/3 Bong Logo Design Tips Sure to Improve Your Branding
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3 Bong Logo Design Tips Sure to Improve Your Branding

As marijuana is gaining popularity in both medical and recreational markets, cannabis-focused companies are stepping up their branding efforts.

Everyone from growers to sellers alike are buckling down to create impressive logos, establish an online presence and build a loyal audience.

This opens the door to expand the current market for smoking accessories like bongs and bubblers.

Are you interested in making your own bong logo? Here Are 3 Tips to Best Brand a Bong Logo.

1. Use Shapes

Many companies have jumped on the bandwagon of using a cannabis leaf in their logo.

It is the most easily-recognized symbol in the market and instantly tells consumers what they can expect from a brand. However, your logo needs to be something that lasts long after the hype around marijuana acceptance fades.

To best accomplish this, use shapes more specific to your glass-making art. Incorporate a bong outline or piece in your logo, since this is your primary offering.

Once you have this foundation, you may choose to add a leaf somewhere in the mix as a final touch.

2. Add Text

Although shapes get attention, text seals the deal.

Be clear with your consumers about who you are and what you can offer them.

Play with incorporating the shapes and text together. Popular examples of this are the hidden FedEx arrow or the Spartan Golf Club logo.

Some ideas for a bong logo can be stacking letters vertically along the handle or horizontally as a pipe. Maybe put the text in a bubble to symbolize the smoke your consumers are looking for.

Once you’ve decided how to arrange your text, play with different font effects. If you have a stand-out shape, stay simple and conservative with your writing and vice versa.

This avoids making your logo too busy, while still giving it the right amount of creative efforts.

3. Make It Fun

Whether for medicinal or recreational purposes, the weed industry is one of the most exciting markets to jump in to. It may still be on the rise, but soon enough you will have competitors popping up from all angles.

To ensure your bong logo is a big hit for those looking for big rips, have fun with it. The best way to get people excited to try your bongs is to hook them with a logo entertaining enough for them to visit the website.

Don’t forget to ask for feedback along the way, too.

Take your first group of ideas to friends and family and ask them which design interests them the most. Then, go back to the drawing board and add the missing pieces.

Is there an idea you haven’t tested yet?

The more you exhaust the design process, the closer you get to something with substance. Use shape theory and test responses to different colors to ensure you are getting the right emotions across.

Elevate Your Bong Logo and Your Business

Are you prepared for the growth in weed-related businesses and products to become your competition?

One of the most important measures you can take to increase brand recognition and loyalty is a strong bong logo.

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