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How to Design Websites for the Vape Industry

The vape industry is one of the fastest growing sectors on the market today. With people more aware of their health and looking to ditch the smokes in favor of the offered healthier alternatives, the industry stands to continue its growth through 2017.

With that in mind, how can you build a website that specifically targets the vaping industry and creates something that is unique? Do you want your site to draw people into your business as opposed to that of someone else?

Tips for Designing Websites for the Vape Industry

Which business doesn’t have a website these days? They are an essential for any business, but even more so when you are talking about selling products online.

With vape companies selling everything from e-cigarettes to different vape flavours, you need to make sure that your website is modern and eye catching.

Having a Professional Looking Website Will Put You Ahead of the Game

While the vape industry is growing fast, there are still a lot of companies that are working on small home crafted websites, rather than a professionally built model. This is to their loss, but your possible gain.

If you can deliver a professional looking website that gets people staying on it and keeps the user experience high, then you will be onto a winner.

While the vape industry is a big trend right now, those situated within it are business, and to make a profit, they must be run as such. By providing a professional looking website, you are ensuring that they have the best chance of attaining that success.

Pay Attention to SEO to Catch the Vape Traffic

When dealing with a high traffic, in-demand industry such as vaping, you need to make sure your website is visible. This means making it SEO optimized. You want people to be directed towards your product when they start searching for vape flavours.

Make sure you provide your clients with a website that is fully optimized and ready to delight the Google bots. The secondary bonus here is that you could even offer ongoing SEO services to help keep the site performing well.

Design a Website that is Unique and Engaging

Don’t build a formulaic website. Vape companies want you to deliver something that is going to hold people’s attention and get them to stay on the site longer each time they visit.

You do this in several ways.

  • Use lots of colour and vivid imagery.
  • Avoid long blocks of text by using the above images.
  • Include a How To section so that even vaping beginners can feel welcome
  • Provide content outside of the normal spectrum to keep people’s interested

The Vape Industry is just Like Any Other

While vaping might be something a little different to other endeavours in the past, it is still a business. It needs to make money in order to survive.

A website is a key component of making money in an online world. As long as you provide a high-quality website that fits the client’s particular flavour and style, then you will be successful.

If you are interested in starting your own business and making your way into the vape industry, then we have the resources that can help you.