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Classy Designs for Traditionally Non-Classy Products

More than 90 percent of all internet startup businesses fail within 4 months. One way to avoid this negative trend is placing an emphasis on website design.

The best websites are simple, yet elegant and classy. The company’s product is highlighted and can be viewed or purchased in no more than two clicks.

The recipe for classy designs includes a number of important ingredients such as imagery, color scheme, layout, and font.

Read on for a guide on how to build a classy website design in just a few, simple steps.

Classy Designs Must Have a Great Layout

Nothing turns off an internet browser more than a convoluted website.

A cluttered design makes it hard for visitors to locate the information or products they are looking for. Along those same lines, browsers should not be subjected to excessive scrolling or an abundance of advertisements.

Avoiding these mistakes will pave the way for a classy design.

A strong website design will be simplistic and easy to navigate. Visitors will quickly identify links with a recognizable navigation bar along the top of the website. Using links that simply instruct the user to “Click Here” to purchase a product are very effective.

Preferably, a consumer can locate and initiate a purchasing action in 2 or 3 clicks of the mouse.

A Website’s Color Scheme is Surprisingly Critical

Many people underestimate the importance of a color scheme. Little known to many, but colors have a subliminal psychological impact on web browsers.

Consumers are visual creatures, they make decisions based on the imagery and colors they see. Most consumer studies verify that visualizations and color are more important than text when making purchasing decisions.

For example, nearly 85% of consumers cite color as a primary reason why they selected a certain product. Furthermore, 93% of buyers cite that visual effects influenced a purchasing decision, as opposed to just 6% for text.

Consumer studies also show that women, in general, prefer soft colors and make purchasing decisions accordingly.

Classy designs utilize soft colors, rather than bright variants. Certain tints, which are the addition of white to any color, are also considered to enhance a design by further softening it.

Some colors that are universally recognized as classy include white, gold, olive, periwinkle, among many others. The key to class is soft variants.

The Right Font Will Reinforce A Classy Approach

While font may seem like a minor design decision, it carries a lot of weight in terms of customer appeal. In fact, major corporations spend considerable time deciding on the right font.

Just like colors, fonts provide subliminal messaging to prospective consumers. In terms of a classy design, there are a number of fonts that will accomplish that end.

For example, a number of scripted fonts are perfect to enhance a classy website design. These fonts include lavanderia, Edwardian script, and bickham script.

Wrapping It Up

Consumer studies show the value of designing a website, with emphasis and focus on even the smallest of details. Tactics such as a simple and uncluttered layout, soft color scheme, and a scripted font will achieve a classy design.

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