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How to Create an Eye-Catching Promotional Design for a Car Company

If you have a car company, a design is everything. People learn about a product based on how it works.

In a lot of ways, we are primarily visual creatures.

Your promotional design is essential to getting customers to your door. If it’s bland or boring, you might as well go out of business.

Luckily, it is easy to use design to promote your car company. But you need to feel strategic. These four tips can help you make an awesome logo for your company.

Use Color Contrast for Your Promotional Design

Whether you’re making a promotional design or a logo, color contrast is everything.

Making sure that people can tell the difference between the different parts of your design beckons them to look closer.

A lot of people are confused about what constitutes a contrasting color. This is an interesting way in which adulthood has blinded us: at our core, we all know what color contrast is. Because it invites us to take a closer look every day.

There are ways to redevelop your understanding of contrast, though. Look at a color wheel. You will find the colors that compliment each other through contrast on opposite ends.

This is essential to getting people to look at your promotion and making them want to learn more.

Make Your Name Clear and Visible

Your name and logo are the most important parts of any promotional design. They help you make sure your customers know who’s responsible for the work.

You should make sure you make this obvious on your promotion. There are a few ways to do this the right way: an easy one is by using the most readable typefaces available.

If people don’t know that you’re responsible for a product or project, then there’s no point in moving forward. So take pride in your work.

Use Bold and Strong Shapes

Not all shapes are created equal. It can be fun to draw complex and wavy shapes on a design project.

Unfortunately, these are not effective for promotion. You need to use clear and strong shapes to make your project work.

There are a few shapes that work particularly well. The square chat bubble is incredibly popular, as is the arrow. The ideal shape is geometrically clear, exists in defined space, and can communicate action when you use it.

Shapes are the cornerstone of design. Make sure yours are as bold as possible if you want to sell.

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