/Why Dispensaries Need More Creative Marijuana Logos
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Why Dispensaries Need More Creative Marijuana Logos

In recent years, revenue from legal marijuana sales has soared to over $5 billion.

If you own a marijuana dispensary, this means you’re likely benefitting from more than one type of green.

However, as the marijuana market continues to evolve, you’ll also need to make some changes to keep raking in the profits.

These changes start with your dispensary’s marijuana logos. Put down the pot leaf and start thinking outside the blunt — er, outside the box.

Consumers Are More Educated…

With so many options on the market, consumers can afford to be much more picky about the type of strains they consume.

As street dealers become less and less common, and marijuana selling evolves to dispensaries, now people actually know what they’re getting. And can make choices about what they like best.

For example, some might prefer high CBD strains, while others might prefer the feel of high-THC strains. Often, it comes down to whether customers want a body or mind high.

In short, these days it’s not enough for your logo to communicate the fact that your dispensary sells marijuana. That’s old news, and it’s not specific enough to help your customer choose whether or not to buy it.

Use text and images on your marijuana logos that will help your customers make an informed decision about the kinds of strains you carry.

Especially if your dispensary sells multiple strains (as it should) pick a logo you can slightly adjust the details of. (For inspiration, take a look at how the Apple logo often uses color changes to announce product upgrades or celebrate new arrivals.)

This keeps customers guessing and let’s them know you’re always evolving — without muddling your branding.

And Also More Diverse

Thanks to an increase in legalization — and continued conversations about the medical benefits of marijuana — more people are smoking pot than ever before.

This includes CEOs, celebrities, and even seniors.

This means that marijuana logos for dispensaries and brands alike need to appeal to a wider audience.

From the stressed-out mother of three to the college student who can’t stop talking to everyone he meets about Marxism. Everyone needs to feel welcome inside your dispensary.

The same goes for the experience level of smokers. Your dispensary needs to be a place where beginner smokers feel just as comfortable as those who have been smoking long before the legalization laws came around.

If you continue to play it safe with your logo design, you’re communicating to customers that you’re not willing to go the extra mile to help them figure out what they like.

In today’s market, people are interested in becoming — or at least, talking to — weed connoisseurs.

They want to buy from people they can trust. Your logo helps you to prove to customers that your dispensary hires experts, and that you’re an authority in the industry.

Create Marijuana Logos That Tell Your Dispensary’s Story

Now that you know why updated, leaf-free marijuana logos are so crucial, it’s time to get started on your own design.

Remember that it needs to look good everywhere — from the outside of your dispensary to your social media accounts.

This means that, just like finding the perfect strain, it’ll probably take a few tries to get it right.

Once you’re satisfied with your design, read up on our blog to learn how to take your branding to the next level.