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Essential Instructions For Developing 3D Photo Effects

In a world of gifs and memes, the importance of creating really fantastic stuff online has become a rite of passage in this technology-infused 21st century.

Gone are the days of 1-hour photography being the only method of showcasing pictures and memories. Today, the opportunities to create incredibly awesome pictures are infinite.

Nowadays, transforming pictures into 3D or animated images is becoming a type of norm.

How is that possible?

A mind-blowing program called Photoshop that incorporates a little bit of creative magic, some brilliant innovation, and a whole lot of ingenuity.

Over 90% of the world’s creative professionals choose to party with Photoshop, so shouldn’t the rest of the world get the chance to dabble with its creative awesomeness?

Take a few moments to check out a few tips and tricks to using 3D photo effects to jazz up ordinary photos.

Quick Tips for Adding 3D Photo Effects

It’s time to dive down this rabbit hole of Photoshopping fun.

Crop Happens

Before beginning the process of using mind-bending ways to make photos become 3D masterpieces, the best start is to ensure the right ratio is preset for the image.

Two of the most popular ratios for getting some quality 3D action are 4×3 and 16×9.

Choose the best ratio for the selected picture by simply clicking on the crop option and scrolling to the choice.

Basic 3D photo effects will probably use a 4×3; animated 3D effects work best with a 16×9.

Get Layered

If someone were to need any more proof that Photoshop has the ability to blow minds, this next step is it.

The main mode of creating jaw-dropping 3D photo effects within Photoshop is to utilize Layers.

Using the Layers feature is like having a handful of pictures on transparent paper. By opening two or more photos and then using the layering option to place them on top of each other is the foundation for creating incredibly awesome 3D photo effects.

How do you utilize this feature?

Simply click on the Layers tab and check out all of the options that are available.

The very best way to learn the various Layering options is to just play around and have some fun.

Get Some Perspective

Any old-school art class junkies remember doing the whole depth perception drawing activity where two lines were drawn, coming to a single point in the middle of the paper?

Another one of the amazing 3D photo effects that can be done with the expertise of Photoshop is the techie version of that depth perception elementary school drawing exercise but with way cooler, interactive buttons.

This Photoshopping smoke and mirrors trick involves the use of the Vanishing Point feature.

Using this feature can allow photos to become animated and appear as though the viewer is hovering or flying through the middle of the photo.

By using the Filter tab, simply scroll down to Vanishing Point. From there, you can choose to create and edit planes to design the desired effect.

Play It Out

After having some fun with creating 3D photo effects via Photoshop, there are all kinds of advanced techniques that can be incorporated to really add the wow factor.

There’s a saying that a picture’s worth a thousand words.

However, there’s an updated version that a Photoshopped image is worth a million (views online).

Interested in learning more about the incredible special effects and 3D photo effects that are possible in Photoshop?

Don’t be afraid to jump down the rabbit hole of Photoshop fun and check out some great tutorials and demos.