/Small Business Logo: Should Your Company Pay for One?
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Small Business Logo: Should Your Company Pay for One?

One of the realities of being a small business is that there is no room for error, especially when it comes to money. Most small businesses are operating on a tight budget, and if they choose to spend money on something they want to see the returns, especially when it comes to marketing and promotion.

A unique, attention-grabbing small business logo is one of the best ways to get bang for your marketing buck. Read to learn why spending the money for a great logo is worth every penny.

1. Your logo is your first impression

Before potential clients read anything about you, they’ll see your logo. Whether it’s in an advertisement or on a webpage, consumers are automatically drawn to visuals.

A professionally designed small business logo goes a long way in assuring consumers that, while your company many be small, it’s not taking any shortcuts when it comes to running the business and won’t take any shortcuts when it comes to satisfying customers.

2. A great small business logo is a chance to stand out

According to Dan Antonelli, CEO and Creative Director of Graphic D-Signs, Inc., about 95% percent of small business have a unsuccessful logo.

With so many businesses getting their small business logo wrong, getting it right is an opportunity to attract consumers to use your services over your competitors.

Your logo should be a clean, visually appealing representation of the most important thing about your business that you want potential customers to know.

Everything from how many colors to use to what colors to use to the balance of words and imagery should somehow help to accomplish that goal. The right shade of blue, the right text effects and even the decision to make a logo more vertical or horizontal can have an impact on the customer’s opinion of your company.

Since there is no one size fits all solution for making those decisions, it’s important to bring in a professional who has the experience and expertise to make them for you.

Spend some time thinking about how you would describe your business in one sentence. Once you know that, the designer’s job will be to take that sentence and turn it into your logo.

3. The potential is unlimited

Once you have a great logo, there is no limit to the ways you can use it for promotion.

In addition to branding your website and advertisements, there are lots of unique design ideas that can help you can get your logo – and your business – out to the public.

It’s also important to keep in mind that a logo is just one tool in your small business kit.

A strong presence in your community can be crucial for small business survival, while services like virtual voicemail are essential for making sure that you never miss out on interacting with a potential customer. Once you have your logo in place, you can start thinking of other ways to improve and grow.

These are just a few of the reasons why creating a small business logo is an important and cost-effective way to make your small business successful.