Benefits of Gun Racks

If you’re a gun owner, there are several reasons for building or purchasing a custom gun rack. First and foremost, storing guns properly enhances safety.

Gun racks also provide organization. Who wants their guns all piled together? This is chaotic and ultimately unsafe.

A dedicated display will make your guns easily accessible while keeping them out of the way. Displays will also help protect your guns from unneeded wear and tear.

Gun racks are great space savers. Plus, you’ll be de-cluttering your home in a way that is visually appealing.

Gun Rack Styles

Several types of gun rack styles exist. This allows you to pick and choose designs that will meet your needs.

Display your guns horizontally or vertically. Line them all up in a row or stack them. Have some guns more visible than others.

No matter what style you prefer, you’ll have multiple options. Maybe you only want to display one gun. That’s fine.

If you’re looking to display your entire collection, consider displays that take up less space. These will efficiently organize your collection without using up an entire wall.

But of course, you could use an entire wall for your guns if you really want to. The design is up to you.

Safety First

While displaying guns is fun and definitely a talking point, safety should always be taken into consideration.

First and foremost, your gun rack should promote safety. Create or choose a design that keeps guns secure, but also easily available when you need them.

Encased displays are the most secure, with all guns stored inside, but safety measures can be implemented in open displays as well.

A strong locking system, such as deadbolt or electronic entry, will help keep your guns secure. Select a locking system that will keep out children and unwanted users but will be easy for you to access.

If you choose to display your guns outside of a case, consider using trigger locks. This is especially important if there are children in your home, or if children will ever have access to the area where your guns are kept.

Benefits of Visualization

While you may only be looking for a way to organize your guns, there are definite benefits to having a gun rack besides keeping things orderly.

Displaying your guns will quickly alert intruders what they may be up against. Creating a display that is rougher in appearance can help with this. Sleek, oiled, and shiny displays will not appear as intimidating.

You may be going for the fancy look, though. Single handguns can easily become visual centerpieces, simply by being placed in a custom gun display.

Using a mixture of intimidation and sleek design can still bring benefits. Consider what your reasons are for creating a gun display, and center your designs on those.

No matter what your main desire is, though, choose designs with safety in mind.

Securing Your Displays

When installing your display, make sure it is secured correctly. Gun racks can be strongly secured to floors or walls.

Wherever you store your guns, make sure your display is secure. While your display may seem to be unbreakable, you’d be surprised how things can change when a display is simply knocked over.

Making sure your display is secure will also protect your guns from unwanted accidental damage.

Make sure intruders and children will not be able to break through any securing system you’ve put in place.


In choosing your gun rack design, consider where the display will be placed. Areas without traffic are great options. But make sure your display is accessible to you.

Choose an area that is out of reach of children. This may mean giving up your ideas for a floor-sitting display.

There are floor options though, such as cases and safes that will keep your guns more secure while on the ground. These options will limit your ability to view the guns while in their case, though.

Design for Your Gun Type

As you compare designs, consider the types of guns you own.

Rifles will need more room than handguns will. Plan ahead for those differences.

If you’re looking to display multiple types of guns, go for something that provides storage for both while doing so in an eye-pleasing fashion.

Build it Yourself

If you’re more of a hands-on type of person and have some woodworking skills, you can take things a step farther and create your own gun display. Design your project, then get to work!

All it takes is some power tools, wood, and a few screws.

Not sure where to start? Free plans are available online for various types of gun displays. Choose a design you like, or use one as a starting point and make it your own.

If you’re not up to creating your own display, this company provides many kinds of pre-made racks.

Your choices are virtually unlimited. Utilize pre-created displays, design your own, or do a combination of the two.


Ultimately, your gun rack design is up to you. Choose something that reflects your needs as well as your desires.

If safety is your biggest concern, something less beautiful may be beneficial. If you’re going for safety and visual appeal there are many options available.

Feel free to make your display look cool, but do so in a manner that is organized and safe.

Whether you work with a company or make a display on your own, using custom designs will get you a gun display that is perfect for you.

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