/PSDlearning v2.0

PSDlearning v2.0

Things have changed around here; mainly the look of the place and the layout. PSDlearning is no longer held together by CSS hacks and pieces of string. I fully redesigned and rebuilt the site from scratch, don’t worry all the tutorials are still here and memberships, just a load of extra stuff that makes PSDlearning better. Now I can focus on writing some more tutorials.

Looks different!

Some of you might have been wondering why there hasn’t been a tutorial for a couple of days, well this is why. I had been wanting to change the look of the site for a while but hadn’t had the the time so yesterday I went at it for a full day then finished today. The original site was based around a free WordPress theme that I had heavily modified and at some points was held together with some dodgy WordPress hacks so I felt it was time to change. I built the PSDlearning 2.0 theme totally from scratch; the first time I had done this with a site. This meant I could get it exactly as I wanted it, unfortunately it’s not perfect in IE yet but you’d expect that.

What’s changed?

I tried to keep it similar to the original site; for example all the rounded corners are still here as well as a few more added in, the sidebar is very like the one on the original site and so is the post previews. However there were some things that had to go like the brown background which was way too dark and the green header. Some new additions are the subscription buttons at the top right which allow you to get all my tutorials sent straight to you. The slightly weird search and login forms which really don’t look much like forms but I like them. The header is different, not too sure about it though so it might change; if you have any ideas then tell me. I added a better ‘Save and Share’ box below each post (it’s good to share). I enabled the use of Gravatars in the comments so if you haven’t got a Gravatar then get one here. Last but definitely not least is the featured posts slideshow that appears on the front page; it looks awesome and I’m sure once I find some good uses for it then it will be really helpful as well.

I’m still going to develop the the site further and tweak some bits here and there so if you wan’t to give me your opinion then I’d appreciate that. There’s still lots of unused space on the site which I really need to fill and some members related stuff I need to sort out. Anyway, more time to write tutorials now:)