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How to Design Ecommerce Logos That Differentiate From Competitors

Did you know that 80% of Americans have made an online purchase in the past month?

It’s not surprising that the e-commerce industry is absolutely booming.

This success only makes it more important to stand out from your competitors through ecommerce logos. Designing a logo is central to any ecommerce company’s branding strategy.

To find out more about how your logo can help you to stand apart from other competitors, keep reading for our advice on designing ecommerce logos.

1. Keep it Simple

Have you ever heard of the KISS principle?

KISS stands for “keep it simple, stupid”. It’s warning to all logo designers to not overcomplicate your logo.

It the drive to create an engaging and memorable logo that stands out from competitors leads many designers to try too hard.

One of the primary strengths of an effective logo is that it captures the viewer’s attention and leaves an immediate impression.

It’s difficult to get your branding message across if people are distracted by everything happening on your logo.

2. Think Outside the Box

It’s not only the people at the Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime Warehouse that needs to deal with boxes.

Designing an effective logo requires you to think outside the box.

You want to create something truly unique and original. That usually means staying away from overused and familiar logo themes.

How many times have you seen the symbol of a globe used in a logo?

The answer is too many times. You have to try to tell an original story with your logo rather than a tale that has already been told a thousand times.

3. Make Use of Symbols and Metaphor

Many people assume that a great logo needs to make it extremely clear what your company does. However, this isn’t the case.

Many of the best logos don’t reflect what the business does, but rather the values of the business. Think of Apple’s half-eaten apple or Nike’s swoosh symbol.

There’s no need to be overly literal. Instead, use symbols and metaphor to convey the values and brand of your business.

4. Stand Apart From Competitors

Many people assume that by associating their company with another, more successful ecommerce business, they can ride off the other’s success.

However, the point of a logo is to separate yourself from other companies. Otherwise, you won’t get noticed by customers.

Check out successful competitors in the ecommerce industry, and try to come up with a logo design that is distinct from these.

5. The Power of Colors

Did you know that people make certain associations to particular colors?

Psychology researchers have shown that using certain colors on ecommerce logos can result in different responses from customers.

This means that you should think deeply about your use of color to make sure you stand out from competitors.

Designing Ecommerce Logos

Creating a logo that differentiates you from your competitors is essential to any successful ecommerce business.

This logo will be used all over your products, media, and marketing. Therefore, it’s important you make sure you’re designing something that stands out.

Get in touch with us today for further advice on to create an effective logo for your ecommerce business.