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5 Excellent Graphic Design Trends for Your Financial Company

Is your financial company in need of a new logo?

In order to know what people are responding to, it’s important to know the latest graphic design trends.

In this article, we will review from bold and bright designs to minimalistic and effective. Keep reading to learn the latest trends.

1. Bright Vibrant Colors

Bright colors are one of the biggest graphic design trends right now. A financial institution likes to stick to safe colors to give the impression of professionalism.

However, safe neutral colors also don’t make them approachable and they tend to fade into the background.

Graphic designers are using pops of color to highlight important information. Don’t start creating everything in bold colors. Use it only to freshen up the look of your original color scheme.

You might see some neutral backgrounds with some strategically placed pops of color.

2. Color Transitions

A prime example of the color transition trend is the Instagram logo. This trend exploded and now many companies have begun adopting it.

This this is common to use on logos to make them more easily recognized. The logs give a 3-dimensional color effect that is easy to remember.

The color transition trend works well using one color transition. However, the bolder designers got for a multi-color transition.

Financial company logos are more serious so they’re not as easily remembered. And color transition will help them appeal to a more young crowd.

3. Minimalism

Minimalism is one of those graphic design trends that never go out of style. It’s effective because it allows you to only focus on the focal point without feeling overpowered.

Minimalism is inspired by Scandinavian trends. The palette is restricted to only a few colors, but they are impactful. The typography is kept to a minimal and so are the layouts.

For example, check out Investormint, this financial company uses a minimalistic design.

4. Material Design

Google is responsible for the material design trend. The idea is to make it simple for designers to help users internet interactions.

In a material design, the material acts as a metaphor. There’s a meaning behind the motion, the intentional, bold, and graphic.

The goal is for the aesthetics of the material design to communicate well with the user. This design also achieves to create a minimalistic effect.

5. Cinemagraphs

Think of cinemagraphs as not your typical gif. The difference is cinemagraphs are images for the most part and they display strategically placed movement to create an effect.

The technique offers to bring the photos to life without needing to resort to a video. For example, in a poolside photo, the people around the pool will remain motionless, while we would see the motion of the water.

Ready to Apply These Graphic Design Trends?

Whether you want to maintain a simple design for your company or go bold and different, these graphic design trends will help you with that.

Don’t be afraid to try a new trend.

If you enjoyed these tips and would like to learn more about graphic design, visit us.