/Blow Away Your Clients With These 5 Vape Logo Ideas
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Blow Away Your Clients With These 5 Vape Logo Ideas

So you’ve mixed up some killer flavors, built your website, and you’re ready to launch your vape company.

But first: what’s your logo like?

You might think that logos are only important for major corporations like Nike or Apple. But even with small companies, logos do wonders for brand recognition.

But how do you make a good logo?

Let’s look at five examples for inspiration.

Clever Wordplay

Everyone loves a good pun. Especially in a logo.

Take this vape logo for example. It’s a basic illustration of a battery indicator with a flame coming out of the top.

Essentially, it’s a visual pun on the term “electronic cigarette.”

It’s simple, effective, and clever.

What sort of wordplay can you draw out from your company name? Can you work it into any sort of visual gag?

Sweet and Simple

When it comes to creating a memorable logo, simplicity is everything.

Creating a simple logo sounds like a breeze, but creating something with the staying power of the Nike Swoosh or Golden Arches takes some doing.

Minimalistic logos pack a big punch. They are easy to identify, which helps brand recognition immensely.

Their simplicity also gives them a large amount of versatility. They can go on a shirt, business cards, or even be set as a favicon on your website without losing recognizability.

Make it Classy

If you want to give your logo a touch of class, it pays to look to the past.

Like this vintage-inspired design. It draws from elegant Victorian era illustrations with a modern touch.

With everyone moving toward minimalistic, modern logos, a vintage-inspired vape logo like this is sure to help you stand out from the pack.

A classy, timeless logo like this one will bring customers rushing for their e cigarette starter kit in no time.

This is War

History buffs know how powerful and striking wartime propaganda posters were. With their boldly illustrated images and dramatic colors, they make a powerful statement.

Drawing inspiration from propaganda art can create a similarly powerful logo. These kinds of logos scream urgency and drama.

And if you want your customers to take you seriously, a propaganda-influenced logo sends a message they can’t ignore.

Keepin’ it Old School

With the rise of shows like Sons of Anarchy and Ink Master, old school tattoo art is super hot right now.

And it’s no wonder—this art style evokes all the rugged coolness of bikers, rock stars, and sailors.

So why not inject some of that swagger into your vape logo? This will give your brand a sense of timeless cool that’s hard to beat.

What Will Your Vape Logo Be?

With the internet becoming more visual every day, your company can’t afford to have a lack luster logo.

Take a look at the hundreds of vape logos around. Take notes from the best—and the worst.

Then, design a logo that sends a clear message to your customers.

Don’t know where to start? Look through our tips and tricks, and create a strong vape logo today.