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5 House Logos to Give Your Realty Company Inspiration

Real estate companies need a logo. Why? Because a logo does more than paint a pretty picture.

The right logo shows a business is established and reputable. It also attracts clients by providing a sense of stability. No one wants to worry about handing their sale over to a real estate agency that may or may not go under in the near future.

Logos also help you create a cohesive brand across all your materials, like business cards and brochures.

House logos are a great theme for real estate businesses because they convey a clear picture from the outset. But a house logo doesn’t need to be boring. There are ways to use a house as the base for your logo while creating something beautiful and memorable.

Here are 5 house logos to use as inspiration for rebranding.

1. Winter House

The Winter House logo is a great example of a fun, playful real estate logo designed to both convey information while promoting an individual brand.

This logo is based on the classic house design. However, it also looks somewhat like a mitten, which ties both ‘winter’ and ‘house’ together, representing Winter House as a cohesive design.

2. ATM Properties

ATM Properties’ logo is similar to the Winter House logo in that it creates an avenue for combining both parts of the company’s name.

Based on a house, the logo includes a house on a green surface with cash coming out of the roof as if it is an ATM. Here, it’s possible to see that ATM Properties is focused on fast home buyers rather than those who want to move a little slower.

The logo is able to convey the relevant information about the business in order to attract the right customer. This design nailed Branding 101.

3. Simple House Logos

Not every business needs to create a unique play on a house logo. Sometimes, simple house logos are the way forward.

Using a basic house design with the business name to create a logo conveys that the business is a general real estate agency.

Doing so makes the company more approachable for the average buyer or seller. It also suggests that the agency takes on a wider array of properties rather than focusing on a single niche.

4. Skip the House Logo Entirely

In some cases, using a house logo isn’t appropriate because there are other images that better represent a brand.

If a real estate agency has a name related to another image or location, it makes more sense to capitalize on that. For example, Bahamas Realty is better served by a beach themed logo than a simple house because it better represents the nature of the agency.

5. Focus on the Font

Some logos don’t require an image at all. There are cases where choosing an appropriate font, color, and design for the company name can create a beautiful and memorable logo.

These designs tend to suit prestigious, high-end, or niche reality companies best.

What Logo Will You Choose?

Choosing a logo is akin to choosing the face of a company. It’s what will set one agency apart from its competitors and give customers a sense of trust.

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