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Generic Retail Logos Your Clothing Store Should Ignore

Fashion is all about aesthetic. So if any element of your store’s look is generic or outdated, people will go somewhere else in a heartbeat.

Lazy and boring retail logos are capable of doing a lot of damage to clothing stores.

Why alienate customers before they walk into the store? Why have people think of your store as dull and dreary, when the clothes inside are anything but?

It should be common sense that fashion industry logos need to be as interesting and dynamic as possible. However, so many business owners go with what is familiar and, as a result, boring.

Don’t make that mistake. Follow these tips instead.

Generic-Looking People Don’t Belong in Retail Logos

This one has shown up everywhere from shawarma restaurants to the 2016 Olympics. And while there have been creative ways of doing it, it’s a bad idea.

Is this generic stick person logo for a clothing store? A law firm? A carnival?

Nobody knows, and that’s precisely the problem.

Instead of a logo featuring generic-looking people, you should consider a logo featuring hand-drawn people or creative calligraphy.

This kind of effort works in all industries and contexts, from apartment buildings to fur repair stores.

Stay Away From The Letters

A logo that consists solely of a few letters is something you need to avoid.

You can probably think of examples of popular logos that use letters, most notably from the caps of your favorite sports teams.

The difference is that a sports team has had that logo for a long time. As such, it reflects the classic origin of a team like the Boston Red Sox or New York Yankees.

You’re a modern clothing brand. As such, you want to reflect something interesting and new, not look back at a past that you’re not a part of.

Live in the now, and avoid letter-based logos.

Globes Are Bad

The success of AT&T aside, globe logos are some of the most boring retail logos imaginable.

We’ve all seen a billion different versions of this logo, each duller than the last.

These simply do not contribute to your customer’s view of your brand. In fact, they don’t tell your customer anything about your brand at all — except maybe that you ship everywhere.

You absolutely need to avoid globe logos like the plague.

Make The Best Logo You Can

While you may know what to avoid when it comes to designing your logo, knowing exactly what to create can be quite a bit more difficult.

Being creative involves having a mastery of the technology at your disposal.

When used properly, photoshop can be the modern easel. When used poorly, it can make a brand into a laughing stock overnight.

Because of this, it’s absolutely essential that you take advantage of every tool at your disposal to properly master photoshop. That means you need to read up on every blog post and tutorial there is for the software.

It may be time-consuming, but your wallet will thank you.