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What LensCrafters Taught Us About Optical Logo Design

The importance of a good solid logo can never be underestimated. It is one of the pillars from which a brand can be built. A good logo is catchy, it is memorable, and it is something that you think of in reference. You see something that looks like the logo, and that company springs into your mind.

Think about some of the more popular brands that you use. Think about their logos. They are all catchy, right?

Well, there is one company that has really mastered the art of the logo. LensCrafters, have gone all out to give their optical logo the best possible impact.

What can you learn from LensCrafters, to make sure your logo speaks volumes about you?

A Logo Speaks About Your Company Not Just Your Product

When talking about an optical logo for your optometrist business, you need to understand that the logo you ultimately create is not just something that talks about your products, but about you as a company, as a family. If you look at the LensCrafters’ logo, you get the impression that they are a company that cares about your health. They are dedicated to offering you the very best care and attention.

If you are creating a logo for your business, don’t be afraid to take the chance to spread a message and share your passion with your clientele. You are not just looking to build a brand, but build a bond.

Sure, you want people to look at your logo and associate it with good business, but also with love, care, and attention.

Pay Attention to Your Core Demographic

The world is driven by graphics. From advertising to emojis, we are a more visual society than ever. Yet, there is a directness to the modern graphic that was slightly more subtle in years gone by.

So, if you are working on a logo, then you should look to what your core market demographic is looking for. Simple, fun, and direct imagery is best. Take a look once again at the LensCrafters’ logo.

Do you see what they did? Simple, yet effective.

The name of the game is association. Not just your customer base associating with you, but you with them. Show them that you understand, that you get what it is they are looking for. in a business.

You Need to Consider All Mediums for Optical Logo Success

In the modern, digital age, a logo is no longer just a sign outside your office or a fancy letterhead. It is everywhere. It is online, it is on social media. People are viewing it in the real world, on their laptops and mobile devices. They are looking at your business on different screen sizes and different resolutions, but through it all, your message needs to stay clear and stay visible.

When designing an optical logo for your business as one of the Tri-State Centers for Sight, you need to make sure you take all forms of contact into account and make sure your logo looks perfect under all circumstances.

Keep Your Logo Simple and Clean For Maximum Appeal

At the end of the day, the real secret to a good optical logo is something that is simple and clean. You want something that people can relate too and recognize out of the corner of their eye.

By electing to use a clean and simple design you are also playing for longevity. Remember, your logo talks about your brand and your business goals.

If you are ready to take that leap, and create the logo that is going to represent your business brand, then check out our range of services and information points. Together we can help you build a brand for the ages.