Top 10 Retro Tutorials

May 5, 2009

Once again, I’ve searched the web for the very best tutorials from a certain category, this time it’s retro style tutorials, because who doesn’t think retro is cool? I’ve compiled a list of what I think is the ten best tutorials with a retro style theme. All of these tutorials include some great techniques so check them all out.
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Abstract 3D Wallpaper

September 15, 2008

Yesterday I wrote a tutorial on using abstract 3D renders to create a nice piece of art, check it out here. So I thought it would cool to release the final image as a wallpaper in various colors and sizes, so if you love PSDlearning enough to have it pasted on your desktop then download a few of the wallpapers. I’ve got them in red, green and blue. Enjoy!
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25 Brilliant Wallpaper Tutorials

September 11, 2008

I’ve compiled a list of the best Photoshop tutorials that teach you how to make really great backgrounds. All the tutorials here give a top quality final result and teach you some nice techniques. This should give you enough tutorials and wallpapers to last a while so give them all a shot and make sure you share the list if you like it!
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Free Sticker Pack

August 14, 2008

After writing a tutorial on creating the sticker effect in Photoshop I thought it would be useful to you if I released a free sticker pack for you to download. The pack includes some really useful stickers like an RSS and a comments sticker that could be used in a website or a blog as well as a few other cool stickers. I’ve also released the PSD files for all of these, so all in all a great download.
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