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9 Fin-tastic Fish Supply Shop Logos

Do you own a fish supply store? If so, you’re likely surrounded by tons of bold hues and fantastic colors on a daily basis thanks to the fins that fill your tanks.

Shouldn’t your logo be just as bright and brilliant?

In a sea of options, though, it can be difficult to discern which design is the best fit for your business.

So today, we’re taking a look at nine awesome fish-inspired logos sure to provide the inspiration you need.

Ready to get started? Let’s dive in!

1. Josh + Jamie: New Take on Fish Shape

Lots of fish supply stores or other related businesses might use a fish shape in their logo.

Yet, Josh + Jamie, adventure filmmakers who produce DVDs of their outdoor fishing expeditions, took a basic fish outline and added a special spin, revealing a camera shape as well. Talk about creative angling!

2. Tropical Pet Oasis: Graphic Only

Sometimes, it helps to just let the fish speak for themselves!

Consider if you need to have your business name in the logo itself, or if you can get by with a simple image of a fish (or two) that conveys the message without words.

Need inspiration? Check out Tropical Pet Oasis, whose logo of two fish jumping through a ring makes quite a splash.

3. Fish Collection: Play on Words

If your company name is short enough, you could take a page from the Fish Collection‘s playbook and turn the word into a fish shape itself!

4. Rift To Reef Aquatics: An Ocean-Themed Design

Though you’re a fish supply store, you aren’t limited strictly to fish images when it comes to your logo design.

A water-themed one, such as this literal fishbowl design used by Rift To Reef Aquatics, gets the message across in a fun and unique way.

5. Fish Just Wonderful: Letter Replacement Trick

Are there any letters in your name that could be depicted with a fish-themed image?

For instance, a long caudal fin could curl up to make a “Y” or, as in the case of Fish Just Wonderful, you could even replace the top of your “i” with bubbles!

6. Fish Bowl: Surfer-Inspired Font

Looking for a fun and easy way to stand out from the crowd? Try using a special font or text effect that mimics the ones used in many popular surf shops.

Fish Bowl tried this tactic and its logo successfully gives off that laid-back island vibe that screams “Let’s go fishing!”

7. Fish Supply Guide: Soothing Color Tones

For your type of store, it just makes sense to lean toward a color scheme focused on sea-faring neutrals, such as cool blues and greens.

Featuring a light blue fish in front of a golden yellow sun, Fish Supply Guide aces the hues.

8. Pokey’s Pet Food and Supplies: A Fishy Line-Up

Does your shop offer more than just fish supplies? For instance, are you an online aquarium shop providing support on related topics, such as fish tank reviews?

If so, you can create a logo depicting all the different types of services you offer.

Pokey’s Pet Food and Supplies did just that, adding an outline of a fish alongside one of a dog, cat, and bird, to cover all the bases.

9. Blue Fish Aquarium: Create a Character

One way to generate brand buzz and get customers to remember you? Create a fun and memorable fish character and incorporate him into your logo!

This idea worked for Blue Fish Aquarium — check out that charming fellow taking center stage in their design!

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