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What Does a Web Developer Do?

If it’s ever crossed your mind to become a web developer, you may have many questions about what exactly a freelance web developer does. With so many different career paths open in information technology, it’s hard to know what each specific job role entails. 

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to go into website development, or you have a passion for coding in languages such as HTML or CSS?

So. what exactly does a web developer do? And how does their job role differ from that of a web designer?

In this guide, we’ll take a look at the ins and outs of getting into web development.

What Exactly Does a Web Developer Do? 

You’re probably already aware that a web developer creates websites, however, it’s not quite that simple. Web developers analyze the needs of the user to ensure that the graphics, content, and structure of a site are suitable. 

Common tasks carried out by web developers include scripting the website, web design, directing other people to produce content for the site, correcting issues that are uncovered by user feedback. 

There are some differences between web design vs.web development that you should be aware of. A web developer will handle all aspects of a website, whereas a web designer will be focused primarily on aesthetics. 

What Career Options Are There for Web Developers? 

If you’d like to become a web developer, you’ll be happy to learn that the number of web development jobs is predicted to rise by 8% by 2026 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Every company needs a website these days. Websites have become key components in every business’s marketing strategy. Not only that, but to create a genuine, custom experience for customers, businesses need bespoke websites. The upshot of this is that as a web developer, you won’t find it hard to find work. 

What Jobs Are There for Web Developers?

Understanding that there is high demand for web developers is great news, but what career path could you hope to follow once you become one? 

You’ll start off as a junior web developer, gradually working your way up into a more senior position. From there, you might manage a team of developers. You could either work for a company or freelance. 

There are several jobs that come under the overall job title ‘web developer.’ These include roles such as software developer, user experience designer, user interface developer, front-end web developer, and back-end developer. 

Obtaining a Career as a Web Developer

Typically, web developers will undergo university study to learn the ins and outs of learning to code. This can mean several years of study. It is possible, however, to go on coding boot camps, or to even teach yourself the necessary skills to become a developer. 

The Bottom Line

There has never been a more exciting time to think about becoming a web developer. With opportunities on the rise, you could be coding sites that help to turn large profits for major companies. 

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