/PSDlearning Flickr Group

PSDlearning Flickr Group

I thought a great way to expand this community would be to create a Flickr group where anyone can add their art and photos to. I’ve set it up so the nine newest images show in the sidebar; this means there will always be something new to look at when you visit. I’ll also give a quick roundup regularly of some of the best peices in the group.

Flickr eh?

If you’ve never used Flickr then check it out; being so easy to use and having loads of features, Flickr is probably the leader in image sharing. This makes it a great place to show off photographs and digital art and designs, that’s why I adopted a small part of Flickr called a group where you can anything to and I’ll have it display site-wide here on PSDlearning. It would be awesome if you add some stuff that created from following some of the tutorials here but don’t feel you have to. Right if you people chip in I’m sure we can build this into a community where we check out each others work and give a hand here and there. I’ve added a few of my images already to get started but hope to see some more coming soon.

As well as all the exposure you’ll get just from the sidebar thumbnails, I’m going to, every month probably, give a quick roundup of the Flickr group showing maybe ten of the best images in the group so check out the group here.