/What Microsoft Can Teach Us About Computer Logo Design
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What Microsoft Can Teach Us About Computer Logo Design

Do you want a new computer logo design for your tech product?

There are many great designs of logos out there in the tech world. However, there are certain designs that have gone from okay to iconic.

One of the greatest examples of this transformation is the Microsoft computer logo design.

By looking at the evolution of this incredibly recognizable logo, there is plenty to learn for when you create your own logo.

There are only a select few tech companies and brands in the world that don’t need any introduction. Microsoft is certainly one of these brands.

To much fanfare, the latest version of the Microsoft logo was unveiled in 2012. However, to truly understand how we got here, we need to go back to the days of 1975. Let’s take a trip back to the 1970s.

Groovy 1970s

The first Microsoft logo was founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen.

Now it looks outdated and ridiculous, However, you have to remember that it was the seventies. The “groovy look” was all the rage and the logo perfectly evokes the era.

This was in a period before computers were a feature of every household. Imagine a time when you didn’t get your flash drives from memorysuppliers.com? Microsoft teaches us to harness the spirit of the times.

The Short-Lived Heavy Metal Band Logo

The end of the 70s saw the unveiling of a new look for the company. In 1980, the introduction of so-called “heavy metal band” logo represented a radical shift in brand identity.

However, the logo was only used by the Microsoft for two-years before they introduced yet another logo in 1982.

The Famous “Blibbet” Logo

The 1982 logo, which became known as “Blibbet”, is famous for the “O” in the middle of the world “Microsoft”.

Many people believe the “O” represents the globe. And thus, Microsoft’s ambition for world domination. This was certainly a distinctive look.

This was a significant period for the company. In 1984, they launched Microsoft Windows. And then in 1986, they went public, and Gates and Allen became billionaires overnight.

The Computer Logo Design You Know

In 1987, Microsoft brought out the so-called “Pacman” logo. This logo oversaw the period when computers became an essential feature of any home.

The design featured a slash between the “o” at the end of Micro and the “s” in soft. While the “f” and the “t” at at the end are joined up.

The logo has certainly aged well. It lasted unchanged for twenty-five years.

The Latest Version From 2012

The latest version of the logo was launched in 2012. According to the company the logo “takes its inspiration from our product design principles while drawing upon the heritage of our brand values, fonts and colors”.

The logo has two parts – the symbol of four squares (green, yellow, blue and red) and the written logotype. The four colors reflect the “diverse portfolio of products” produced by Microsoft in the modern era.

For the first time, Microsoft made use of color and symbols. This adds up to the most sophisticated, yet simple, logo yet.

But the logo also keeps a lot of what was positive about the previous logo, such as the joined together “f” and “t” at the end.

There is much to learn about computer logo design from the evolution of the Microsoft logo and brand. Check out more from our blog for more ideas and tips about design.