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Five Travel Company Logo Designs You Need to See

There’s a lot of money to be made in the travel industry. Travel and tourism is an industry valued at over 7 trillion US Dollars. But if you want to start a tourism company, you need a good travel company logos.

Branding is what separates the winners from the nobodies. But before you can create your logo, you’ll need inspiration. These five logos can help.

Viaja Compara

There are certain principles that go into making a good logo. It needs to be simple, relevant, and timeless.

On all of these factors, viajacompara.com succeeds. While their logo isn’t boring, it isn’t out of context for a travel company logo.

In fact, the Viaja Compara logo actually approaches one of our biggest anxieties about travel. Mainly, luggage.

Nobody wants to arrive at their destination and see that their suitcase has been lost. By having a logo that suggests that each case will be looked after, this company works to alleviate that anxiety.

G Adventures

G Adventures offers a radically simple travel logo. But the traditional letter-and-shape logo works because it’s relevant to both the industry and the niche of the company.

This is because G Adventures is a company dedicated to community-positive, eco-tourism. A simple, globally focused logo shows a commitment to this image.

Kalemi Travel And Tours

The image of the bird is great for travel companies. But it can be hard to make this logo work for your company.

To succeed, you’ll want something unique that suits your brand. Kalemi’s travel company logo does just this.

This is because of two things. First, their spectacularly covered bird instantly catches the ey. The fact that it also forms a K is perfect for the branding of the travel company.

Overall, this is a great logo for the Turkish travel company.

Nordic Visitor

Like Kalemi, Nordic Visitor has a fun logo with two meanings. On the one hand, it forms a compass. On the other, it forms a mountain sticking out of the earth.

When done properly, these dual-intentioned logos work. Nordic Visitor handles it with simplicity and subtlety.

Adventures In Good Company

Adventures In Good Company is dedicated to providing an atmosphere of safety. Because women often feel unsafe in travel situations, the women-only travel company makes it easier to enjoy the trip.

Their logo reflects an atmosphere of safety by radiating rustic warmth. Featuring earthy colors and an almost wood-finished effect, this is an encouraging logo that’s perfect for women needing to take the time to travel in groups.

Learn About Designing Your Travel Company Logo

We want to help you design a great logo. While the technology is there to make this accessible to anyone, you still need the right information.

This is because graphic design is a constantly changing medium. You need to know how the latest graphic design trends should inform your logo if you want to succeed. Those are trends that we keep up on, even in the travel industry.

We can help. Look at our design advice to learn more.