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5 Design Tips for Law Firm Branding

Did you know that it takes a person only 50 milliseconds to form a judgment about products or services online? This means graphic design’s place in law firm branding is indispensable.

Historically, attorneys have been behind the curve when it comes to online marketing. But this has changed in recent years as law firms are seeing the value of contemporary branding practices.

When it comes to content, law firms and solo practitioners typically do a good job of providing quality legal information. But what about a law firm’s branding elements?

The Importance of Visual Design in Law Firm Branding

Graphic design is a major element in the branding of any business. It acts as both an identifier and helps form an instant expectation in a potential client.

That being said, many lawyers are still neglecting graphic design when thinking about branding. This could be very detrimental to the performance of marketing campaigns.

To help, let’s look at five important tips to consider when thinking about visual design.

1. Start with a Modern Logo

Your logo is the primary identifier for your firm. You want a design that is both modern and unique to your business. It’s important to keep your logo simple and not overwhelm your audience.

Color is very important. You don’t want to turn off potential clients with too many bright colors and outdated design elements. Keep in mind that modern logos often have a slick and clean look.

2. Keep Your Design Elements Consistent

When thinking about law firm branding, you always want to keep a consistent look throughout all platforms. Your website should incorporate your logo and can even use the same colors. This is the look and feel you want people to remember.

Your logo should also be used on social media sites, business cards, and blogs. Creating a branded blog like Signal Legal has done is a great way to reach the public. This consistency shows that you’re a thorough and stable business.

3. Your Logo Should Be Industry-Appropriate

Remember, law firms need to be viewed as professional and caring. When developing a new logo, be sure that it is appropriate for the legal industry.

It may seem appealing to do something edgy and different with a logo. Just remember who your audience is. A good graphic designer will be able to guide you and come up with something unique and fitting for a law firm.

4. Consider Your Name and Tagline

Many law firms have relatively long names. This can make logo design quite challenging. Before creating a logo, consider the best way to display the firm’s name.

Be careful when using taglines. You don’t want the visual element of your law firm brand to be too busy. Too much information can be a liability.

5. Look at Your Competition

Before you get started on your law firm branding campaign, go online and look at top law firms in your area. This will give you a sense of what type of branding techniques are out there.

Of course, you want your brand to look better. But sometimes you can get great ideas by looking at your competitors.

Great Branding Starts with Great Design

Graphic design elements have an integral role in company branding. Your law firm will benefit greatly by creating a modern and eye-catching logo.

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