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5 Tips For Unique Marketing Designs For Millenials

Millennials make up the largest population group in the US. If your marketing designs for millennials aren’t up to scratch, you’re missing out on a huge chunk of your potential client base.

If there’s one thing millennials aren’t, it’s traditional. Ramping up your millennial marketing tactics takes a lot of creativity and vision, but it’s necessary if you want to increase millennial leads.

There are a few key marketing designs that work best for millennials. Keep reading to learn all about them, and how to implement them into your marketing strategies.

Create Shareable Content

It’s no secret that millennials use multiple social media platforms extensively. Your marketing designs need to reflect this growing interconnectivity. Essentially, that means your content needs to be clickable & shareable.

A few great examples: Coca-Cola printed the 250 most popular millennial names on their bottles. This spurred thousands of snapped photos of names on bottles, resulting in thousands of shares and–you guessed it–Coca Cola’s profit increase.

Uber also encourages link sharing by offering a discount to existing users if they refer a friend via social media. 44% of millennials are willing to participate in this sort of promotion.

Know Your Platform

Marketing design and written copy on Facebook needs to look a lot different than it does on Instagram. Do you know why?


Facebook loses tread as new media grows, but most millennials still use it every day. It’s used more for posting updates, rather than getting creative, like Instagram. Keep your language simple, and use Facebook for company updates and clickable content.


Instagram is where your creative marketing can spread its wings a little. You can use humor and memes here. Your millennial market will tag their friends in your product post, so make sure it’s relatable and creative.


Twitter is the perfect place for customer interaction. Companies with effective millennial marketing designs like Netflix interact frequently and casually with their client base. This creates loyalty and even some shareable content, if your replies are witty enough!

Use Off the Cuff Humor

Millennials respond to marketing schemes and ads that use humor. Take the Dollar Shave Club, for instance. One of their most successful marketing campaign slogans?

“They’re great f****** razors.”

It might seem crass or unprofessional, but that’s what your target market responds to. Save the specifics for later, and hook them with out-there, attention-grabbing language.

Narrow In on Millennial Mindset

AT&T had one of the most successful millennial marketing campaigns due to their ability to get into the millennial’s head. They appealed to a situation that most millennials can relate to- heartache. A text message screenshot simply read: “when you know what you want call me.”

AT&T chose Tumblr for this marketing campaign because millennials use the platform both on the computer and on their phones. The post received hundreds of thousands of notes in a few months.

Design your marketing strategies from a Millennial’s point of view. That’ll help you gain traction in their world.

Make Them Feel Part of Something Larger

Millennials want to connect. It’s why they’re so obsessed with social media and startup companies. What does this mean for your marketing?

The popular shoe company, TOMS, connected their vision to their marketing campaign: for every pair of shoes purchased, the company gives a pair away to someone in need.

It’s not a multi-million dollar company. The shoes fly off the shelves, with millennials sharing content to their social media about how they are trying to do their part by purchasing.

Does your company have a charitable aspect? Tell them about it. Let them be a part of it.

Another great millennial marketing tip: don’t be afraid to boast about your core values. It makes millennials want to invest in your company. Companies like FunGig include their values and ethics on their site as a part of their marketing strategies.

Marketing Designs and Onward!

For more information on designing marketing strategies, copy, and graphics for your target audience, check out our resources page!