/Why Copywriting Skills Are Essential for Designers
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Why Copywriting Skills Are Essential for Designers

Have you ever visited a website with a really cool homepage, but whose links gave you a bunch of random words, not information about products or services?

What you have stumbled upon is Lorem ipsum text.

It’s used as replacement text while the designer is doing the graphics layout. In theory, the mark-up text is replaced by real copy before the site goes live.

Sometimes the site owner is more interested in having a working website to drive traffic to, than having a site that engages the visitor. This is the main reason why web designers should understand the importance of copywriting.

Continue reading for a better understanding of why designers should also have copywriting skills.

Which comes first, design or the copywriting skills?

When meeting with a client, one question the designer should ask is, “What is going on the website?”

As the design comes together, there should not only be a plan for graphics. You should also discuss how the content will appear.

To really understand the personality of the business, you should read some of their marketing materials. This is your chance to learn about their product or service, and to create useful, relevant copy that’s on-brand.

Once you begin to create a design for the website, you should also be able to imagine the actual content on the page.

Your reputation is at stake

A lot of people don’t know that a web designer’s main goal is to create websites that are aesthetically appealing. They are concerned with colors, fonts and visual effects.

One misconception is that the web designer is responsible for the site from start to finish. The truth is, if the web designer does not have a copywriter on his team. Instead, it’s the client’s responsibility to provide content.

If there is no content, the site looks unfinished.

Websites are sometimes a potential customer’s first introduction to the clients business. It’s like handing someone a business card. If they don’t like what they see, they think the designer did a poor job.

They’ll associate that poor job with your brand.

Offer content building as an add-on service

Let’s say the web designer doesn’t have a team — many don’t. Additionally, let’s say the client hasn’t provided any content for the placeholders.

What is the designer’s next option?

If you’re a true businessperson, you should add web copywriting to your arsenal.

Creating copy sounds difficult when we don’t understand what it is. A designer, who can understand the logistics of strategically laying out a website, can probably create good copy.

In this stage of design, it needs to be enough to get the client going.

An effective “about” page, an intriguing “history,” and proper descriptions of products being sold is essential.

Moving Forward

As time goes on and you feel more comfortable in your copywriting skills, expand the service to include blog’s and feature articles. Showing a client what is necessary before the launch should be a part of the sales pitch.

We hope you are now ready to take your web design business to the next level.