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6 Tips for Simple Appliance Logo Design

It might not seem like it, but logo design is an integral part of product design. Just think about it. How many brands can you recognize simply by viewing their logo, without even needing to see their names?

Below, we’ll dive into 6 great tips for simple appliance logo design. Scroll on!

1. Know Your Brand

The first step to creating a logo which is both successful and visually compelling is to be familiar with your brand. What do you want your logo to mean? How do you want your customers to interpret it?

Ask questions like these to become more familiar with your brand and how you should approach the design of your appliance logo.

2. Be Unique

In order to truly stand out and make a lasting impression, your logo needs to be unique. We’ve all witnessed trends. They’re overdone in fashion, food, and the like. But believe it or not, they can be overdone in logo design, too.

Create a unique logo, and you’ll make an impression that lasts for years.

3. Keep It Simple, Stupid

While creating a unique logo is important if you want to set your brand apart from the competition, there’s also something to be said for simplicity. Have you ever thought about how many popular brands use the simple, stylistic font Helvetica? It works – because it’s uncomplicated.

Need more font-spiration? Check these text effects out!

4. Choose Colors with Care

Did you know there is actual science behind popular colors used in brands’ marketing and branding strategies? Thus, the colors used in your brand’s logo should be well-planned and thought out.

In addition to choosing the colors in your logo with care, you’ll also want to focus on the colors of the appliances themselves. Here, you can learn more and get an idea of what appliance colors are popular in the market today.

5. Keep It Sharp

Another vital tidbit of information to bear in mind when designing your logo is how well it will translate (or won’t) in different contexts.

It’s important to create a logo which will work well wherever it’s used. Whether it’s used on your website, as a social media icon, in print, or in an app – it needs to be sharp and readable.

6. Make Your Appliance Logo Last

Our last tip is a crucial one. Your appliance logo needs to stand the test of time. While it’s important with many other products, one could argue that your logo’s staying power is even more important if it’s on an appliance.

Appliances are around for a long time, so it’s vital to take time and care in creating the logo that is going to live on it. As we mentioned previously, it’s a chance to make an impression that lasts for years.

Just be sure to make it a good one, eh?

Our Final Thoughts

With these 6 tips in mind, we know you’ll be right on your way to designing a great appliance logo for your brand.

If you’re in need of additional resources, head over to our website for more great information!

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