PSD PRO is now officially open! PSD PRO is the upgrade of PSDlearning and gives members access to extra features, resources and tutorial files that regular users can’t access. Right now I’m giving out free memberships so make sure you grab one. PSD PRO is still very much in development but I’m confident it will be a great addition to the site.

What is PSD PRO

PSD PRO the newest feature I’ve added to the site. By signing up for PSD PRO you’ll get loads of stuff that regular users won’t. At the moment PSD PRO is constantly being developed which is why memberships are free, think of it as a beta version.

Current features of PSD PRO

  • Access to the PSD file of each tutorial on the PSDlearning, now what other website gives you that for free? This lets you see exactly how the image is made up.
  • As well as access to the fullsize JPG image from every tutorial, great if want to check out the image close up or use it as a wallpaper.
  • And any other files used in the tutorial like patterns, brushes etc. You can download these too and use them in other projects.
  • Profile pages for every member, it doesn’t do  much at moment but I’m working hard on integrating some features.
  • A regular newsletter with some members only info like what’s going to be happening in the future and some statistics about how the sites coming on.

Features that are coming soon?

  • A place to show of the result you get from a tutorial and get some feedback on it.
  • Some members only resources.
  • And tutorials.
  • Free links to your website in the sidebar, basically displaying about 5 links to random member’s websites because I wanted to give something back.
  • Some more community related stuff; not too sure what yet, maybe a forum or something.
  • Competitions for members where prizes can be won.

What now?

Register and log in by using the box in the sidebar, check it out and tell me what you think. If you think of any cool features you would like added then just contact me or post them below as this is something I plan to develop a lot.