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5 Tips for Creating a Memorable Sports Logo Design

Have you ever thought about the importance of sports logos? These logos are very significant, especially when they’re embellished on jerseys worn by the athletes and fans.

But having a powerful sports logo isn’t only necessary for major sports teams. A great logo is also important for a local sports team and even a sports store.

The technology and accessibility to make a logo are increasing. But where do you find inspiration? Should you design your logo yourself? Or just find a designer?

Here are 5 tips to create a sports logo design for your brand.

1. Look At Your Favorite Sports Teams

The best place to start is studying the logos from your favorite sports team.

There’s a reason why you and thousands of sports fan follow them. Their sports logo design is something to hold on to, so you should make a logo just as powerful.

When looking at sports team logos, pay attention to designs, colors, and fonts.

Size also matters, especially when printing on jerseys.

2. Feature a Sports Image or Symbol

If you coach a small or local team, make sure there’s a symbol on your logo that represents the sport. The ball is a perfect example. A football, soccer ball, or basketball is a great way for a sports fan to identify the sport.

Other symbol examples are the animal or character your team is named after (example: feathers if your team is a bird) or a symbol representing your town.

3. Make Sure Your Logo is Unique

You want your team to last generations. Therefore, your sports logo design has to be memorable. This logo will be all over your merchandise and on your sports website. So make sure it’s unique.

Major sports team throughout history have memorable logos. Collaborate with a graphic designer to create the right design.

4. Have Your City in the Logo

If you have a local team, use your city name or a symbol in the logo. Those who support your team have local pride, so embrace your local pride.

This advice can also be used for a local sports store or another sports brand such as Sportsfuel Sports Supplements.

5. Don’t Forget about Color

When you go to a sports event, what do you see? You see jersey colors flooding the seats and crazy fans with their whole bodies painted in their favorite team’s colors.

Having a memorable color scheme is important to brand your team. Also, try and have a color scheme that fits the theme of the sport.

For example, traditional colors such as red and navy blue fit a baseball team. But a sport like basketball has more room for creativity, using colors such as green, yellow, and purple.

Time to Make the Perfect Sports Logo Design

Having an incredible sports logo design will help identify your sports team.

This logo will be plastered all over jerseys, merchandise, the stadium, and other promotional material such as flyers and banners. Even if you own something else such as a sports shop, create a logo sports fan will always remember.

If you need help creating your logo, we can help your sports team logo come to life.