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How to Find the Best Product Packaging for Your Products

You were taught to not judge a book by its cover, but retail is a whole other game.

A great product alone doesn’t cut it. You need stellar product packaging that sets your product apart from the rest of the items on the shelf.

Your product’s packaging is an essential part of the marketing process. It’s the first thing customers see as they window shop and browse the aisles.

Your challenge is to choose packaging that sparks interest and trust in your product.

But that’s not all.

Don’t miss this guide to choosing the right packaging for your big idea.

Get Creative

Your first step is to brainstorm. This method is the best way to get all your ideas out at once.

There are several ways to brainstorm. You could create a bubble chart, free write, and bounce ideas off your team.

Keep a whiteboard or notebook handy so that you can jot down ideas at a moment’s notice. You could also record your thoughts on a smartphone if that’s easier.

This part is the planning stage, so take this time to jot down all the materials you need. Research more information on product wrapping, production, and cost-effective materials.

Think About Your Brand

Product packaging is an extension of your brand. It’s vital that all your marketing materials, including the packaging, is consistent across the spectrum.

Just like your website, social media design, and printed materials, your packaging needs a logo, tagline, and a brief description of your brand and product.

Use the same font as the rest of your marketing materials. Remember to reflect the same “vibe” or feel like your brand.

Is your brand wild and crazy? Don’t tone it down with subdued branding. Likewise, you don’t want to use hot pink and fluorescents if you’re a luxury men’s shoe brand.

Use the same color palette as the rest of your marketing materials. If you haven’t launched your brand yet, take this opportunity to choose colors that sell.

Choosing Colors for Product Packaging

The best way to find attractive colors is to study color psychology. According to studies, colors have a significant impact on consumers’ moods, which informs their buying behavior.

People buy things based on their feelings, not intellect. Choose an emotion you want to appeal to and base your color palette around that.

For example, red and yellow elicit feelings of hunger. Blues and greens evoke feelings of calmness and tranquility. Yellow inspires confidence and alertness, which is ideal for educational products.

Use a color wheel to find color combinations for your product. A color wheel is a helpful tool to use during the brainstorming process.

Remember Your Target Audience

Always remember who you’re selling your products to. Your packaging needs to be age-appropriate for your audience.

Consumers between the ages of 18 to 34 may not appreciate a cartoon character on the front of their packaging, but 5-year-old kids would love it.

Kids prefer wild and crazy designs, whereas adults prefer sleek and understated packaging.

Use market research, color psychology, and design theory to hone in on the right packaging for your target age group.

The Right Shape and Size

That packaging shape may look cool, but will it stand up on the shelf? Maybe that hexagon packaging is too busy for your target consumer?

Your next step is to choose the perfect shape for your packaging.

There’s a lot more room to be creative with packaging design in 2019, especially with the introduction of CNC machines and 3D printing.

Your packaging can be virtually anything. Your packaging could be a turtle or a perfect cube. Be innovative!

Age-appropriate packaging matters. Kids may love shampoo bottles that look like fish, but adults may want something more simple. But don’t get afraid to get a little creative with your product packaging.

Convenience is another factor. Don’t overburden your customers with complicated packaging. Come up with a design that’s secure but intuitive for consumers.

Less is More

It’s tempting to go overboard on the packaging, but less is more. Not only do customers prefer less packaging, but packaging materials cost money. Don’t blow your marketing budget on too much packaging!

Challenge yourself to create a relevant, secure, and user-friendly design that relies on less packaging material.

For example, if your product is small, you could create a small packaging design that hangs on a hook, rather than stands up on a store shelf.

Be Kind to the Planet

Don’t let your packaging become another burden on the planet. Use this opportunity to create reusable, eco-friendly packaging that makes a difference!

More companies are going green with their packaging designs. Materials like mushrooms, biodegradable packing peanuts, recycled cardboard, and even seaweed are popular packaging materials for 2019.

Another option is to create functional packaging customers can use.

If you’re launching a new food item, your product packaging could double as a food tray! Gardening kit packaging could also double as planters.

Consider the Costs

Product packaging adds up. Don’t forget to create a separate budget for your packaging alone.

Don’t sacrifice quality for a discount. Try to get deals on high-quality packaging materials. Eco-friendly materials are also cost-effective.

The more you order, the higher your discount. Remember to partner with packaging wholesalers you can trust. You also need a trustworthy production facility to keep costs down.

Many first-time entrepreneurs waste money on poor packaging decisions early on. Don’t let this happen to you!

Pack it Up!

Don’t leave your product packaging until the end. Choosing the right packaging is a multi-step process you have to consider from the beginning. Make packaging a part of your brand from day one.

Excellent packaging is just one piece of the business puzzle. Don’t go without the latest resources for success! Check back often for more essential tips and tools for entrepreneurs like yourself.