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8 Interactive Web Design Tips For E-Commerce Sites

Utilizing an interactive web design is one of the design trends that companies were supposed to keep an eye on in 2017. As we move forward, these kinds of interactive elements will continue to gain in popularity.

Any web page that makes good use of interactivity will find that customers become more engaged in the company as a whole. When there are places to explore and interesting things to play with, viewers of your website will stay around longer.

There are several ways to include interactive elements in any design. Together, we’ll look through some great design tips to get the most out of your E-commerce website.

1. Unconventional Layout

We’ve all seen the normal kind of website layout where all of the information is presented in the typical manner we’ve all grown accustomed to. There’s nothing wrong with this kind of layout. However, if you’re wanting a more interactive web design, you may want to think outside the box.

A new style of layout could excite your customers, making them curious. It’ll be different from the regular layouts they’re used to seeing. It’ll help them to remember your website before your competitors.

With an unconventional layout, you’ll give your customers a feeling of mental interactivity that will keep them wanting more.

2. Navigation Buttons

Easy-to-use navigation buttons are an important part of any interactive web design. These buttons do more than simply keep your website organized and looking good.

They also help your customers feel like they are capable of getting the information they need as quickly as they want. Every website should make good use of a concise navigational bar. It makes the experience of your website much better for everyone involved.

3. Sharing Videos

Videos are always a great addition to any website. They allow you to show new content to your customers in an easily consumed way. Plus, they allow you to show some style and have some fun with your customers.

A nice way to get even more interactivity out of the videos you offer on your website is to ask your customers to submit their own. Perhaps they can submit a video where they are using your product, or talk about why they love your company.

It would be a good way to show how much you care about your customers as well as to give them a space to share in return.

4. Social Networking

Social media is rapidly growing and all companies should get involved in any way they can. For your interactive web design, you want to make sure you include all of the different social media that you’re a part of. This should be easily accessible and quick to find.

This way, your loyal customers can easily find you in all of the different ways they want. Whether they want to find you on Twitter, Wealthy Affiliate Reviews, or Facebook, they should be able to do so without any trouble at all.

If you’re not available on any social media, you might be losing out on a lot of extra traffic to your E-commerce website.

5. Flipping Magazines

Instead of having a long list of your available products, why not introduce your customers to an online magazine? This is an interactive way for you to show off your products in an exciting way. Plus, you could keep your customers up-to-date on any news or sales that are going on that week.

The act of flipping through a magazine can make the experience much more personal and interactive. Including your magazine on your website will get even more customers looking at your products and seeing what you have to offer them on a regular basis.

6. Personalized Quizzes

Quizzes can be fun to fill out, especially the types that give you personalized answers. Taking the time to create a quiz for your customers to take can be a great interactive web design. It can also lead to more sales as you get your customers involved in their own purchases.

Taking the time to pinpoint specific personality traits and tagging them onto your products can make those products feel more personal. You can use this interactive quiz to ask your customer’s questions, and then point them to the best-matched products afterward.

Your customers will love the personal touch this kind of interaction will give them.

7. Clickable Elements

It’s not as much fun to scroll through long bits of text, hoping to find the answers you’re looking for. Instead, try using graphics as a way to organize your information.

For example, you can use your e-commerce logo on the website as a way to lead your customers to your “About Us” page. You could have graphics of your products where your customer is able to move the camera around that product, giving them a full 360-degree view of what they are looking to buy.

Including these kinds of movable elements will help your interactive web design become even more immersive.

8. Customization Options

Giving your customers a way to have your website cater to their own personal tastes can make that customer feel much more comfortable while exploring your website. Just something as simple as allowing for the viewer to change the color of the background can be enough to give that sense of personal touch.

When your customer comes back for an update, that setting will still be there, waiting for them. It will make the website feel more like a home, like a place that is familiar. Rather than just the same old E-commerce site that they’re used to browsing.

Interactive Web Design Benefits You and Your Customers

By incorporating these different ideas into your website, you’ll have no trouble creating a unique experience that really draws in your viewers. They’ll want to explore and learn about your product and your company because the website makes it both easy and fun.

Don’t hesitate to use an interactive web design to get the most out of your website. Your customers will thank you.

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