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Creating Awesome Graphics – Utilizing Graphic Web Design on Your Vape Website

When customers visit your vape store, they are able to immerse themselves into your products. They can taste, smell, and experience what it’s like to use your pens.

However, online shoppers don’t have those same capabilities. That’s why it’s important to really brand yourself through great graphic web design.

Your vape website needs to sell the experience of your product. Compelling artwork and graphics will help customers remember your brand and products.

Read on to learn some tips for creating an unforgettable graphic design on your vape shop website.

Master the Systems

Thankfully, creating graphics is actually quite simple. There are several easy-to-use software programs that allow you to create or edit already existing images.

Through Adobe Photoshop, you are able to upload an image or use parts from other images. Then, you can create a new picture through edit tools and enhancements.

Other software programs specialize in creating text-based images. You can input a picture, edit it, and then put text over top.

For a vape website, you can use text-covered images for things like promoting a weekly special or best vape juice flavor.

Get Giphy With It

Go beyond the traditional graphics to create images with animated features.

More commonly known as ‘gifs’, these animated images are highly popular among online users.

Gifs are great because they are already recognizable but you get to put your spin on it. Everyone loves a good meme, so make your customers laugh!

Sure, you don’t want to go overboard with these fun features on your website. But a handful can really help communicate your brand if you focus on being lighthearted and fun.

Tie In With Brand Image

Your website graphics should complement your brand identity. As mentioned above, if you are a fun, laid-back company, you can use funny elements to communicate that.

However, that doesn’t work with every brand and that’s okay. You need to figure out the identity behind your vape shop and tie it in with all of your marketing images.

For instance, if you have a passion surf and freedom, your vape website should have amazing beach shots, sleek color schemes, and beautiful models.

Be Mobile Friendly

The highest demographic of vape users are those aged 18-24 (21.6%) and 25-44 (16.6%).

These 20, 30, and early 40-year-olds are tech savvy and make many of their purchases from their phones.

With those stats in mind, you’ll want a website that is mobile friendly and can be accessed from anywhere.

Your graphics should be appealing on both a desktop and mobile device. You will need to check that your graphics aren’t distorted on a cell phone or tablet.

Nowadays, being ‘mobile friendly’ isn’t an option- it’s an absolute necessity. Don’t lose sales due to poor graphic web design planning.

More Help On Graphic Web Design

Now that you’ve got the blueprints, it’s time to get to work. Where will your graphic web design take you?

At PSD Learning we have all the tools need to send your website up in flames (or smoke clouds?). Check out our Colorful Spirograph Poster, for rainbow gradients, or our Vibrant Photo Manipulation to make your image stand out.

And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to visit our blog or Resource page.