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Pets on the Internet: 5 Helpful Website Design Tips

Whether you’re the webmaster for an animal shelter or sell pet supplies, having a good pet website is essential to making money and helping furry friends everywhere.

Make sure you do it right. Having a bad website can drive people to the competition. For example, if you sell pet supplies, you may lose out to the big chains with a clunky website.

Here are our top 5 website design tips to help you create an all-star online presence.

Be Mobile Friendly

One of our website design tips we can’t stress enough is having a mobile friendly website. It’s the first step to succeeding online today.

This used to be optional. But mobile browsing is now more popular than desktop browsing. If your website is stuck in the past, your customers will go somewhere else.

Make sure people can access every part of your site using their mobile browser, especially contact and e-commerce functions.

Use E-Commerce

Make sure you have an attractive, easy to use e-commerce section for your pet site.

Whether you’re selling a leash or a dog flea and tick pill you should make it easy to buy that directly from your website.

On the e-commerce section, make sure you use Photoshop for great looking photos, to make people add things to their cart.

Social Media Buttons

Adding social media buttons to your website is a great way to get people to share their purchases and become evangelists for your brand.

It’s no secret that people today enjoy posting about their pets on social media. Whether it’s Doug the Pug or Able the Two Legged Cat, there are plenty of adorable fur balls you can find online.

So if people are adopting a cat on your site, or buying a new toy for their puppy, they’ll probably be more than happy to share that information on their social media pages.

But you’ll need to help them. So make sure there are share buttons on the site and encourage your customers to support your brand.


If your website looks good, people will take it seriously.

If you want a good looking website, you need to handle your graphics properly.

That can involve everything from some neat Photoshop tricks, to hand drawn art to some candid photography of pets at play.

Regardless of what style you use, make sure you have a strong graphics game to promote your website.

Clean Design

If your website is cluttered and ugly, people are going to click the back arrow.

Make sure you have a high-quality, clean design for your website to get people interested. To do this, you can either painstakingly design it yourself or just use a clean web template.

Website Design Tips: The Last Word

Whatever you’re using your pet website for, you want something well-designed to get people interested and ultimately get them buying.

Luckily, with the right tools and a little effort having a great pet website is pretty easy.

If you need help building a beautiful and well-designed website, check out these awesome resources.